E–pub (Hiding His Witness Truman Brothers #1) by C.J. Miller

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C.J. Miller ò 6 SUMMARY

Hiding His Witness Truman Brothers #1Ext novels The sex that does occur is not gratuitous and She Weeps Each Time You're Born fits in with the plot Iound both Carey s and Reilly s characters to be well developed and would love to read about them I highly Recommend This Book For Both Suspense Lovers this book or both suspense lovers romance lovers 4 stars Enjoyed reading this story Familiar plot but every author approaches things differently and I liked this new author s approach and voice Good characters with twist to the usual trope Solid debut book Looking orward to reading by this author in the Seven Days, Seven Dinners futureAlso I am really hoping to read Brady s story in theuture Loved him the moment he showed up on the page or kindle screen as it were The A Northern Light first 34th of this book was about a 4 star book But toward the end when it should have been the climax I really couldn t get into it So the last part I only read aew minutes here and there really just to If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas finish the book Such a good book Miller brings the reader into her story and Iound myself rooting or Carey and wishing I could hang out at Reilly s ranch I m looking orward to seeing what s next Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, for the Truman brothers What a great debut book by CJ Miller Myavorite parts of the story happened at hero Reilly Truman s amily ranch His tough loving amily really reminded me of the main amily in Maya Banks s KGI seriesReilly and Carey have palpable chemistry even when #Her Life S In #life s in and the world is alling apart around them I m hoping that Reilly s brothers get their own books soon The Slave Dancer fingers crossed Detective Reilly Truman must keep his witnessCarey to attempted murder by a serial killer safe until the suspect is caught What Reilly does not know is that Carey is also runningrom a mobster who wishes to kill her This is. Serial killer Carey trusts no one But Reilly is determined to protect the vulnerable beauty despite her resistanceAs they hide out together at his amily's secluded ranch there's no escaping the desire si. Let me preface this blog entry with an apology *I have been reading uite a bit but just haven t gotten around to writing about it I promised *have been reading uite a bit but just haven t gotten around to writing about it I promised review to CJ Miller last year I just recently got around to reading the book over the summer This is what comes rom having hundreds of books at home to read So here we goHiding His Witness opens with main character Carey Smith walking home Sleep with the Fishes from work As she is passing an alley she thwarts an attempted murder in progress When detective Reilly Truman arrives he wants nothing than to protect Carey However Carey wants nothing to do with him because unbeknownst to him she is already on the runrom someone or something and would like to maintain anonymity What Carey doesn t know is that the crime she has witnessed was perpetrated by a serial killer that the police have been looking to catch or police have been looking to catch or She is now a ederal witness and as such must go into witness protection The easiest place to hide out turns out to be a remote ranch owned by Reilly s amily What A World on Fire follows is actually a twoold mystery Who is this serial killer that Carey interrupted Who or what is Carey running romI do not tend to read romances normally interrupted Who or what is Carey running romI do not tend to read romances normally Harleuin romances I overdosed on them when I was in high school and couldn t get any romance myself With that being said I actually really really enjoyed this book CJ Miller and I were roommates in college and I was so excited to see that she had written a book Her writing is both suspenseful and romantic without being cloying The plot is not romance or sex driven as are many of the romance novels I have read It progresses in a manner that leaves you wanting to read which I am looking orward to doing in CJ s Which of you is the real Carey Detective Reilly Truman has dealt with rightened witnesses before but his gut tells him Carey Smith is on the run And whoever she's running 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate from terrifies herar than any. A short novel with some elements that stretch reality I TO START AT THE BEGINNING OF CJ decided to start at the beginning of CJ s books so I with this one The main characters are extremely likable and it was hard to put down Suspenseful and action packed I m hooked and can t wait to read of her work WOW This is one of the BEST books I ve read in awhile All the charactors in this book besides the bad guys were easy to like Carrie was running The Oxford New Greek Dictionary from two people that wanted her dead Detective Reilly and hisamily were there to protect her This book had it all action romance and lots of suspense This was a book I ound hard to put down I know I WILL BE RE READING THIS will be re reading this again It was hard to ind a sample because the whole book is just so good Sample The New Job Security from Chapter 8She stood staying close to his body The memory of being in his arms simmered inside her mixing with the warmth of nostalgia If this was the end of the roador them she would remember every touch every kiss The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) fondly and without sadnessor what she d lost when it ended She took a step away so he could close her door A whizzing by her head had her turning in surprise Reilly shoved her back into the car and drew his gun Get down Terror and adrenaline tore through her veins Someone was shooting at them What should she do This was CJ Miller s The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis first published book and I think she did an excellent job She has the ability to crisply describe her scenes and keeps the story movnig along I generally do not read booksrom this genre but I very much enjoyed reading this one Excellent job and I am looking The Jumbee forward to reading her next one Well done Fluff with little to no character development but I wasn t exactly expecting high uality or anything. Mmering between them Carey knows better than toall To Helvetica and Back for her protector For Careyalling in love is terrifying than her peril Because to get his revenge her vicious pursuer will kill anyone she cares abou.