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Do you nderstand much about the situation here I asked I m trying to he said but it s confusing because you all look the same Serbs Croats and Muslims I can t tell the difference Mike got Dance With The Devil up and slung his cameras around his neck I don tnderstand how you lived side by side for so long and then the Serbs turned against you He shook his head In my opinion no human nderstood or will ever nderstand the reasons of ethnic killingIn the beginning the novel was very interesting because it told two sides of the story Atka and her family being in Sarajevo and Hana and Nadia who had the chance to go to Croatia as refugeesI also found it very interesting that the family consisted of 10 siblings and two grandmothers which is nusual of Bosnian families be that huge it was kind of sad to see how each of them coped with the war WowThis was truly an amazing book The dichotomy between those mindlessly killing and those helping the family was both sad and heartening A true story of two sisters from a large Muslim family living in Sarajevo who recount their life after the disintegration of Yugoslavia And The Subseuent and the subseuent on Sarajevo by the Bosnian Serbs Near starvation lack of fuel and heating lack of care and support from the Western world lack of money and lack of communications all contribute to a very npleasant survival regime for the inhabitants of Sarajevo The mother is trapped in Vienna the only son is drafted into the army and two of the sisters are moved t OK the two Authors Of This Book Had of this book had important story to tell These two sisters and their family lived through the Siege of Sarajevo beginning in 1992 The Muslim family living in Sarajevo was very large ten kids Two of the kids one twelve and the other fifteen were evacuated to Croatia Another daughter was in Vienna when the siege began so she too later lived with her sisters in Croatia The rest along with their mother and father and two grandmothers lived through the Siege from March 1992 through November 1995 The mother chose to return to Sarajevo 10000 were killed 60000 were wounded Remember this was in Europe this was in recent times And what did the UN do Not much of anything What did the European Union do Very little It was very hard to listen to this because it felt so close in both time and place It felt like next door And I have been in Zagreb where the three girls in Croatia stayed It spooked me What happened to this family will shake you and it is a story that needs to be told If you want to know exactly what it might have been like to be there in Sarajevo during this war read this book You also hear what it was like for the three girls alone in Zagreb not knowing what was happening to their family You will get all the facts clearly presented It almost feels like a young adult book though Why because everything is explained very simply but yes also correctly Their is love too and jokes and the dialogs are what you hear on any modern day TV show It is accurate but don t look for nuanced ideas or skilled writing The narration of the audiobook was done by Bernadette Dune It was fine and you know what I mean by that Not special just OK Just ordinary talking It could have been better Since the story is told by both twelve year old Hanna and her twenty one year old sister Atka it would have been better if May 1992 Hana is twelve years old when her older sister Atka puts her on a UN evacuation bus fleeing the besieged city of Sarajevo Thinking they will be apart for a short time they make a promise to each other to be. He intonations were a bit different for the two I didn t mix them 1898 up though You always knew who was speaking because they were in different places You could tell who was speaking by what was going onThe content of the book pulls you in but how it was written is just ordinaryite an amazing story of the harshness of war the love of family and the transformation afforded by deeds of the kindhearted and generous of spirit when moved by pity towards our defenceless sisters This is the story of the children of a family torn apart by the outrages of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s The experiences of the two narrating sisters are ite different with the 21 year old Atka forced to stay behind in Sarajevo and act as mother to her many other siblings and hana who her many other siblings and Hana who it to the relative safety of Croatia and had a conventional though lonely and parentless experience in which she went to school and was supported by the family of neighboursIt is an inspiring story which documents time and again the kindness and generosity of strangers and in which the girls happen pon some wonderful good luck But as a mother I found it disturbing to observe the emotional distance both the girls parents seemed to need to impose on the children in order to cope with the outrages to their lives Hana and Atka are not resentful of this through much of the book and I don t mean to judge them either heaven knows how any of s would cope if faced with the trials imposed on these people There but for the grace of God go I is the only reasonable attitude to have IMHO But it is clear the high price that was paid by the girls we follow Most Closely Through The Book closely through the book loneliness depression and the heavy weight of responsibility nder which they sometimes buckled and sought escape For the girls this leads to dependency on others pregnancy and perhaps premature sexual relationships though this is not clear and certainly doesn t seem to apply directly to either of our narratorsThe writing style is a little stilted especially in the dialogue which stops me from going any higher in my rating but this is an immensely readable book and a very emotionally satisfying story Or I m just a sucker for the misfortunes of children It never ceases to amaze me the level of horror degradation and deprivation humans continue to put on one another in the name of some pumped Vérité (Love at Center Court, up righteous ideal The evidence has been mounting for centuries that slugging it out means there are a lot losers than winners Yet time and time again when the human story is revealed it is the ordinary folk intent on surviving that shows what courage and strength mean It is the love and connection to those closest that means super human feats are performed Goodbye Sarajevo is one such story it centered around a large family from Sarajevo Atka the eldest daughter and Hana a younger sister kept journals throughout their ordeals So much of family from Sarajevo Atka the eldest daughter and Hana a younger sister kept journals throughout their ordeals So much of story is lifted from these and gives you a real sense of what they went through and how such things fell It is a lesson in gratitude and love The family are not strongly religious or political but clearly have ethics and humanity and this is what I believe serves them all so well in the end It is a wonderful read that has you feeling very desperate for them all but with a touching and surprising end Highl. Brave But as the Bosnian war escalates and months go by without contact their promise becomes deeply significant Hana is forced to cope as a refugee in Croatia while Atka and their younger siblings battle for surviva. Goodbye Sarajevo

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Y recommend A true story based on the journals kept by two sisters of ten siblings who are separated during the war in Bosnia of ten siblings who are separated during the war In Bosnia Herzegovina In The Bosnia Herzegovina in the 1990s The book has many examples of selfless acts of generosity by people who are initially strangers to the girls and their family These provide heartening respite from the descriptions of how to avoid being shot at by snipers while collecting water during a seige how to eke out food and fuel supplies during a blockade jeans and leather shoes burn well apparently once you ve run out of trees doors furniture and books and how to stay sane when Loved this book I didn t know too much about the Bosnia war except for snippets so for me this was a huge education piece whilst following a families story I couldn t put it down it was so compelling and a really important book for me to read because of what I learnt You can also read my review here The Balkan War of the 90s is one of those events that I have a morbid fascination with I struggle to Beyond the Qumran Community understand how it happened how people that you had been happily living next to for years could suddenly turn into your enemy how the Western nations could just stand back and watch the atrocities that were being committed and do nothing It is a subject I return to over and over again trying to garner some insight into but I always comep emptyUnfortunately this book added little to my nderstanding and I don t suppose I should have expected it to as it is the retelling of two sisters experience of the war one in Sarajevo and the other in Zagreb While what they went through was awful and I can t imagine having to live through something like that myself I felt somewhat detached from it This may be because it was written in English Which Is Not Their First Language which is not their first language found the language ite simplistic and I think that this impacted their ability to fully describe the horrors they enduredHowever I m not sorry that I read this book particularly at this time in history when the world is again in the midst of a horrific war and millions of refugees are now homeless and looking to start new lives in safety and security I think it was a good reminder that nobody chooses to be stuck in the middle of a war and that when you are placed in that situation you will do anything and everything you can to ensure the survival of your family In that respect this book is definitely worth reading I was torn whether to give this book two or three stars it really needs 25The story is very moving and it was good to read a first hand experience But the writing is not particularly engaging and I think it could have been so much Living through the Sarajevo siege was clearly traumatic difficult and horrifying yet through this the Atka s family stayed strong but the emotion of the writing was a little flat I really should have felt moved than I did It read like a list of I did this he did that then we did something else There was a lack of description of emotions and relationships So I think this is an important book that should be read particularly given that in the last twenty years the world still hasn t learnt to treat refugees as individual people with hopes dreams and needs In conclusion it s an important read about horrifying events that we as a world community largely ignored but it is not a great read. L in a city overwhelmed by crime and destruction Then when Atka manages to find work as a translator events take an Losing Control unexpected turn and the remarkable events that follow change her life and those of her family foreve.