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An aew dreams I watched a lion eat a man like a piece of Nope fruit peel tendonsrom Rejected Rejected Rejected fascialike pithrom rind then lick the sweet meat Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison from its hard core of bonesThe man had earned thiseast and his own deliciousness by ringing a stickagainst the lion's cage calling out Here Kitty Kitty MeowW ith one swipe of a paw much like a catcher's mitt with Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz fangs the lionpulled the man into the cage rattling his skeleton against the metal bars The lion Whew The confidence in this poetry collection is impressive The work here takes on race and identity and poverty and popular culture There is also a lot of interesting commentary on the body how it bleeds how itails how it endures A truly striking collection When My Brother Was an Aztec is a debut poetry collection The poems are vivid with language amily history cultural struggle and struggles in the body Before I wrote this review I spent almost an hour watching Natalie perform her poems and talk about her poems and life on YouTube It was interesting to an hour watching Natalie perform her poems and talk about her poems and life on YouTube It was interesting to her talk about her work to help her people retain the Mojave language And Her Family S Reactions her amily s reactions her poems She writes about her brother s meth addiction in particular and its effect on her Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors family and communitySome of myavoritesWhen My Brother Was an Azteche lived in our basement and sacrificed my parentsevery morningWhy I Hate RaisinsThe Red Blues possibly the best menstruation poem everTortilla Smoke A GenesisSome tortillas wandered the dry groundlike bright tribesAs a Conseuence of My Brother Stealing All the Lightbulbs we are always digging each other out rom an intimatesort of rubble When the Beloved Asks What Would You Do If always digging each other out rom an intimatesort of rubble When the Beloved Asks What Would You Do If Woke Up and I Was a Shark Like the cover colorful Natalie D az does the imagery thing extremely well It s a rich dish this book and her brother is metaphorically sacrificed like so many young people these days to drugs in his case meth which I guess involves lightbulbs somehow Family the body love race and a Five Days Left few other big honking themes included Worth a look The most prominent part of Diaz s When My Brother Was an Aztec is the exploration of the poet s identity growing up in the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation as in Hand Me Down Halloween and coming to terms with her brother s meth addiction as in No More Cake HereThe year we moved off the reservation a white boy up the street gave me a green trash bagfat with corduroys bright collared shirts a two piece Tonto costumeturuoise thunderbird on the chesthirt pants Hand Me Down Halloween pg 6Two mutants came to the doorOne looked almost human They wantedto know if my brother had willed them the potsand pans and spoons stacked in his basement bedroomThey said they missed my brother s cooking and did wehave any cake No cake here I told them Well what s in the pi ata they asked I told themGod was and they ran into the desert barefootI gave Dad his slide and put Mom s in thereezer I brought up the pots and pans I write hungry sentences Natalie Diaz once explained in an interview because they want and lyricism and imagery to satisfy them This debut collection is a Searching for Robert Johnson fast paced tour of Mojave life andamily narrative A sister Blood on Silk fightsor or against a brother on meth and everyone Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol from Antigone Houdini Huitzilopochtli and Jesus is invoked and invited to hash it out These darkly humorous poems illuminatear corners of the heart revealing teeth tails and th.