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Guide to the Contemporary Harp jShe s an author to watch out for as I m sure this is only the beginning for her I found myself chuckling uite a lot as I read The Trouble With Nightingale Ison does a wonderfulob envisioning paranormal elements such as witchcraft heaven hell and demons I m guessing this short story is a preuel to bigger things At times I wanted to feel sorry for the main character Millie but at the end of the tale I knew she d found her calling Really cute ending which left me with a smile on my face Well done and I will be looking for from this author face Well done and I will be looking for from this author story might have been short but the pacing was ust so that I was able to Take My Time With It I Have my time with it I have admit I did worry that I was going to be faced with a story that had been crammed into too few words Whilst yes it would probably make an awesome novel because Millie and the GP could be sent on so many adventures cleaning up the neighbourhood I didn t reach the end and find the story particularly lacking for its length Ms Ison s prose was pretty smooth allowing the reader to amble along without a hitch her descriptions were cool ensuring I always knew what was happening and what the MC was seeing and her characters were witty Whilst I did like happening and what the MC was seeing and her characters were witty Whilst I did like a lot I do believe Mr Nekkid Guinea Pig Polar Bear FABian almost stole the show from her because he was a hoot I ve read a few of the reviews that have described this as a dark and creepy tale Personally I giggled most of the way through it The ending certain induced a snort that gained me a few stares Maybe I have a perverse sense of humour But this is without doubt a fun little tale that would suit almost anyone for a bit of light hearted entertainment This is a lovely uirky gothic read Amaleen Ison perfectly blends a gritty realistic view of suburban London with classic images and ideas of the inferno demons portals and sorceryI loved the guinea pig side kick too InspiredMillie Scrubbings the heroine is realistic and sympathetic and tho her plight is well paranormal you completely feel for herThis is a super imaginitive exciting funny short read i recommend ti for everybody and I hope Amaleen Ison writes set in this world. D and helpless than ever Millie must accept her lead role in rescuing Nightingale from its descent into anarchy or risk all Hell breaking loos. .

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The Trouble with Nightingale35 stars but on the high side since I can t do 12 stars The trouble I had with nightingale was that it was too shortIt took me maybe an hour to read and was a nice filler while of all things G Force played on the tv for my kids This is significant IF you read the book but I shan t tell you why it s importantAmaleen is a very descriptive writer who paints a very vivid and grotesue set of scenes with her s importantAmaleen is a very descriptive writer who paints a very vivid and grotesue set of scenes with her Now because this is a short there isn t much character development and that s part of the reason I can t give it the super high stars I found a few of the scenes contrived but that s only because Amaleen didn t have time in a short to build in THE WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND WHY TO MAKE who what where when and why to make few moments believableFor example view spoilerMillie accepts her role as hell s gatekeeper far too uickly because there is no room in a short to build in negative conseuences and conflict before she makes that choice But shortly before that moment she openly exclaimed how she d never had any choice in life and so when she ust accepts it s hard to believe We Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante just have to accept too The same with her ability to wield magic right after Angel tells her she needs to learn hide spoiler On theob trainingTHE TROUBLE WITH NIGHTINGALE by AMALEEN ISON has something for everyone It s funny it s gross it s scary Millie thinks she s got her life under her own control until she finds out that she s been duped into being Hell s Gatekeeper She has everything she needs to do the ob except the knowhow She has to learn fast from her guinea pig familiar This short story moves at a fast pace so hold on to your drawers and get ready for a really fun ride i ready for a really fun ride I recommend this read A short story that is very fast paced and trip to the dark side Millie 18 is having problems around her flat lately People dying and the unusual neighbor that makes you feel uncomfortable to be aroundShe comes home to a package she has ordered of an assortment of candles and products to cast some spells Soon a policeman is knocking on her door to let her know they have found a body in the lift that has been there ust about the same time she came home t Anothe. When eighteen year old Millie Scrubbings moves to new digs on East London’s Nightingale Estate she believes she’s finally closed the door. ,

R recommended short story I really liked the world building in this old estatedemons It Really Came Together all really came together create the perfect background and I definitely would not mind a full length novel set against it Millie was a likeable protag You can easily tell she s been through a lot and now she s ust trying to get through life I felt that despite the doubt she was very uick to accept her situation but then that s probably down to the fact that this is only short There s very much this sense of her having lost a lot already and now she refuses to let anyone take anything else away from herI uite liked Fabian too with his cheekiness and his ability to turn into cute fuzzy animals while at the same time being able to fight I like that Ison created a hint of something between him and Millie that suggested they could potentially develop a relationship without actually making it one A new romance in a short story would not work and the author has kept this in mind something I appreciate Overall her characterisation and world building made this very enjoyable This review is also posted on my blog This story was simply brilliant All of the ingrediants of a fantastic read were there fast pacing clever writing high stakes and heavy on the occult and paranormal a topic I can never get enough of Plus it doesn t hurt that this author seems to have a knack for writing descriptions stunning in their originality Overall a fantastic read from start to finish which I d be glad to recommend to all my friends Ison is cunningly clever The door to where evil dwells could be anywhere in any city She choose Nightingale in I had the amazing pleasure of reading this tale during the editing phase and right from word one Amaleen Ison set the spooky mood well enough all of the little hairs on the back of my neck stood on end Seriously Freakin Creepy Her descriptions are spectacular writing style smooth and engaging and her imagination knows no bounds This tale will have you gripping your e reader flipping page after page until you make it to the end The Trouble with Nightingale is a must read for horror and thriller lovers. On a childhood dictated by strangers But overnight her peaceful high rise turns bonkers and a series of grisly murders leaves Millie frightene.
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