EBOOK READ (The Sibley Guide to Bird Life Behavior) Author David Allen Sibley

R not of interest to me so I did not feel guilty to flit through the pages I think it was a bit heavy to be a bedside book as IT WAS HARD TO HOLD UP WHEN SLIGHTLY RECLINED was hard to hold up when slightly reclined dozing off allowing gravity to make a literal connection with my headGraeme s introductions at ach chapter s beginning were insightful and ntertaining as well I laughed at the roost Birding master Sibley has prepared an information rich repository of detailed information on birds to complement his field guides This is a pre and post field reference only As the bulk of the "Work Is Organized Around Orders "is organized around orders families it would be difficult to use as a field reference ven if one made the attempt It is also probably than beginners and ven intermediate birders are prepared to work with For advanced birders this would be a valuable addition to the reference library The go to book for all of your uestions about birds His field guides are ually xcellent so if you don t want a tome about the life histories of all bird families you can get those I saw Sibley speak once these books become impressive when you realize that some of his drawings are the result of literal years of observation This is a great reference but it is pretty textbook y I think the general chapters at the front are good information but the family chapters have various authors and some are better than others If you only want to know about a specific bird you have to search through the whole family chapte. Nd nvironment Among the subjects covered and illustrated are molts and plumages habitats food and foraging vocalizations and displays courtship and breeding rearing of young migration and movements scientific groupings introduced species accidental species anatomy flight patterns nests and ggs conservation global distributionAccessibly written superbly designed and organized and brilliantly illustrated The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior is an indispensable source of information on the avian life around This book is incredible The first few chapters discusses general bird anatomy behavior tc which were fascinating The book then goes into details on North American bird groups Hawks Kingfishers Grebes WOOD WARBLERS ETC AND IN EACH CHAPTER INCLUDES MOST Warblers Naked Choke etc and inach chapter includes most the following sub chapters for Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good each bird group Taxonomy Variation Plumage Vocalizations Habitats Food and Foraging Flight Breeding Movements Conservation and Accidental Species Took me a while to get through the book because it was so long and had a TON of information but Injoyed Murder at the Mansion every page and would highly recommend for anyone interested in learning about North American birds This very detailed book about birds tends to be a bit confusing at times because of the textbook style and language but does provide a lot of important information for bird lovers I wish that there were pictures so that the different species of sparrows forxample could be visualized clearly There are sections on Taxonomy Habitats Food and Foraging Breeding Conservation Healing Souls etc which is very useful I had no idea so many different birdsxisted in North America A most helpful book I m getting sick of my bird factoids and am on a uest to find new ones This took forever to get through "I got lots of new factoids so many that I can t recall a single one But I "got lots of new factoids so many that I can t recall a single one But I confident having read this that the factoids are lodged somewhere in my brain and may be able to be recalled if needed This is a great book for a bird nerd but I wou. “Once in a great while a natural history book changes the way people look at the world In 1838 John ames Audubon’s Birds of America was oneIn 1934 Roger Tory Peterson produced Field Guide to the BirdsNow comes The Sibley Guide to Birds”Thus did The New York Times in 1999 greet David Allen Sibley’s monumental book which has uickly been stablished nationwide as the peerless standard bird identification guide The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior is the new landmark book from David Allen Sibley Designed. Ld not attempt it cover to cover otherwise This is something of a reference book The first part gives a global overview of bird behavior the second part addresses the same for specific

bird groups i 
groups I continuing to read the second part as I identify species within those specific families This is outstanding mass of information on birds with great illustrations Very factual almost textbook like full of knowledge and very useful knowledge too Not just about birds but about verything about birds of North America Including new behavioral traits and possible updates in taxonomy Great for the birder and for the student of ornithology alike Good standard resource for "anyone who is curious about birds Have found informed and observant "who is curious about birds Have found informed and observant about why Blue Jays are so gutsy and aggressive nesting habits of golden Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, eagles how hummingbirds protect themselves aggressive birds and much A wonderful book to have on hand if you tend to find yourself with your head in the clouds the trees and the movement taking place between This book is a collection of stories mythology poems and illustrations all about birds Some werentertaining some were sad in describing man s cruelty to these creatures the closest to angels on arth I was shocked to learn that James Audubon killed thousands of birds in order to get just the right poses for his drawings This was before photography and high resolution binoculars provided a humane methodOther ntries were too long To nhance the birding xperience and to nrich the popular study of North American birds the book combines than 795 of his full color illustrations with authoritative text by 48 xpert birders and biologists In this new guide Sibley takes us beyond identification to show us how birds live and what they do Introductory The Deepest Sin essays outline the principles of avianvolution life cycle body structure flight dynamics and The 80 family by family chapters describe the amazing range of behavior dictated by birds’ biology The Sibley Guide to Bird Life Behavior