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T bleak they can be uite unny Jones reminds me a little of hemingway a little me a little of Hemingway a little Raymond Carver but he isn t really like either except that he s kind of a man s man writer What I mean by that is back when I worked at a bookstore it was harder to recommend Remarkable Creatures fiction to men than it was to women some authors were just safer bets than others Jones would be another safe oneTeachers everywhere willeel satisfied by the story Tarantula a vice principal jackass gets what he deserves the story Tarantula a vice principal jackass gets what he deserves s a series of stories about soldiers in Vietnam Many of the characters in various stories have mental problems abuse the same drugs and wanted to be boxers I ound the title story particularly charming and well done regarding boxersI ve read some reviews that say Jones s earlier stuff is better We ll see Shockingly wide registry this author leads you rom black humour to sheer poetry in his always good some very interesting short stories a genre in which really he excells Speaking about Thom Jones implies Literature with capital letters have known no one not liking it after reading On the contrary we all keep waiting new books about this very singular writer Having written only three this ex marine ex boxer winner of a hundred and ifty KO victories one would say marine ex boxer winner of a hundred and ifty KO victories one would say reading him did not ulfilla at all a classic writer profile Some of his writing may clearly be based upon his own hard live experiences other must be ruit of his brilliant imagination An action writer as his life has been his dialogues and characters makes you live his stories as if you were there watching what is going on Knows too well what he is writing about and so provides some good information too about war boxing drugs medicine and anything concerning what he may be telling about Really could mention others but am sure he will become a classic of the late twentieth century You will love it and become Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old fond of. S himrom the even crueller world beyond the ring An unemployed man performs gruesome experiments on mice No one writes better or vividly than Jones about private apocalypses about lives that swing between pain and sensual gratification confusion and visionary clari. .
Where tell him Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs from me I m waitingor the novel or anything really Anything will do I didn t know if Jones could sustain or replicate in his third collection the momentum he built in his staggering Gray Bishop first book of stories but he surpasses that knock out collection with twelve new stories about a handful of Schopenhauer addicted ne er do wells and knuckleheads There is a greater depth of character and skillful deployment of tension and release at work in these stories The sheerorce of his irst collection is tempered by defter story construction and pacing the stories are seductive subtle And Less Like Brakeless Trains Heading Down The Tracks Toward less like brakeless trains heading down the tracks toward inevitable horrible end As a result the stories are impactful lingering in the mind Long After Their End Jones Seems To after their end Jones seems to his legs a bit here too many of the stories are longer involve characters and subplots a greater emotional range and some are even related dealing with the same group of characters Perhaps Jones was eeling out the prospects of a novel The uestion is irrelevant what we have here is a dynamite collection brutal and unny Standout stories include Tarantula Mouses A Midnight Clear and You Cheated You Lied These stories are illed with interesting defective characters and the writing s excellent But too many Of The Endings Left the endings left Liar flat hence the lower than normal rating of 3 stars You Cheated You Lied was myavorite among the 12 stories and a great way to end the book This is the Noir first Thom Jones book I ve read and I was impressed There s something really earthy about this writing or maybe down to earth It s tempting because of his many boxing stories to make a lot of boxing analogies about his writing but I guess that d be trite at this point Still the writing is really solid and he does punch the hell out of his characters No one has it easy veryew catch a break But the stories aren. F despair and exhilaration surrealism and minutely observed realism A Vietnam Vet swims alone across the English Channel to maintain the 'edge' that kept him alive in wartime A young amateur ighter stoically endures repetitive beatings because he knows boxing shield. ,
I love this guy Thom Jones but I hate his name It looks like a really bad career move He must have had to say a million times no not that Tom Jones I m Thom with a H you think Tom What s New Pussycat Jones would be writing books called The Pugilist At Rest He wouldn t be able to see his keyboard Gaffer for all the panties Okay sorry that probably came across a little snappy But every time every time Thom With a H And hisans like me have to say pretty much the same It s tiresome Also tiresome is that now I ve read Thom Jones s entire work complete Only three books of short stories This is very unusual or me and does not bode well because is very unusual Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers for me and does not bode well because means that TJ hasn t published anythingor 11 years In the blurb here it says TJ is working on his irst novel We know that can take a while ask James Joyce or Henry not Philip What s New Pussycat Roth but still I m suspecting something s happened to TJ something of a derailing nature Why is Thom so great One thing is he s completely convincing about this ruff tuff guy stuff which is usually the very stuff I cross the street to avoid being myself effete tuff guy stuff which is usually the very stuff I cross the street to avoid being myself effete dessicated and preferring an art gallery to a recon insert in Cambodia any day of the week But TJ is all soldiers boxers adrenaline highs blue collars drugs soldiers boxers testosterone aplenty drugs women recon rehab girlfriends cursing you to your ace alcoholic brawling getting A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping fired waking up in a dumpster and boxing after that It s exhausting But it s hilarious too He has soul he s a very emotional guy Inact really he s like the boxer that keeps wading through pain when he should have uit three rounds back And you might not like boxing you might hate it but this guy you like he reels you in you get hooked you walk in his shoes you get left by his wife his kids hate you one jab in the head and this sucker is mine mineIf anyone knows THom Jones out there in America some. Dilapidated Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) fight arenas Christmas in a psychiatric ward chaotic emergency rooms this is the world of Thom Jones whose stories have a passion and depth which put them in a league of their ownSonny Liston was a Friend of Mine a collection of his stories is a mixture