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A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 lWhat aovely book with amazing characters and a heroine I oved for her heart The hero Gabe is a doctor a sports one who wants some privacy after the events Gabe is a doctor a sports one who wants some privacy after the events the past few monthshis ex went all stalkery on him and had a breakdown and he spots a treehouse for rent that belongs to the heroine Roxie When he meets her she is drenched and ooks 17 he notices her but she is much too young but they come to an agreement he will rent the place out for a yearRoxie is not 17 she is 22 and she has spent the past five years caring for her grandfather who is dead now She had such a good heart and had been disappointed and All about Us let down so badly inife but she doesn t et that get her down instead now she is determined to enjoy her freedom in The Past Year She Has Fixed Up The House Enough past year she has fixed up the house enough it can be rented that money would help her go overseas and fulfill her dream of watching ballet in London The next time she meets Gabe it is a transformation she is wearing mini shorts has had her hair done and is wearing a push up bra and dealing with a bee stingGabe earns that Roxie is a new dancer for the Blades the team he is a doctor for Roxie is warned by the girls about his reputation he comes from money and is known for not getting tied down and after the fiasco with his ex he is not getting involved with a dancer again and all this seems perfect to Roxie she doesn t want forever she thinks she is Noni Speaks Up like her mom who gave birth to her andeft for UKshe died when she was eight and broke her older parents heart Roxie didn t even know her father and was raised by her grandparents and was a good girl who cared for both her grandparents her grandmom died at 16 and then she just took care of her grandfather not doing things a normal grandparents her grandmom died at 16 and then she just took care of her grandfather not doing things a normal would instead dealing with sickness and a society that didn t careShe has dealt with too many Handbags and Gladrags losses to want to put herself on theine again so Gabe with his An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) lack of commitment and goodover reputation would be perfect to ose her virginity with I oved how Gabe saw through her Foxy Roxie act to the real good girl RoxanneWhat I Wish Upon a Wedding like best in a romance is a heroine whoeaves the hero baffled and Roxie does that Poor Gabe. Ng with the big one osing her V plates A hunky doctor Gabe Hollingworth has moved in next door He's a one night only pro and smoking hot Perhaps he could help he.

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He tries so hard not to sleep with her she is a virgin who can be hurt he thinks but she chases him and knows what she wants The day they sleep together IT IS GABE WHO WANTS AND is Gabe who wants and how did she just walk offIt kind of pisses him off so he propositions her he Will Show Her And show her and sounds perfect but it is Gabe who wants and wants to break through her barriers to the personal Each and every thing about her comes with some effort how she had never danced in front of an audience and Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other left dance at 16 how she had a boyfriend but he and neither did her friends could understand the condition at home how she is all alone in the world each time she uses sex to maintain distance and the hero hates it he feels as if he is being used and it shouldn t bother him that Roxie seems to have the same philosophy as him no ties nothing but it bothers himHis rebelling from his family of rich farmers to become a doctor seems nothing when compared to the challenges Roxie has faced and overcome and Ioved seeing the hero so emotionally involved and uncertain and that he had to give chase The book just had such a modern feel to it and had depth as well I d recommend this book heartily L O V E D it I adored Roxie Gabe Roxie is one determined h she knows what she wants and goes for it After putting her Richard Nixon: The Life life on hold for years to take care of her grandparents she is fully determined to have herife back and start having fun Gabe doesnt know what hits him He has no chance to resist Roxie thu he tried hardNA is one of my fav authors every one of her books is a new proof of how talented she is Fresh fun breezy sassy yet full of depth emotions Highly recommended I tried really hard to get into this book but I simply never did I didn t care for the heroine at all And the heroI don t think there is any kind of team sport that s going to be okay that their team doctor dates and sleeps with the dancerscheerleaders That is just all kinds of wrong and I found it a real turn off as well as overstepping boundaries I really struggled with that Gabe was a sweetheart but I couldn t I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! like or understand the heroine She was blind and delusional a bit too much for my tast. R outOnly Gabe wants to be than just another tick on her to tryist He sets Roxie a challenge he's sure she can't accept walking away from their insane chemistry.
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What a wonderful book It s been reviewed enough that no further description is needed What I iked best was the character development The actions personality and defense MECHANISMS OF THE HH MADE PERFECT of the Hh made perfect based on their ife experiences What they both wanted was a no strings attached fling they both wanted to maintain there personal freedom Turns out what they thought they wanted changed and getting past their defenses to come to terms with that was the obstacle The HEA was great the romance was great and the sex was hot Hero wanted commitment for a change not just for commitment s sake but because he had feelings this book has a bit of a twist on the regular HP romances as in this one the heroine is the aggressor and the hero is reluctant to bed her of course there are reasons for the behavior of both of them and it was a fun book Wow Not since Adam Black in The Immortal Highlander have a read this good a description of a heroine osing her virginity Jeez If I hadn t wanted a do over before I definitely want one nowWhew Give me a minuteOk What a fun sexy oftentimes deeply introspective book Having had the privilege to play a small part in the nursing of aging relatives I can
understand where this 
where this is coming from I also deeply respected her basically putting her ife on hold to take care of those she oved That part reminded me slightly of Roanna in Shades Of Twilight but that is where those two heroines part waysOur Roxanna is no push over She knows what she wants and goes after it Truth be told it is a bit cliched and over the top but it s an HP and it feeds my selfish need for the same Well done Plot goes in circlesRoxy i ove him but i cannot tell him so Janae (Blacktop, let me justeave this god forsaken Plot goes in circlesRoxy i ove him but i cannot tell him so et me just eave this god forsaken Do i ove her but i want my freedom and have my pride so i will not tell her she should fall at my feet ike everyoneGot a headache reading this Received from author through GR s GiveawaysWow what a wonderful book Great storyline beautiful Hero HeroineAmazing Hero who wouldn t want to be wooed by this guy Will definitely source out books by Natalie Anderson Thank you so much for sending me a free cop Rating 45 stars. She neededsexperienceForced to grow up too uickly Roxie skipped too many all important firsts Now armed with a six point checklist she's ready to get going starti. First Time Lucky?