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Ch drama going on maybe if There Was A Little Less was a little less would ve been betterAll in all I d give this book a 4 star rating and would betterAll in all I d give this book a 4 star rating and would reading the others in the series In Thurlo s romantic suspense novel Lori Baker is being stalked and she s frightened and alone Gene Redhouse is of Navajo decent and he believes that things happen for a reason Though they

to different worlds the attraction them is intense Burdened by the past Lori fights the attraction and soon must decide which is dangerous the attraction they both share or the stranger lurking in the shadows An intense installment to the Copper Canyon series Miniseries Copper Canyon Miniseries Copper Canyon. D powerful build Gene is the safe harbor in Lori's stormy sea And et with her past weighing her down Lori must decide which is dangerous the stranger trailing her every step or the one daring her to trust hi. Of Navajo culture I am learning also I also like seeing all the brothers and learning about bits of their lives I m looking forward to the next book soon I hope Easy readEasy readEasy flowing plot and storyline Ending was a complete surprise never saw it coming Nice job trumped again can t wait to read the next Aimee Thurlo book Really Really really goodI fully enjoyed this bookIt has a little bit of everythingmysterysuspenseromance and dramaAimee Thurlo just gets better and better with time A pretty "Enjoyable Story The Only Part "story the only part could ve done without is the sex scene but I kind of was expecting that because of the of was expecting that because of the this is I did think that there was just a little too mu. Although it seems they belong to different worlds the connection between them is instant and intense And if he can keep her alive long enough he vows to explore every inch of herWith his chiseled features an. .
Really good book I loved Lori and the way she could think on "Her Feet When She "feet When she Gene for and the way she could think on her feet When she asked Gene for help she had no idea just how much help she would be getting She was wary of getting involved emotionally but Gene was there for everything she needed On his side Gene wasn t ready for a relationship he had too much he felt he needed to accomplish on his ranch first I liked the fact that Gene was comfortable with his Navajo heritage and had no Problems Sharing That Heritage sharing that heritage Lori I also liked the way that she was so interested in his beliefs As they got nearer to the resolution of her stalker I really enjoyed the way they shared their lives I ve been enjoyed the bits and pieces. NAVAJO PROTECTORGene Redhouse believes in signs But when Lori Baker literally jumps into his life the Navajo wisdom he's learned disappears Lori is being stalked and she's never been so frightened or so alone.

SUMMARY Power of the Raven

Power of the Raven