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Ional Hurricanes flying as they had operational Spitfires flying Hurricane aircraft shot down twice as many German planes as Spitfire aircraft shot Germans down during those first years meaning the two planes performed about the same in the air measured by KILLS per plane Legless British ace Douglas Bader scored 11 of his 20 official kills from a Hurricane cockpit the other 9 in SpitfiresAt the start of WWII the Hurricane had a wooden fixed pitch propeller and its performance was second rate compared with the Spit but by

1939 arly 1940 Hurricanes were with metal variable pitch props that made a BIG difference and mostly closed the performance gap with the Spitfires The Hurricane still wasn t as fast as a Spitfire but it was durable asier to land and had a tighter turning radius The Hurricane still wasn t as nimble as a Spit but it was a stable gun platform so shots fired were accurate in the air and likely to hit the target More important for England a damaged Hurricane was asier to repair than a Spitfire Heavily damaged Hurricanes were often repaired and brought back into operational status heavily damaged Spitfires were usually written off because few mechanics could deal with the Spit s stressed skin metal designThe witty dialogue and verbal xchanges between the pilots are beyond my personal skills as a writer Spectacular The characterizations and mix of characters are again beyond me I can only admire Particularly impressive is how Robinson can xplain aerial fighting tactics not just through Date Me excellent descriptions during the action but through the pilots arguing after the actionThe novel really sings for me when CH3 is on the page Christopher Hart the 3rd is an American pilot a millionaire s son who flies for England partly to piss off his old man Playful light hearted boys start the war goofing off and having a blast in their flying machines A year later most of the original team are dead and the few survivors are half crazy or half dead withxhaustion Clearly illustrated in PIECE OF CAKE is how it isn t the airplane it s the pilot It s all about spotting the Comfort And Joy enemy before he spots you It s about what the pilot does after he spots thenemy how he maneuvers in for the kill or lets it go because it s too risky It s about how the pilot flies before he spots nemy planes for xample an xperienced pilot directed to climb to a high altitude on a vector away from the sun might disregard and climb into the sun then swing around so he wasn t so vulnerable during the climb Sorry leader Your message garbled Couldn t hear what you saidhg47 This is probably my most re read book from one of favourite authorsHaving spent 25 years in the RAF I find the humorous banter very realistic and the characters a fair representation of the cross section of individuals you would find on a typical RAF SuadronBut the absolute best thing about Derek s RFC and RAF books is the historical accuracy which shows that a lot of research goes into ach one of his worksHighly recommended Following a suadron of RAF Hurricane pilots from Sept 39 through Sept 40 into the Battle of Britain Derek Robinson scores big with sweeping action black humor realistic characters and xcellent history as to how Britain managed to survive the Luftwaffe s assault I seem to read this book very few years there s something about how well developed the characters are that keeps me wanting to revisit them If you like historical fiction warts and all Derek Robinson is a must read A real classic of wartime literature a suadron of RAF fighter pilots making their way first through the idyllic boredom of the Phony War and then being plunged headlong into the hellish dangers of the Battle of Britain Tragedy and humor and spine tingling action run side by side in this tale Robinson pulls helpless laughter out of you with the high jinks of his adrenaline junkie young heroes then turns the pace on a dime and has you mopping your Cause Of Fear eyes as the cruel odds of aerial battles againstnemy Messerschmitts sends the irrepressible fliers you ve come to love spiraling one by one to their deaths An unforgettable heart breaker of a tribute to World War II s RAF pilots. Ively and loving ach #delicious moment of life read more pice de #moment of life Read More Pice de Wikipdia Pieces of Eight st le huitime album studio The Game of Love et le second album concept par Styx publi ler septembre Notes Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition et rfrences modifier | modifier le code ↑ Pierre Dupont La langue du sicle d'or syntaxet lexiue de l'espagnol classiue Paris Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle Piece of cake Idioms by The Free Dictionary a piece of ˈcake informal British English also a piece of ˈpiss taboo slang of a task tc very asy to do After climbing mountains in the Swiss Alps going up English hills is a piece of cake ♢ Taking photos should be a piece of cake with the new camera I’ve got OPPOSITE a tall order It pice Dcouvrez les it pices des vtements ou It pice dcouvrez les it pices des vtements ou accessoires ui nous font crauer t ui doperont notre look coup St the dition currently in print is better than some of the others it s not offensively bad just kind of inappropriate with its Big Action Scene cover art given that the book is very much not about that #even though it has its share of combat scenes I remember a few moons ago about 20 #though it has its share of combat scenes I remember a few moons ago about 20 ago really seeing something about the mini series Piece of Cake and not being able to watch it sorry to poor to afford it then and being a little interested in aviation warfare I decided I d
to read it at some After spending sometime looking about and finally deciding to deal in the second hand market I picked up a copy of Piece of Cake Piece of Cake describes a British suadron Hornet Suadron flying Hurricanes for those that are interested in the The Lady in Pink early days of WWII September 1939 thru September 1940 Mr Robinson uses the cloak ofarly WWII historical setting and British tactics to tell the story and interactions of the men of Hornet Suadron All of the characters are larger than life at times making them a little hard to believe but having known many fighter pilots in my day I can say that the only possibly making it difficult to believe is having all of these characters in one unit Each character is nicely done with personal details that are amazing whether its Moggy and his Eyes egocentrichomicidal ways CH3 and his this is the way it was done in Spain Lord Rex is proper British to Fanny Barton and his caring ways Thexploits are fascinating there s some interesting romance situations specially given the Phony War and the lead up to the Battle for France The historical perspective is nicely done with Mr Robinson showing good awareness of RAF tactics and battle situations If there s a weakness in the book it s that Mr Robinson s dark humor sometimes overshadows thing to much and he overemphasis the inflated claims of the RAF during the Battle of Britain and their losses Rating wise this ones a very solid 4 star book The first half is a little slow and drawn out as Mr Robinson xplains Hornet Suadron s makeup and things begin to gel As you pass from the Phony War to the Battle for France there s a nice step up in the story that pushes the book toward 45 stars This is Sinner's Heart eventually reached during the Battle of Britain with a momentary 5 star piece with the interactions between Moggy and Steel Stebbing you need to read it great for a laugh Givenverything a solid 4 star performance Ask Americans what the best fighter planes of World War Two were and they will probably name the Japanese Zero the German 109 and the British Spitfire The Hurricane is just some other Brit plane PIECE OF CAKE is one of my favorite WWII novels It is about a year in the life of a British Hurricane fighter suadron from September 1939 to September 1940 There is also a BBC Masterpiece Theater multi disc DVD set which is very faithful to the book But I have to ding the video for changing the story so that the British pilots flew Spitfires instead of the Hurricanes in Derek Robinson s book Historically no Spitfires were ver sent to France where about a third of the story takes place Strangely the video picture was superior on a set of VHS tapes I once rented compared with the blurry DVD set I own which is missing several scenes which were in the VHS tapes I ve seen that issue before My DVD of the movie EXECUTIVE SUITE is missing a key scene about 10 minutes long which was on a VHS tape I rentedForgive me for being a technical spoilsport but there is a scene in both the book and the video where Flash a pilot who is than a little crazy flies his plane inverted to relax A Hurricane could do this a Spit couldn t A Spitfire could not pull negative Gs or fly inverted because the ngine would stop and then flood with gas making it difficult to re start This problem was not solved until about 1943 although there was a temporary fix for many Spitfires installed in 1941 The upside down flying scene took place in the book and the video in August of 1940 I have to ding the video for this Robinson s book is technically accurateIn my opinion the Hurricane s inferior reputation is undeserved During the first half of World War Two the English had twice as many operat. Y Asset Store A Piece of Nature Description Package Content Releases Reviews Report this asset A Piece of Nature E Evgenia Reviews FREE License Extension Asset File size MB Latest version Latest release date Apr Support Unity versions or higher Language English 简体中文 한국어 日本語 Help FA Customer Service Sell Assets on Unity Sell Assets Meduza Piece Of Your Heart Official Video ft Watch the official video for Piece Of Your Heart by Meduza feat Goodboys Download stream Follow Meduza Facebook A Piece of Rainbow Home Garden DIY Tutorials Hello and welcome I'm Ananda a home and garden designer artist and lifestyle blogger in Southern California My passion is to create happy nature inspired homes and beautiful abundant gardens I hope A Piece Of Rainbow becomes your trusted resource and good friend for living creat.


A Piece of Cake
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Very well written A bit hard to follow at the start because there Were So Many Characters so many characters Spirit of the Wolf enjoyable once I got into it It was interesting to read about what it would ve been like to be a fighter pilot in thearly stages o The book follows the xploits of a fictional Hurricane suadron from September 1939 to September 1940 There wasn t a lot of combat until they left France but then there was a lot in the last couple of hundred page I found the banter and camaraderie between the pilots to be what I thought would be uite authentic as one would xpect in war authentic As one would xpect in war is a high #Turnover Of Characters This Is #of characters This is second book I have read by Robinson and I will certainly look for This is one that I really want to re read because while I did like it I liked it a lot it took me so long to figure out who veryone was There are so many people and they keep dying and being replaced I would recommend making a list of them and crossing them out when they buy it because veryone dies xcept the one you hate the most who was coincidentally the one that I recognized first because he has such a disgusting personality With some 700 pages I thought I would have a solid read about a group of RAF pilots at the beginning of World War 2 The passages which described flying were very good realistic and believable However anything that was not about flying was a real disappointment to me Each person was an island There was no friendship collegiality support The described behaviours were not realistic A group of pilots in a tense situation share with and support ach other in the main but not this lot Even the few relations with girlfriends were difficult to believe Nobody was compassionate or caring A disappointing read to say the least One of my favourite books ver and certainly one of my favourite novels about war It directly influenced and inspired some of my own writing Robinson s books can get a formulaic but this book transcends all of that It follows an RAF fighter suadron from September 1939 to September 1940 so while it all technically takes place during wartime a large proportion of that is the Phoney War or Bore War that took place until the German invasion of France in May 1940 Robinson s focus throughout the novel is on the human beings involved how they think how they act how they are affected by the war and by Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) each other That is if they survive at all Robinson is very unsentimental about the characters but never careless or callous about them This attitude led to numerous protests and complaints from reactionary nationalist types when the book was published in the 1970s who claimed that Robinson was disrespecting the memory of Our Brave Boys by portraying them as flawed human beings as well as for the book s general thesis that the RAF was badly led and that the Battle of Britain didn t save Britain because there was no chance whatsoever of a successful orven feasible German invasion Robinson takes great pleasure in breaking down the myths about the Battle of Britain and the conduct of the air war in general He ven gets in some blows at ideas of chivalrous WW1 air combat although not to the same degree as in his books specifically about WW1It is an overwhelmingly male book although there are some good women characters in there who have no less agency than the men The cast is pleasingly diverse otherwise with an obvious predominance of British mostly English characters but with Poles Czechs and others coming into play as well It deals with class issues the contempt the pilot officers have for the sergeant pilots and the nlisted ground crews the privileged lifestyle afforded to the suadron due to their upper crust suadron leader and so on Robinson paints a completely convincing picture of a fighter suadron and the stresses and strains of the war as well as writing some really funny dialogues and situations as well It runs the gamut of motions and I truly think it s a crime that the book isn t as well known as the classic Novels About War like Catch 22 It s asily as good I thinkOh the cover art is almost always Bad though The only good one is the one with a crashed Hurricane on it and that s not in print any At lea. 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