And You Call Yourself a Christian Still Divas #1 (PDF)

And making a message out of a mess Despite all that these Two Have Gone Through have gone through they continue to trust God at his word Or will they both walk in fearEN Joy has held my interest since the very first title in the Divas series I really appreciate how you get to witness Christians trying despite heartache pain and fear to manage veryday life I look forward to reading the next book in the STILL DIVAS SERIESReviewed by Crystal Uniue and her mother Lorain have become mother and daughter again after having a shaky past with ach other Even though neither of these women been in the church all their life they neither of these women been in the church all their life they now living for the Lord However obstacles come into their lives that make others state And you call yourself a Christian After Uniue is charged with murder and the woman who raised her constantly letting her know what her place is in Uniue s life these women began to wonder if they could really be called Christians This was my first read by the author and I thoroughly njoyed I could not put this book downIt can be a witnessing tool on just how great the Lord is no matter how horrible the situation I loved how the author wrote the story so the reader could not assume what would happen next I will read works by this author First time reading from this author and I really njoy her work On to the next one And You Call Yourself a Christian is a novel that showcases Uniue and Lorain who attend New Day Temple of Faith Church and the reader is able to see how the title fits these two ladies so well Uniue undergoes so many trials and tests to see if she will uphold her Christian faith And Beliefs Also Being Uestioned beliefs also being uestioned the most trying times Lorain her biological mother but Mother Number Two in Korica s yes since she raised her after the foster mother let her go is also shaken up with her relationship with Nicholas then her daughters ordeal that takes her to jail for two separate charges Korica and Lorain have a verbal battle on who is considered as Uniue true mother and how is Lorain a Christian based on her past Korica constantly reminds and throws Lorain s past in her face also wondering if her chu. Uniue Lorain once known as the tight skirt V neck blouse too much makeup wearing leader of the New Day Singles Ministry claims she's there to look out for her daughter and try to keep her in check But how in the world does Lorain think she can ven begin to keep her daughter on the straight and narrow with her own crooked lifeSome might say Lorain has failed miserably as a mother when Uniue nd. .

This book was good I had to shake my head at uniue at the nd like really If only you knew I hope her the nd like really If only you knew I hope her mother tell her before they do this custody thing and Nicholas talks to Lorraine because she is shady for to me a Christian but they are some shady ungrateful Christians Like Uniue lost her boys at least Lorraine could ve give Uniue chance to see the girls jeez I can t wait to read part 2 well listen to it This was a great read it was a very sad read but I love the outcome towards the nd A Badge of HonorWhat God has joined together let no man put asunder Lorraine and Uniue had been forced to work together on the singles ministry Though different the ladies began to talk learn about the other and the respect for the other came natural What they would later find out that Uniue is Lorraine s biological daughter further solidified their bond When Uniue a mother of three learns that she s pregnant again and this time with twins she and Lorraine decide that Lorraine will raise the girls as hers This is great news for all involved Uniue is still trying to make things work for her and her three sons for all involved Uniue is still trying to make things work for her and her three sons Lorraine finally gets the chance to be a mother well a new motherLife is pretty much going well Nicholas Lorraine s boyfriend has proposed She fears that he may be too good to be true She keeps praying that he is the one but her past keeps insisting that she is unworthy of a good man Not to mention that he is not savedUniue has decided that she s tired of begging for scraps from her boys dads She s going to make sure that they understand that *she didn t have children on her own and force them to chip in their *didn t have children on her own and force them to chip in their share Though her Mary Kay sales are going well she still needs helpJust as Lorraine has made up her mind for happily ver after and Uniue has decided to take the law in her own hands life happened Uniue is in jail and Lorraine is trying to figure out how to help When she meets Korica the woman that raised Uniue she feels anything but gratitude Soon the two are involved in all kinds of tit for tat and trying to best the other in the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eyes of UniueGod has a way of bringing out testimonies from tests. Out of all the divas at New Day Temple of Faith Uniue has to be the most colorful one she and her mother Lorain that is Never one to hold her tongue in the name of keepin' it real it's no surprise that Uniue has not been saved all her life It's safe to say that Lorain wasn't born on the church pewither Let the church folk tell it the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree when it comes to. Rch knows of her past actions in reference to Uniue Korica s signature line in the book A Christian sitting up in church crying out Holy holy when you ain t nothing but a ho ho page 220 Another character that is also challenged on his Christian faith is Lorain s fiance Nicholas who doesn t really go to church any but believes in God This
"Reminds Me Of My Father "
Me Of My Father Is Tired Of reminds me of my father who is tired of playing church and not realizing they are the church themselvesnot the building which is a place of worship and being united with other members of the body of Christ I loved how Nicholas sister recognized his calling in him aside from his physician position which he blew her off by saying stop prophesying in so many words Overall Uniue and Lorain are challenged to prove they are Christians based on people s viewpoint of what a Christian should look or act like circumstances and incidents Man if we just have the faith that Lorain had to know that EVERYTHING works out good for those who love the Lord She faced obstacle after obstacle sometimes uestioning God but never gave up her faith I loved this bookit gives you Faith to always Trust God not Man This book was indeed a test of faith for the characters I honestly felt I was on a journey with them as they dealt with their struggles physically spiritually and mentally This book makes you think about how much faith do you have if you faced unforeseeable circumstances The Christian Principles Are Throughout The are throughout the but it is not churchy I am sure it is not a word Without giving away the plot Lorrain and Uniue mother and daughter are tempted with various obstacles Lorrain has several secrets that she hopes does not come to light Uniue faces traumatic life vents because she was not living her best life Korica raised Uniue and does not approve of this new relationship between her daughter and Lorrain You have to read to find out why Korica continually reminds them about their so called Christianity ven if the crudeness leads to isolating someoneThere are other characters as well such as Renee Nicholas and cannot forget Eleanor who indirectly impacts their decision making Must read. S up in jail for three counts of murder One who would agree is the woman who raised Uniue while Lorain was out living her life freely As an all out war takes place between Uniue's birth mother and the woman who raised her will Uniue have any support while she fights for her life behind bars Will all forsake her while they are too busy with their own agendas Only God holds the answer to this one.

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And You Call Yourself a Christian Still Divas #1