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Landscapes of Learning

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as I writing this Semester I M Really Liking I m eally liking s take on ed philosophy After John Dewey maybe the greatest American educational philosopher and this has been a very important book for me Very powerful way to ethink what is important in learning Learning Landscapes is an original vital book which is written atop other books Maxine Greene a self professed phenomenological existentialist is a brilliant thi. Special 2018 EditionFrom the new Introduction by Janet L Miller Teachers College Columbia UniversityMaxine Greene never claimed to be a visionary thinker But forty years later her trepidations detailed throughout 1978's Landscapes of Learning now appear unnervingly prescient Witness and treasure Landscapes as evidence of her matchless abilities to inspire myriad educators and students worldwideI would suggest that there must always be a place in teacher education for 'foundations' people whose fundamental concern education for 'foundations' people whose fundamental concern with opening new perspectives on the many faces of the human world Maxine GreeneThe essays in this volume demonstrate clearly that Maxine Greene is herself an example of the kind of foundations specialist she hopes to see someo. Nker and a pleasure to ead Her passionate clear and innovative ideas are efreshing Written in the 1970s this is her first book but you can hardly tell the time period Greene s analysis of the passivity and the dire influence of positivism in education seem like they e written about today In order to
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wide awakeness suggests using the arts to help people problematize the world and break down the mystification that leads to so much passivity The only pa. Ne who can world and break down the mystification that leads to so much passivity The only pa. Ne who can inform and bring new insights to teachers students curriculum planners administrators policy makers indeed all those concerned with education in its broadest senseThese essays a number of them based on lectures presented to various professional organizations The Pink Pearl reveals her dedication to learning and teaching as iteveals her belief in the potential of each individual person A philosopher whose orientation is largely existential and phenomenological she seeks to demystify aspects of today's technological society to uestion taken for granted notions of social justice and euality and to elucidate conflicts between youth and age the poor and the middle class People Of Color And of color and male and female As a humanist she calls. The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi reader understand howecent how little and how much has happened for women s Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela rights Excellent God bless you Maxine Greeneand happy birthda. For selfeflectiveness wide awakeness and personal transformation within the context of each person's own lived world each one's particular landscape of work experience and aspirationRecognizing the multiple ealities that compose experience the many Landscapes Against Which Sense Making against which sense making the essays are grouped in four sections intellectual and moral components of emancipatory education; social issues and their implications for approaches to pedagogy; artistic aesthetic considerations in the making of curriculum; and the cultural significance of women's predicaments today All are ichly illuminated by examples; all are written with grace and passion; all will help Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception readers achieve greater self understanding and critical consciousne.