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The Pencil A History of Design and CircumstanceOnce upon a time I had AN ASSIGNMENT TO DELIVER A 60 assignment to eliver a 60 sales pitch to my college class on anything I wanted My personality is the opposite of anyone who could be good in sales So I The Writing Workshop decided to pitch the most mundane object that would never get a spot in Super Bowl ads Ioggedly included every single sales pitch techniue we been taught including a lot of Alliteration And Sold A PencilPencils Have Long Been My Favorite and sold a pencilPencils have long been my favorite were interesting bits in it but I felt like I had to sift them out Like Veins Of Pure Graphite veins of pure graphite sub standard ore He repeats himself a LOT I wish he had told me about the pencil half as much as he repeated the phrase The pencil is a paradigm for understanding engineering itself I swear that exact sentence appears no less than 80 timesI liked the escription of old pencil technology The victorian pencil factories made me wax steampunk and part of me really wants to see if I can get ahold of some graphite stone and make my own 16th century pencilBut alas that is not the author s Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse doing but his subject matterespite him I was really hoping for another fun page turner like One Good Turn This book received too many unfair ratings in my opinion I was actually worried it would be boring a whole book about the pencil but if fact it was fascinating I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder I thought it was How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture delightful Henry Petroski that most excellent of engineering writers uses the pencil as a metaphor for the study of the engineering process in his first rate history The Pencil A History of Design and Circumstance The pencil represents innovation ingenuity and inventivenessThe problems facing a pencil engineer are similar in concept to those of an engineer building a bridge The pencil lead must be created in such a manner so that it will be strong enough to remain sharp as long as possible and strong enough not to break This reuires special mixtures of clay and graphite proper baking temperatures and pressures The bridge engineer must also seek the proper balance between competing materials and methods of construction for the best balance of price and strength see Petroski s other book on bridge building and accidents To Engineer Is Human The Role Of Failure let Successful Design TA174P474 1992 it is not always easy to predict how combinations of materials will performThe common inexpensive pencil we take for granted actually reuires an exacting manufacturing process to create and uses manyifferent materials from around the world The lead might be a proprietary mixture of two kinds of graphite from Sri Lanka and Mexico clay from Mississippi gums from the Orient and water from Pennsylvania The woo en case would most likely be cut from western incense cedar from California th. Henry Petroski traces the origins of the pencil back to ancient Greece and Rome wri. ,
E ferrule possibly of brass or aluminum from the American West and the erase perhaps manufactured using a mixture of South American rubber and Italian pumice stoneActually the lead pencil of today contains no lead not even in the paint on the outside The writing material is a mixture of graphite clay and other ingredients The most famous graphite came from a single source in the British Isles and it was so valuable that workers mining the material were reuired to strip own as they left the mine through several vaulted and locked rooms to prevent theft The epletion of the mine was a source of great consternation until substitute materials were foundThe pencil got its name from the Roman fine pointed brush called apenicillus It was created by inserting a tuft of animal hairs into a created by inserting a tuft of animal hairs into a reed later called by the iminutive penis Latin for tail hence a little tail used for Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance drawing fine lines So through the history of this little tool Petroski celebrates the engineer as the innovator and amalgamator of the practical and the theoretical I really tried to like this book The topic sounded very interesting and as a writer who stilloes write by hand I figured it would be interesting However Petroski simply oes not know how to write or make an engaging narrative Every time you think Petroski simply oes not know how to write or make an engaging narrative Every time you think is going to get to the history of the pencil he goes off on some generic tangent whether it be how wonderful engineering as a field is or where I finally Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) dropped off some stuff about storytellers That the prose isense and Gramatica de baza a limbii romane dry certainlyoes not help things neither I have read a good number of microhistory books histories of just one topic that were pretty good This is not one of them Avoid this book I am sure if you want to learn about pencils and their history there are better sources out there I just basically followed the Nancy Pearl Rule of 50 on this one I found this book to be terribly written The concept is brilliant but the execution was horribly flawed Each chapter felt like irection less rambling The only shred of structure was the Chapter TitlesI really wanted to prove that I could read non fiction and enjoy it Disappointingly this was not the right book to fulfill that goal This has to be the most boring book I have ever read 400 pages on the history of the pencil Each chapter read 400 pages on the history of the pencil Each chapter a paragraph or two about the pencil and that was interesting and then page after page of theories of engineering I had this book checked out for 9 weeks I just couldn t take it any longer I made it to page 254 I m going to consider this book READ so it wasn t an entire waste of my time I think I made it to the early 1900 s for pencil history I could have skimmed it to find the rest but I idn t I just couldn t There are a number of en. Tes factually and charmingly about its evelopment over the centuries and around th. ,