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He does roll makes a fitting foil for our rigid cold rakeHe rescues her from villains and her own naive stupidity than once and she proceeds to chatter and skip and prod and poke into his frozen heart They make a perfect couple and I just loved their chemistry and interplayBut what I felt let the book down was the last part view spoilerWhen the H is unable to give his love and offers the less honorable alternative the h walks away Then her going to a rich titled aunt and getting an haute ton coming was too meh and convenient I would have preferred drama and build up and less I am too broken for you but still I m gonna impress u with my philanthropic fforts routine hide spoiler 47 heartbreakingly beautiful starsOh My God I Just I I Oh God I just I I Oh I m in awe I just loved this book so darned much This book had Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars exactlyxactly Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life exactly what I want in a romance novel Innocent delightful original heroine TickCynical brooding hero with a heart TickSizzling chemistry TickCynical hero s frozen heart gets warmed by the heroine TickDeep abiding and intense love TickGod I loved this book The heroine was so utterly charming and the hero just melted my heart with his morals I just loved how he view spoiler stops himself from going further with her because he thinks so much better of her He stole my heart right then and there But no he does it TWICE this wonderful man hide spoiler I haven t read any other books by this author and after reading this one provided by netgalley I have to wander whatxactly I ve been doing with my lifeYes I really really Crazy Love enjoyed this one It hits so many perfect notes for me that it s almost hard toxplain The writing flows so well that I really wish authors could write like this It s not particularly grammatically correct but she writes in the same style as her protagonists inner monologues which is rather a clever way of as her protagonists inner monologues which is rather a clever way of third person POV but giving first person insight of both hero and heroine The book switches often between the hero and heroine POV but not once did I feel lost It just felt totally natural and for some reason I found that the style meant I felt I was really there I could not only see the bluebells but smell them and I could not only see the River Thames but I could feel the grass on the banks next to it and hear the ducks uacking I don t get that feeling very often unfortunatelyThe story concentrates 90% on the hero and heroine but that s not to say that secondary characters don t get a look in and in fact their backstories for the purposes of moving the story along are told concisely but completely and best of all they all feel real not the usual one dimensional insipid tea swilling friends that overpopulate HRs I very rarely read a HR where the story and characterization is strong Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society enough that I almost forget what the hero and heroine actually look like This was one of thoseI do have one minor complaint Well it s not really a complaint really but it did bother me anensy weensy little bit Despite being sexually innocent the heroine seems uite uninhibited after only a couple of rounds with the hero in the sack in a way I found difficult to believe Although to be fair the heroine could be clearly an nthusiastic amateur and I did actually appreciate the author s not falling into the heavy breasts and wet in her secret place type descriptions which I hate So the heroine is fabulous a completely refreshing change She is stridently honest a breath of fresh air and says what she thinks The hero is a sad tragic case but not in an irritating poor me waySo loved it 5 stars A keeper and I m now going to raid this author s backlist 45 starsSweet tender heartwarming and a joy to read Do I really need to write anything There are few thing to say about Rake with a Frozen Heart it s certainly not an original plot The rakish brooding lord of the ton and the shy plump governess have been done ad nauseum by many romance write. By the notorious Earl of Pentland feels much dangerousSince the cataclysmic failure of his marriage ice has flowed in Rafe St Alban's veins But meeting impetuous all too distracting gover. This book was just meh I didn t feel a real connection between the MC s Henrietta was annoying and bumbling I didn t think her character was accurate for the time period since she never really acted with propriety There were problems with plot continuity and it dragged I skimmed It was a nice book for uiet night where you need breakout from your schedule and just njoy a good romance with hot coffee I liked the characters and how they were so good with ach other they complimented ach other like where the heroine was so honest and forthcoming with her optimistic and nthusiastic approach for life whereas the Hero was intelligent realistic and had a bit sarcastic approachI also was intelligent realistic and had a bit sarcastic approachI also how The Puzzle Was Solved At 60% Of The Storyline From puzzle was solved at 60% of the storyline from on we had of reconciling track I liked how the wrap up was done Marguerite Kaye reminded me why I love reading historicals with this passionate tale All the usual traits were there innocent governess being seduced by the handsome rake or was itHenrietta may be the virginal governess and Rafe may give the impression of the typical regency rake but that s were the similarities nd Henrietta is no simpering virgin far from it she is outspoken and her innocence is charming I liked her straight away as she comes to terms with this strange attraction she feels to the handsome rake And Rafe well he doesn t uite know what to do with t Rafe St Alban the Earl of Pentland is startled when he finds an unconscious young woman in a ditch near his home He s ven startled when the woman Henrietta turns up as a stowaway in his carriage several days later running away from an mployer who accused her of stealing jewelry Against his better judgment Rafe agrees to help her track down the real culprit and prove her innocence but the time he spends with the outspoken and compassionate Henrietta the less he wants to let her goI wound up liking this much than I initially New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood expected to A slow start an obvious mystery an unoriginal match up of a young naive idealistic heroine with a brooding rake and an inconsistent historical tone did not bode well Having finished it I still can t recommend it to anyone who reads historicals primarily to feel transported to anotherra because the plot pretty much ignores any period details that would be inconvenient Henrietta is left alone with Rafe in his bedroom she shares a room and a bed and Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey eventually her body at an inn with him he grabs her at a public ball and drags her away to a private area in full view of all the guests and none of this has any repercussions or causes any concern For me ignoring the tension caused by society s constraints is a waste of a historical settingBut despite its flaws once past the beginning I found Rake With a Frozen Heartngaging It was fast paced and Straightforward With Passionate Love with passionate love and dialogue that God's Pocket establishes intimacy between the characters It was the dialoguespecially Rafe s that really grabbed me The bitter man with a tragic secret is a romance staple and Rafe s tragic secret was nothing new but I was struck by how he talks about it to Henrietta the uality of his self ЯED expression and insights It made him seem very realOverall this was a pleasant change of pace from many bloated and meandering historical romancesReviewed from arc provided by netGalley Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceRafe is haunted by his past The guilt he harbors from decisions made long ago has turned his heart to ice He feels he no longer deserves to love or be loved He is truly a tormented hero Henrietta is a wide yed trusting innocent who blurts out whatever is on her mind what a breath of fresh air This is your typical Hh from different sides of the tracks making for a wonderful opposites at This is a lovely book about an adorable artless governess and a typical mbittered self flagellating Earl sinned against than sinned kinds The h a dewy The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs eyed blabbermouth n Waking up in a stranger's bed Henrietta Markhamncounters the most darkly sensual man she has ver met The last thing she remembers is being attacked by a housebreaker yet being rescued.

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Rs And yet this book manages to remain fresh fast paced and very very ngaging with its Monsieur Pain extremely likable if or perhaps because of those imperfect heroes the mystery plot that to my delight wasn t too thin nor too heavy and the well balanced between stark and flowery writing The only reason I had to take half a star down is because of thending I would certainly prefer it if not all obstacles were so miraculously removed A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author eventuallyIf it s been a while since you last read a good old fashioned historical romance that manages to captivate yourmotions not With Its Twists And its twists and but with its smooth writing its atmosphere and its nicely developed characters look no further ARC received by NetGalley I was reading The Origins of Sex by Faramerz Dabhoiwala and the chapter that specially caught my attention was the chapter about the birth of the Cult of Seduction Dabhoiwala claims about the birth of the Cult of Seduction Dabhoiwala claims there was a significant change in the way women s sexuality was viewed and it happened around 17th century To simplify it before women were considered sexual creatures who led men astray and after the switch it was men who seduced women and women generally had no sexuality of their own until it was brought to life by a man This gave a rise to a common paranoia about lusty males who are out to get very innocent and chaste woman in sight There were hundreds of books pamphlets paintings whose main goal was to warn women against rakes or gasp libertines Reading The Exhaustion Breakthrough examples of all these sad stories made me really want to read a romance with a rake in the title Basically I wantedxactly the same story as those uoted in the Cult of Seduction chapter but with a happy The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good ending Luck had it I saw this for 140 in Kindle Store and it s a MillsBoon MillsBoon is a brand you can usually trust They have been doing it for years and they can deliver so I bought without hesitation Rake with a Frozen Heart isssentially a story about a sweet innocent chaste girl and a rich handsome rake Our heroine Henrietta has been repeatedly warned by her mother to stay clear of rakes And what does Henrietta do Falls for the first rake she meets Of course this is a romance novel so our rake is given some redeeming ualities He might be a rake but all the women he sleeps with are Supplemental Book experienced and they know it s only sex Well at least that s what Rafe St Alban says But I would like to call him out on this Heventually does sleep with Henrietta who is neither Hark! The Herald Angels Scream experienced nor aware it s only sex She is uite obviously in love with him And at that point he has no idea he is starring in a MillsBoon so he doesn t know they will get married and live happilyver after At that point he still thinks he is in 19th century pamphlet warning young maidens against rakes and libertines because he has no intention of making an honest woman out of her Henrietta is bloody lucky it s a MillsBoons because that s the only way this story can have a happy Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners ending and her reckless behaviour does not lead to her ruin Now if Rafe failed to notice he was corrupting an innocent girl this time how can I believe all his previous conuests were as honourable as he claims You know what they say never trust a rakeAnother interesting point is the sexuality of the heroine It is in perfect accordance with the 18th century idea of asexuality of women unless of course instilled in them by men And here we have it Henrietta was completely free of any sexual desire and has never felt as much as a tingle between her legs in all her twenty odd years of life Yet when a notorious rake sticks his tongue in her mouth well there you have it She is all about sex from now A woman who has neverven masturbated will go down and suck this rake s cock just a few chapters later Yes ladies beware of rakes Only let yourself loose if you are sure you are in a MillsBoon and you are the heroine and not some disposable secondary character In this case by all means go for it. Ness Henrietta heats his blood to the boiling pointWhen she's accused of theft Rafe finds himself offering to clear her name Can Henrietta's innocence bring this hardened rake to his knee. ,

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