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Remember Me to Harold SuareBooks This one was one of my favorites In fact When I Went To NYC I went to NYC I was 17 I made sure I went to as many Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat places as The Serendipities did that I could Danziger s teens were always smart and funny but they were also human No one iserfect in her world I identified with her characters much than I ever did with anything Judy Blume wrote even though both authors targeted the same audience and wrote about similar subject matter Danziger never reached to her audience in the way that Blume did Also Danziger had a sense of humor whereas Blume decidedly did NOT I now feel a compulsion to scour Ebay and the used book store in town to re buy all the Danziger books I gave away at some oint in my life P I read this I think I was 10 or 11 and I knew I wanted to live in New York City I had read this years ago but I re read it before a trip to New York City It has a lot of information about things to do in New York I m glad I read it but I was disappointed to find out that Tavern on the Green is no longer as described in the book I found out on line before leaving Denver I m glad I didn t go to the current Tavern on the Green. To find answers But once they get started Kendra doesn't mind the scavenger hunt so much mostly because Frank Turns Out To Be out to be as interesting as all of the sigh. I read this book when i was like 10 years old and i liked it cause the word crap
used Oh man I d forgotten about this book Such a fun read Kendra is devastated when she has to spend her summer entertaining her arents friends kid Frank by taking him around the touristy sites of New York She just assumes that a guy named Frank is going to be a total geek Frank of course turns out to be a hot and b charming and the kids have an awesome summer that made me green with envy Delighted To See It Still In see it still in 45 This is one of those books that I ve tried to remember the name of for so very very long like I remembered the concept of it about a couple of kids left to their own devices for the summer and they have to find objects all across Manhattan and they really get into it in a scavenger hunt type scenario whether the city was depicted as dangerous as it was then I can t fully recall and that it stuck out in my memory as a book that did stay with me at a time when I enjoyed reading but it wasn t my favorite activity at least I hope this is the book I m remembering original Robot Programming publish date was 87 so it would have This summer could be a disaster Kendra'sarents have invited Frank a 15 year old she's never met to stay with them And they've lanned a goofy scavenger hunt for Een something I read in the early 90 sEDIT I just saw this cover and the "memory came flooding back like a tsunami I did read this Holy shit this was a fun "came flooding back like a tsunami I did read this Holy shit this was a fun I read this as a kid and after my vacation to New York I was motivated to track down a copy and reread Overall I found this just as charming as I did when I first read it years ago I want to go on that scavenger hunt and have someone The Blitzkrieg Legend pay for it for me And the romance is sweet I also did not realize there was a seuel andromptly ordered it for myself to read We ll see how it works without all the nostalgia It holds up I still love it I liked this book it had a lot of information about NEW YORK and i thought it was an interesting The Crown plot I didnt think it was the best of books but i enjoyed reading it My trip down Ellen Conford Memory Lane led me to detour over to Paula Danziger I remember this book being SUUUUPER sexy it s not and dramatic not really that either and hilarious eh lots ofuns though Per usual the 4th star is for nostalgia A favorite from my tween years Danziger was one of my favorite authors during this time eriod in my life and I Read All Of Her. all of her. He kids including Kendra's bratty younger brother They have to race all around New York City and visit laces like the Empire State Building and the United Nations.