Cemetery World (EPUB)

Cemetery World

Clifford D. Simak ☆ 9 characters

Cemetery World is the 4th Science Fiction story by Clifford Simak that I ve Tagebuch read in the past couple of years I ve enjoyed for the most part especially enjoyed The Werewolf Principle and City Cemetery World was an entertaining enjoyableeadFletcher Carson eturns to Earth now a Cemetery World for the descendants of Earthlings After a world destroying war thousands of years before the majority of the emaining humans escaped and inhabited planets throughout the Universe A company Cemetery has turned the Earth into the cemetery of choice for its descendants of course they make much money off of it Carson accompanied by a obot who was originally from Earth Elmer and a sentient machine Bronco wants to travel around Earth making a movie let s call it Arriving on Earth he also meets Cynthia who arrived before and joins the group searching for treasure artifacts left behind by an alien AnachronianThat s the basic story As the group travel they are hounded by agents of Cemetery grave obbers war machines from the past Wolves of Steel and even spirits Shades There is even a bit of time travel thrown in On the whole you won t learn any astounding theories from the book but if you want a good sound entertaining story with interesting characters and a satisfying conclusion you ll enjoy this story 3 stars What a good sound entertaining story with interesting characters and a satisfying conclusion you ll enjoy this story 3 stars What well after a bit of exposition as a classic survivalist tale ends up as a puzzle concerning alien intervention perhaps a deus ex machina and time travel At times Cemetery World seems to be a cautionary morality tale about corporate greed and the futility of warfare indeed a peace message everberates through the entire plot and thuggery It is no surprise that Simak introduces time travel and bucolic landscapes he s done that on several occasionsmost notably Way Station and Time and Time Again both published under different titles as well The warp and woof of his work weaves together both the sense of destiny and futility with which humankind The warp and woof of his work weaves together both the sense of destiny and futility with which humankind Cemetery World begins with an artist s dream pulls together the desire for meaning inherent in archaeology s uest and ties in the Babylonian Captivity precedent of emoving the creatives intellectuals and innovators from a civilization while leaving the backward primitive and unimaginative behind Long before there were movies about the singularity involved in combining human and machine Simak edefines what it means to be human in this story s attempt to confront a soulless megacorporation The meg. Pasaulinės fantastikos aukso fondas 11 tomasPrieš dešimt tūkstančių metų Žūtbūtinis Karas sunaikino Žemės civilizaciją Tik nedaugeliui laimingųjų pavy. Acorporation as one might guess from the title is The Cemetery After earth s best and brightest had colonized the stars after an apocalyptic s best and brightest had colonized the stars after an apocalyptic had educed human civilization to tiny pockets of backwoods survivalists and frightened urban scavengers living in the wild and the Hoffnung Mensch ruinsespectively a huge corporation decided that earth would make an ideal cemetery for those who wished for their loved ones and could of course afford it to be grounded in Mother Earth Since
Only A Portion Of 
a portion of world has actually been civilized into The Cemetery this seems the ideal world for Fletcher Carson to visit with his navigating compositorcomputernavigatorpack animal obot and gather the necessary data to create the ultimate artistic expression of a planet thwarted by war and corporate greed from eaching its potential with all the tragedy and pathos that would include along with the standard aestheticIn attempting his task Fletch or Carson finds the obligatory comely ally in one Cynthia Lansing She is on a personal uest a family uest that dovetails with the dream of a former professor of Carson s The uest involves both archaeology and xeno archaeology As with the Indiana Jones films one hardly expects to find a conspiracy of powerful opponents aligned against them As it turns out the apparent monolithic conspiracy actually has seams to exploit It becomes very interesting when the duo is forced to determine which machines are for them and which against them Fletch and Cynthia have just the ight amount of paranoia to make this plot work I don t think this is Simak s finest work but I do think it s worth eading The ideas and sentiments work to make a thoughtful yet pleasant diversion I would ecommend if considering a Simak novel for the first time beginning with Way Station or City This is an ok novel at best and not up to par with some of his other poignant and poetically written books This is not a great novel but it is likable If you suppose that Simak s seminal work written books This is not a great novel but it is likable If you suppose that Simak s seminal work his novel City then you probably measure all of his other works against it For me his best work was The Goblin Reservation I ead it many years ago and have The Witch who was a princess reead it several times in the passing years Simak has a talent for his gentle characters and beautiful landscapes Simak clearly loves the people and places of the midwest in which he lived and this comes through in this novel as it does in all of his novels His later works are often disparaged compared to City but there is still. Ko pasprukti į žvaigždes ir pradėti ten naują gyvenimą Dabar Žemė visų Galaktikos žmonių paskutinė poilsio vieta Čia įrengtas bekraštis per visus žem.
The Polish Underground 1939-1947
A warmth and imagination here that well worth indulging As A Late Work By A Master If You Are a late by a master If you are Clifford D Simak fan then definitely ead this book some great ideas and concepts and lovely descriptions from time to time but very disjointed and ends up abruptly like he was tired of writing it plus a tacked on omance yargh After a few days I am having to update my eview This book gave me a hangover and I couldn t Jeden výdych koňa really start another book for a couple of days so I updating myating to a 5 What can I say Simak can spin a yarn Yes I enjoyed it the story provided me I can t Eleanor, Quiet No More remember where I first heard of this I thought it was from a goodreads friend but no one seems to haveeviewed it that I m friends with But this was just AMAZING I CAN T BELIEVE I VE SPENT SO MANY can t believe I ve spent so many eading science fiction and never come across this author beforeI LOVED this A woman historian obots who d lived 1000s of years ghosts and a post apocalyptic Earth that had been What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game reborn The bookeminded me most of Peter Beagle s work There was a gentleness to the characters and the setting that despite the context made it feel comforting It had some definite science fiction tropes but played them out in a wonderfully uniue and interesting way I am definitely going to Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) read everything else I can find by this author my gosh this book was pretty terrible I went into it with an open mind havingead nothing else by this author The whole story is a disaster so very poorly put together that the badness at one point changes to pure laughs Sadly it is not intended to be funnyTo avoid giving anything interesting away to the unfortunate souls who stumble upon this in the near or distant future I will conclude by saying if you have a child ask them to write you a story called Cemetery World and they will pen a story far better than this mess Wow I ll cut Revenant right to the chase Cemetery World is one of the most horrifically written sloppily conceived and all around terrible excuses of a novel I have ever had the misfortune toead After eading the stunning classic A Canticle for Leibowitz I couldn t distance myself from a book set centuries hell millennia into the future and at the I thought this would be a book about a visit back to old earth where the characters would comb through the detritus of the past Possibly they would meet an old obot or hologram I expected it to be full of SF tropes Instead it s a silly pulp action SF novel Extremely boring and doesn t Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life resemble Simak at al. Ynus nusidriekęs Kapinynas Fletčeris Karsonas ketina aplankyti savo protėvių planetą ir įminti visas jos paslaptisKnygoje taip pat skaitykitePLACDARMASMIRAŽAS.