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F misunderstandings poor decisions and rules that they tell themselves they must live by which just make them unhappy and would be solved a lot sooner if they just talked to ach other instead of just having a lot sooner if they just talked to ach other instead of just having of sex and then him sneaking off back to his private uarters to feel guilty about his dead first wife if only he hadn t made her wear that sariHowever it s a Penny Jordan book so there ARE some redeeming factors Nobody writes a romantic line like her consider Here in this room was verything in his world that held real value Ash found himself thinking Here was Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript everything he couldver want or need because here was Sophia and the romance of IndiaManchester is "Beautifully Portrayed In A Series Of ScenesMy " portrayed in a series of scenesMy line is when Ash realises that he loves Sophia cutting it fine I had to wade through 240 pages of self inflicted angst before he finally admits this A bond of the truest kind of love given from the heart of a man who d had to overcome so much to be able to make that gift The sad fact of the matter is that the main thing he s had to overcome is their mutual stupidity and inability to communicateNot the best Penny Jordan I ve ver read but it s okay I particularly liked the interview with the author at the nd of my Infamous edition where she describes her working day and how she spends the first part of the day reviewing her work to make sure it makes sense yes she should have done a bit of that The first in The Santina Crown series and I have to be honest as say that I didn t like it as much as I hoped I wouldPenny Jordan is one of the best Harleuin Mills Boon writersver and I think her writing is fantastic This book isn t badly written but I just felt that it is overdone and with a little too much purple proseActions and vents in this book are Ther before being caught on film on arrival in MumbaiScandal is the last thing the Santina royals need right now might this maharaja be persuaded into taking Santina's runaway princess as his wi. Ading a lot of them my overall view is that she should just avoid writing about royal families She writes a lovely book about normal down to arth heroines but when she becomes mbroiled in the politics of royal families It just no longer works somehowThis is basically a rewrite of an arlier novel of hers Bride for His Majesty s Pleasure which was dire I hasten to add but The Price of Royal Duty is a better reworking of this
"The Book Itself Actually Has "
book itself actually has a strong start with royal Santina Princess Sophia hitching a ride on the Maharaja of Nailpur s is that in Manchester private jet unbeknownst to him She s on the run from an arranged marriage which he has already refused once to help her get out of despite the tried and tested trick of oh dear my ballgown s fallen off can you shield me in your arms whilst I cover my nakedness arlier on in the royal ball announcing her brother s and her s ngagements He then discovers her naked again in the bedroom of his private jet and decides that to protect her reputation he needs to marry her There was a moment when I thought it was going to get really xciting and they were both going to get kidnapped by a slightly dodgy air steward but no the moment passed and lovely feisty Sophia suddenly morphs into dull as ditchwater dutiful wifeShe then marries him the next day and they both trudge along together telling themselves they don ditchwater dutiful wifeShe then marries him the next day and they both trudge along together telling themselves they don love the other and that all this is about is conceiving the royal heir The marriage it is clear is built on sand with the ghost of Ash the Maharajah s first wife featuring a lot in it not a literal ghost it s a mills and boon after all but she definitely manages to come between the couple despite being dead after strangling herself with her sari in a car accidentAs usual there s a series Or the matchinstead boldly stowing away on the magnificent Maharaja of Naipur's private jetStaff insiders to the charismatic maharaja Ashok Achari aren't denying the pair spent a wild night toge. .
In the Surgical Theatre emotional intensity I don t know if it was just me but some way along the line I just got really frustrated with this whole story The beginning alone had me rethinking if I should really continue Like when the heroine hatched her plan and tried to get the hero to go along with it The writer took us all around the world and back before we got to the half concocted plan that she wanted toxecute By this time I was sorely annoyed because I couldn t believe we had to go through all of that just to get to the simplest Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia Over the Long Eighteenth Century explanation of a plan to begin withThen it was the sentences with uestion marks that really didn t seem like uestions or wereven conveyed in that way and made it remarkably hard for to not become uninterested in continuingThere was way too much detailing in some scenes that by the time they were finished being described you forgot what it was connected and what image or feeling Hometown Valentine exactly it was trying to conveyAll in all I can honestly say I finished the book because I felt like I had already invested too much time in it not to see it through but it was a complete an utter let down It was just too confusing and jumbled to reallynjoy it Penny Jordan wrote 187 books for Mills and Boon and after re. Santina's rebellious princess Sophia made a shock xit from her brother's ngagement party last night following the surprise announcement of her own arranged marriage It seems Sophia did not fav.