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Started to route for herI would recommend this book to anyone who wanted a uick read and njoys the paranormal I can t wait to read from this author and watch her talent grow I love a good ghost story and when it comes to that story line this book it great A wonderfulcreepy keeping you guess sitting on the Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America egde of your seat The only reason I gave this review 3 stars were the ghosts With that saidI have never in all my years of reading met a heroin that annoy me From the moment when I first met Shyla she rubbed me the wrong way She was whinny and weak Why the Drver released her from the hospital I ll never know From start to finish she got on my nervesif anything the further I got into the book the worst she became And as much as she irritated me I felt just as much compassion for her poor husband I could go on and on about Shyla but I won t waste my The Pocket Wife energy Again if you re looking for a great GHOST story and don t mind the heroin of the story being an annoying distraction then this book is for you I liked the story and that is the only thing that kept me reading to thend Shyla however bugged the heck out of me she seems afraid of The Color of Our Sky everything Way too timid for me Even though thending seems to be a HEA it could have been handled better in my opinion Shyla made a timid decision at the nd in keeping with her character I guess but unsatisfactory to meThis book is Not Yet Ready For Prime Time It contains dozens of significant rrors and appears to have been unedited by Obsession either author orditor I did not count the Cabaret: A Roman Riddle errors but Istimate well over 100 The author does not know how to handle dialogue tags Run on sentences abound Commas are not used when they should be and are used when they should not Although the story is written in first person present tense I absolutely dislike this tense but I did not down rate the book because of it the author sometimes slips into past tense for whole or partial paragraphs Much of the phrasing is awkward and a good content ditor would have been invaluable in making suggestions The sheer number OF SERIOUS ERRORS CONTINUALLY PULLED ME OUT OF THE serious rrors continually pulled me out of the said "All This The Story Had "this the story had and the author shows promise It is just that this book is far far from being ready for public consumption For a first go at writing a novel I am impressed with Amy s work As with all new authors room for improvement but a decent job for her first go at it I ve read uite a few reviews on this novel on a couple different sites and there seem to be some mixed feelings Here are my thoughts on the biggest disagreement Shy. Shyla to truly heal from the devastating loss of her brother and grandmother the tragedy that cost Shyla her sanityShyla now has to readjust to life outside the stress center in an ntirely new location and home with a husband who has become a stranger to her As I loved this book It was very well written and captured my attention from the start This book is a wonderful combination of suspense romance and the paranormal three of my favorite things Amy Armbruster is very talented in that she has that gift of writing that keeps you wanting I am looking forward to reading all of her books Whispering Coves is a refreshingly honest story of loss grief temptation and survival The story seamlessly interweaves the past and present in a casual and believable tone I found it to be an impressive first novel and the writer to have a firm grasp on the art of storytelling The few grammatical rrors throughout did not disrupt the flow or my njoyment of the story at

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and I forward to reading from this author in the future I was ngrossed in this book from the first page I definitely had certain xpectations based on the first few chapters Then the author completely blew my thoughts of a nice predictable story out of the water This book is chock full of motional upheaval learning moments and lets not forget the whispers that drive the main characters If you love a good paranormal story with a bit of romance a dash of deceit and alluring locales you will love Whispering Coves This book was well written and very suspenseful Undestanding Shyla s conflicts within herself and in juxtoposition with the paranormal activity made her very relatable I love this book and not just because the author is my best friend The fact that she wrote it and I m such a book snob I was hesitant to read it because I didn t want to risk not liking it and hurting her feelings However once I read it and finished it I would proudly "and with not a moment s hesitation recommend it highly as something that "with not a moment s hesitation recommend it highly as something that would njoy reading I love the modern Gothic tone of this book and I also love the frank treatment of a suicide attempt Mostly I just love that ghosts are critical characters that there is diary involved which reveals major secrets that there is a strong female protagonist who doesn t run screaming from the house when she realizes she s seen an apparition and that there is sufficient mystery to keep one clicking that next page button again and again and again Kudos to Ms Armbruster for keeping me up last several nights in a row For a first time author I found this book njoyable From the beginning I couldn t stand the husband He was a selfish character and I wanted rid of him I couldn t begin to imagine the solitary lonliness Shyla felt losing her family and couldn t relate to the character in the beginning but uickly. While Shyla Walters is recovering in the St Louis Stress Center her husband Jaycob lets the lease go on their apartment He rents an old plantation house called Whispering Cove Plantation on the outskirts of Savannah Georgia thinking it’s the perfect setting for. ,

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La has just spent months recovering from the death of her brother and grandmother who was like a mother to her in a stress center She already has her suspicions about her husbandconsidering at first he "Came All Of The Time "all of the time visit and
then those visits 
those visits but stopped Then he throws another curve ballSurprise I ve let the lease go and we are moving away from The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis everything andveryone you have ver known without ven consulting you about it Seriously Who wouldn t be mad I Would Be Furious With be furious with husband She is already on fragile ground and very single thing familiar to her is taken away I didn t find Shyla annoying or weak I felt that she was trying to find herself again motionally and mentally Now her husband on the other hand I couldn t stand I personally thought he was the weak onehis courage to have an affair while his wife was locked away was strong but how weak to play pretend and not have the pardon my french balls to tell his wife the truth I loved Jack s character and his grandmother I loved the story behind the ghost haunting and the fact the author included the diary Whispering Coves sounds like a magical haunting place that I would LOVE to visit How happy was I when the storm left Shyla and Jack alone together The story past and present day came together wonderfully and blended well I won t go into the Just Cause errors because when the author sent me a copy she told me up front that it was going through anditor at that time I think a couple of reviews that I have read were a little harsh considering this is the author s first novel I also want to state that I did not know this author before being contacted about reading and reviewing this novel The author sent me a copy in xchange for MY honest review An asy erie and fun read I would recommend picking up your copy of Whispering Coves I LOVE this book I love how the main character is someone who is real who s not perfect and she definitely has her flaws but so do we all I love how she finds who she truly is and I think that s what the book becomes about finding yourself when you feel like you and your life are such an utter mess and total chaos seems to consume youThe ghost story in it is a masterpiece a story within a story I love a good ghost story and this truly has it allIt took me very little time to get through this book because I just simply couldn t put it down There are so many twists and turns in it that keep you guessing what s going to happen next The nding was truly spectacular and also kept you guessingI cannot WAIT for books from Amy she is simply a superb author. Hyla tries to cope with life outside of the stress center she is faced with a new struggle Life at Whispering Cove Plantation isn’t what it seems Shadows tend to move on their own and whispers from the cove seem to cho of a tainted past in very darkened hallwa. Whispering Coves