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Has less than favorable working conditions just by being a woman and when she is fired from her job after a conflict things go being a woman and when she is fired from her job after a conflict things go worse to life threatening uicklyRosie must find out what is happening at the shipyard or accept that handsome Lieutenant Riordan will be arresting her for a murder she didn t commitI truly am a fan of A Rosie the Riveter Mystery club Bah A good setting during WWII in NY with the lead character working in a shipbuilding yard Howeverway way too much of the lonely woman with a deadbeat disappeared husband and much of the lonely woman with a deadbeat disappeared husband and big strong good looking cop possibly the only honest cop in the city of course and Rosie supposedly smart and independent doing really really stupid things that get her into trouble NooooI can do without of this thanks The writing itself wasn t bad justtoo much piffle Rosie Doyle Keefe has a hard life Her husband was drafted into the army her sister and nephew have moved in with her and she s just started a new job at the shipyards in New York City Many of the male shipyard workers are not happy to have female co workers and some of them actively make things difficult for the women Rosie is a passer she catches hot rivets in a metal container and fits them into pre drilled holes before the next workers seal it with a pneumatic hammerRosie s heater the worker who heats the rivets and tosses them to the passer was deliberately tossing the rivets so they d hit her Finally Rosie retaliates by throwing a hot rivet backHowever Rosie is the one who s disciplined Finch The Foreman Calls Her Into foreman calls her into office and says he ll let her keep her job if she allows him to molest her Furious Rosie hits him in the head with a stapler and runs off Later that night the NYPD Lieutenant Jack Riordan knocks on Rosie s apartment door and takes her to the station to uestion her about the murder of Robert Finch Finch s body had apparently been found under a pier near the shipyard with his head bashed in Rosie understands that she s the prime suspect having publicly argued with Finch arlier that day She also knows that she s innocent and decides that the only way she ll stay out of jail is to prove it herselfRosie is an attractive protagonist who mbodies the strong no nonsense attitude of the women were called upon to do what was once considered man s work during World War II The relationship between Rosie her sister Katie and their mother is at once comical touching and realistic and it will be interesting to see the characters develop. R Booklist on Million Dollar Baby Nary a dull moment Publishers Weekly on Black Moonlight Amy Patricia Meade is the author of the The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries published by Midnight Ink including such titles as Black Moonlight Shadow Waltz and Ghost of a Chance She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America She grew up watching black and white movies from the World War II period specially anything with the Andrews Sisters Amy lives in Vermont with her husband and their two cat. .
I loved this book Please I am begging the author Write a second book make this a series An njoyable asy read I don t read much fiction but a friend bought me a mystery bag of 4 mystery novels for my birthday and I ve njoyed the distraction while on vacation So far this was the best of the 4 I still don t understand the title after having read the ntire book Great premise for this first book Hope the series continues with Rosie learning how to cope in a man s world of ship building in WWII hold family together clear her name and cope on her own after husband leaves or does he Accurate portrayal of women A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, entering the world of men in the shipyards of thera My mother was a riveter on planes during WWII and shared what they had to tolerate at the planes during WWII and shared what they had to tolerate at the of the War until 1944 and most of the men were gone to the military and the women had proved how good and fast they could produce PBY Catalina planes Having just finished rereading the Bobbsey Twins series I was than ready to get back to adult stuff Just my luck I picked a stinker of a book to start with I had recently read the first seven books of another mystery series set during WWII the Louise Pearlie series by Sarah Shaber so I guess I couldn t helping making comparisons and Don t Die Under the Apple Tree came up lacking Both books address the same problems which confronted people The Shadow Reader especially women on the home front during the war but the Louise Pearlie seriesxamines the situation in a much interesting and nuanced way I hope I have better luck with my next choice This was a 5 in that I immediately went looking for the second in the series since the cover said First in a new series Bah there is no secondLoved the setting loved the heroine and Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies enjoyed the mysteryThis very much read like a new author I was willing to grow with her I had a hard time with Katie going to Finch s neighborhood and immediately connecting to the two people who could help her mostspecially connecting with them and finding out xactly what she needed to know Also with the other woman coming out and sharing about the clap That being said I loved all the characters and how their back stories were brought in I think Meade should publish the rest so we can find out what happens next Rosie is doing her bit for the American WW2 war ffort and has started as a rivet catcher on the day shift in the Brooklyn shipyardsHer husband Billy disappeared into the long grass about 6 months ago claiming he was joining up and Ros. Life is definitely not The Power Of A Choice easy for 32 year old Rosie O'Doyle Keefe but she can handle working in New York City's World War II shipyards until her foreman winds up dead right after she rebuffed his reuirements for a promotion Never one to sit back and hope for the best Rosie discovers thatveryone who knew the foreman had good reasons to kill him off She also finds that she has a surprise ally in the darkly handsome police lieutenant Jack Riordan But Jack also has to produce a viable suspect for his capt.

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Ie hasn t seen or heard hide nor hair from her lamentable Spouse Since ThenHer Widowed Younger since thenHer widowed younger and baby nephew are living with her and 2 grown women and a baby can t live on fresh air so Rosie took the job on the docks to keep their collective heads above waterIts the 40s She xpects to be patronized verbally abused and generally treated like a second class citizen as the norm on the basis that she is a woman but when her shift supervisor attempts to rape her Rosie cracks and in her scape clumps him on the head with a stapler as she flees That vening there is a knock at the door its a Police Lieutenant Riordon who while very personable has come to uestion Rosie about the murder of her bossRosie can t prove her alibi but she knows she didn t do it Rosie is nothing if not gutsy and independant and sets her mind towards investigating the murder herself hoping to find vidence to prove her innocence She marches back to the dockyard and successfully demands her job back garnering the support of the other women also there for the duration and also of her new working team who are considered the lowest in the working pecking order
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she joins themAlongside s investigation Lieutenant Riordon is carrying out his The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enuiries and the two protagonists find themselves bumping intoach other and unexpectedly co operative way forward is forgedA little simplistic but a nice Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling easy read and I didnjoy itLoaning out to friends so it will Monsieur Pain eventually make it s way back to me Good period mystery Ms Meade did some good research so the time period characters were uite believable Well written Will be on board for 2 I just gave this book a five star rating the reason Because it deserved anasy ten stars The research that the Author did shows throughout the book The study of the language of the times and products in use during the arly war years was to me an attention to detail that is often lacking in cozy mysteries Not this bookRosie Doyle Keefe some places it is O Doyle is a war wife or is she Well that is just the first mystery you ncounter in this xcellent view of life for a woman on her own during the beginning of World War II in New York City The highest paying job is at the Shipyards Rosie is also trying to take care of her younger sister and nephew who have just lost their provider husband and father to the sinking of the HoustonInto this confusion that the war has brought is the ntry of women into the workforce It is not well received Rosie. Ain in five days ven if it has to be Rosie Before long the mystery spirals onto the streets of wartime New York With the clock ticking and her freedom on the line Rosie and Lieutenant Riordan will need to join forces to find the truth and catch the now very desperate killerwho may be much closer then they think Raves for the novels of Amy Patricia Meade If only Katharine Hepburn Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart were still alive They would be fabulous in the movie versionMeade's kickoff mystery is a winne. ,
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