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Y studies psychology today His ideas have led to mothers being accused of virtually every psychiatric disorder their children cope with to tons of money spent on years of therapies in which patients got too talk excessively about their problems in stead of doing something about them and my own experience with a psychiatrist that was projecting HIS freudian ideas on me in stead of listening to what was really going on Which are all reasons why I got dissapointed in the book after three pagesHOWEVER Darian Leader has some really good points to discuss Which are the overkill turn around in psychiatry nowadays in which patients get pills and get lost orand there is NO time at all to discuss causes and inner experiences of People Practictioners Thinking They Treat Or Help Patients By Normalizing practictioners thinking they treat or help patients by Normalizing To Society S Standards Some Uirky Ways May Indeed to society s standards Some uirky ways may indeed functional to an individual people may deal with existential themes that transcend DSM categories greatly and for gods sake the point of therapy is to helpt fragmented people become whole again which can only be done by holistic treatment not by treating one symptom at a time the focus on visible behavior lists of visible behavior to be precise and getting people diagnosed by these extensive lists of mostly visible behavioursI d prefer the REAL dimensional thing with some traits or aspects such as neurotic psychotic hysteric antisocial in stead of 1000 diagnoses that overlap and change every yearAnyway have not read the book really Flipped through and read some good passages If it would be a book diving into madness but with a critical view to whatever theory or type of therapy being in vogue it would probably be a damn good book It is ust that I cann. That some of his patients said they would still be treated by him even after his conviction psychoanalyst Darian Leader explores the idea of discreet madness and argues that it is only through revising our concept of what madness is that we will have the tools to help those who have gone mad to rebuild their lives. ,

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What is Madness?Mpanies and focuses on superficial symptoms instead of underlying causes The whole medical model of mental health is bogusChapter two The oedipal complex is real and it is the underlying cause of psychosis With this establishedWhat the heckWith that we re thrown into a world of analyzing crazy from a psychoanalytic perspective It s profoundly odd that the into a world of analyzing crazy from a psychoanalytic perspective It s profoundly odd that the carefully critiues the drugging of the crazy but "Then Gives Psychoanalysis A Free Pass His Bias Is Writ "gives psychoanalysis a free pass His bias is writ I say this as someone who was in psychoanalytic therapy for ten years come on man do you really believe all This Garbage It Reminds garbage It reminds of the A Movement Without Marches African American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture joke about the devouted Christian who believes everything in the Bible even the parts that contradict each other Darian Leader is that kind of psychoanalytic fanThere are some really great ch If you are already very interested in psychoanalytic theory then this book will be good for you It s not an easy read and reuires an acceptance of some of the most convoluted elements of psychoanalytic thinking to really get past go The chapter on Shipman I found the most accessible and interesting If you re in love with Freud and neofreudian theories on psychoanalysis this book is the one for you The thing is Freud was a sex obsessed female unfriendly man who gave too much weight to his own ideas and had some really good points mostly the unconscious idea of therapy and figuring out individuals in stead of locking people up Many of his theories have been unproven of utterly discarded by scientific research and psychoanalysis is not evidence based which are the reasons that the Dutch government has recently got rid of psychoanalysis in basic care insurance and Freud has about 01% share in universit. G features are not visible and dramatic but on the contrary highly discreet shared by average citizens who will never come to psychiatric attention What if in other words there is a difference between being mad and going mad Beginning and ending with the case of Harold Shipman a mass murderer so apparently 'normal'.