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Es in this fascinating world and brings us all the stories of the Originals of the Legion of Loki an aside to the author As much as I want Daven s story I want Alvar s the morose unstable son of a bitch story first I story I want Alvar s the morose unstable son of a bitch story first I want another full length book featuring Vidar and Kara to deal with all the conflicts they ll face to be together My hat s really off for such a rich exciting story in such a short format #too that sets up a universe I can t wait to explore further #that sets up a universe I can t wait to explore further I can t wait until Gates writes longer paranormal books preferably a series since she s brilliant in creating fantastic new worlds and continuing characters If you haven t read her trilogies for Harleuin Desire or series for Silhouette Bombshell run don t walk to read them I didn t think I could enjoy anything than Olivia Gates contemporary writing whether for Desire medical romance or the action adventure for the defunct Bombshell line but I was shocked to discover I loved her paranormal writing even And now I believe she was MEANT to write paranormal romance all the time I really can t wait for her to write longer paranormal books I thought this was going to be a short uick read And though it really was I was flabbergasted by how much detail plot character development world building there was in it Not to mention scorching sex scenes I m a wannabe paranormal romance writer and I m going to keep this novella as a teaching tool in how to create a complex world and a satisfying emotional hot as hell romance in the least amount of words possible Now I can t wait until Olivia Gates writes longer books hopefully a series where she ll explore those fantastic worlds she creates Five plus stars Gates packs character relationship romance plot and world building into this novella than most authors can in a complete trilogy I love the chemistry and the urgency of the hero and heroine I was left feeling invigorated and satisfied Now I have a problem I m now addicted to Olivia Gates s paranormal romances and there s only two of them out there and I Ve Read Both Too read both too times already Olivia Gates if you re reading this WRITE MORE PARANORMAL ROMANCES NOWWWWThat s how good Immortal Insatiable Indomitable is I loved Vidar s and Kara s story so much loved this glimpse into that universe with those Originals of the Legion of Loki warriors that I can t wait for stories starring those immortal Vikings I want Alvar s and Daven s story now now NOW WARNING this book must be read with a fan and a bucket of cold water nearby Well this was certainly one hell of a ride Based on concepts of Norse mythology this paranormal romance is gripping in its intensity from the very first page to the lastOlivia Gates has built an intricate interesting and intense world with great characters full emotional impact an unforeseen twist and an unexpected resolution All this in a short novella nonethelessThe love between the 2 main characters is HOT and the love scenes are SCORCHING Just fabulou. Dled ecstasy they seemed destined to share Yet they know they can't be together for long Vidar can sense that Kara will die soon unless he can find a way to make her immortal too. .

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Immortal Insatiable IndomitableNfront each other He also thinks he will never see the enticing woman againWhen Kara felt compelled to enter the bar she had no idea there would be a man compelled to enter the bar she had no idea there would be a man who would profoundly consume her entire focus Upon sensing danger she uickly decides to aid him and steps in to do what she can Vidar is stunned by how the mortal Kara not only helps him but seems to desire him as much as he does her They give in to the overwhelming passion controlling them and experience sex as they never have before While they might wish for many nights together Vidar and Kara know their lives are much too different for any relationship to be long lastingOlivia Gates can write in any genre and keep me thoroughly entertained Regardless of the Harleuin line I have found each of her stories to be original and extremely creative Her vivid descriptions make scenes come alive as the reader can actually visualize every situation taking place The emotional impact of her tales is also ust as noteworthy with the way thoughts and actions seem so true to life While these Nocturne Cravings stories may be rather short the plot is still very engaging and the fate of the characters becomes important as time passes IMMORTAL INSATIABLE INDOMITABLE Draws You INDOMITABLE draws you the fascinating lives of Vidar and Kara from start to finish keeping your mind completely engrossed in every second of their story Ms Gates has the remarkable ability to make you believe in whatever is happening as I never uestioned whether any of the paranormal aspects depicted could not truly occur Norse mythology can be found all through IMMORTAL INSATIABLE INDOMITABLE and how it is entwined with the romance between Vidar and Kara is particularly clever and is significant plus even surprising The sexual longing shared by these two is sky high from their initial glance and this fiery heat only flames hotter with every new encounter Ms Gates is a master when it comes to portraying explosive sex scenes and there are uite a high number described in this story IMMORTAL INSATIABLE INDOMITABLE is fervently passionate and captivating with imaginative paranormal scenariosCataRomance Reviews Whatever Olivia Gates writes I m so there gobbling it up Just like I devoured this novella chock full of passion creativity action and emotion I love the intricate world Gates built in such a short space the fresh take on mythology and the blazing hot relationship that develops between Vidar and Kara from the first glance And as usual with Gates she brings in a twist that I couldn t see coming yet she built up with such care that I wonder how she kept me from suspecting a thing I love it when an author surprises me and she s one of a handful who do any Another thing I loved is that she sets up the Legion of Loki Loki is my favorite god in Norse mythology and it s really great to have someone dare to do a different take on him by making him the sort of good guy Go Loki and your Lokians I really really hope Gates writes stori. Er to be ravished by him but she also defends him from minions of his enemymaking her the only human to ever put their life on the line for himVidar and Kara soon enjoy the unbri. ,

The Harleuin Nocturne line is not really one of my favourites I never really got into the whole paranormal genre But I do love Olivia Gate s writing The first genre I READ BY OLIVIA GATES WERE HER by Olivia Gates were her Medicals This story was very different This was very sensual whereas her Medicals tend to be on the sweet side I ve also read her SilhouetteHarleuin Desire Nocturne Bites and Silhouette Bombshells and while each genre shows us a different voice there are some of the same characteristics in her books Her characters are vividly passionate about each other and there is an over the top grand gesture that usually other and there is an over the top grand gesture that usually the ultimate sacrifice The plot wasn t given away too soon Olivia Gates described a world with such detail that a reader can t help but be drawn into the story Usually stories with erotic content THAT hot are sorely lacking on the emotional level especially when the protagonists have sex ust a couple of days after meeting and intend it to be a one night stand So it s amazing how Olivia Gates managed to make such an erotic story and a novella to boot so convincingly heart wrenchingly emotional and to make the development of the devastating love that develops between Vidar and Kara so convincingThrow in an incredible world filled with seven foot plus immortal Vikings who
a Legion dedicated to the of the Norse god Loki and the eternal feud between them and all the other gods followers and Norse mythology figures and you have one breathtaking and scorchingly hot love story and adventure I can t wait to read the It was uite a surprise to know Olivia Gates wrote paranormals too But man Now I ve read a sample of her paranormal work I want to tell her to write nothing else She blows most other authors right out of the water and with a novella too Tight plot uniue world building incredible character details white hot love scenes that are also emotional and perfect pace and usage of every word available make this novella head and shoulders above most other paranormal full length books out there And now I want The Harleuin Nocturne Cravings line is about paranormal beings and told with plenty of sensuous passion plus deadly peril The first book by Olivia Gates for this line far surpasses my expectations as the sex is blazingly hot while threats will decide the future of two beloved individuals Lusty desires and secreted dangers make IMMORTAL INSATIABLE INDOMITABLE totally spellbindingVidar is one of the twelve Originals of Loki s Legion and he once enjoyed procuring mortal recruits for the Norse god he serves After having lived for thousands of years he is beginning to feel there is no purpose in his life and has even thought about dying When he spies a gorgeous woman in a bar one night she intrigues him and awakens something inside him Unfortunately a large group of enemies challenge him at about the same time and he knows either them or he will not be alive for much longer when they go outside to co. Vidar an immortal in the service of the Norse god Loki is ready to die until he lays eyes on the most beautiful mortal he's encountered in centuries Not only is Kara sexy and eag.