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Of Taste And Discernment 
taste and discernment reader who values their time you could do worse than pick up this little volume of tales by Nikolai Gogol How many books of a merely 231 pages can offer you four masterpieces three short stories one novella and one delightful expertly crafted short story that might convince you it was a masterpiece too if you had discovered it almost anywhere except in this august companyFrom the first Gogol was an outsider Ukrainian born but descended from Cossacks a entleman but of the lesser entry fiercely ambitious but moody and solitary his schoolmates called him our mysterious dwarf His early work was a series of Ukrainian stories but his mother had to help him research the details for he had only a little knowledge of his own history His later tales are set in St Petersburg the overnmental capital of Russia from whose closely regulated social hierarchy he felt alienated and which he held in The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States great contempt Still an outsider he was a Ukrainian in a Russian world Fortunately though St Petersburg recognizedreat work when they saw it Pushkin admired him his play The Government Inspector was a success and Gogol was welcomed into the literary worldThe tale of Gogol s life rows darker from then on but all the works in this small volume are taken from this early period Taras Bulba is a romantic epic in miniature an account of the Cossack people at war with the Poles filled with savagery and heroism The other masterpieces here are all taken from his St Petersburg Tales ironic depictions of petty men obsessed with their position in a bureaucratic hierarchy in the hostly tale The Overcoat perhaps the Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth greatest of the works here a bureaucrat seeks and loses a new coat to uphold his declining status in the surrealistic work The Nose a bureaucrat s own nose abandons him andoes off to seek social status on its own and in wildly funny and pathetic The Diary of a Madman a bureaucratic clerk obsessively in love with his employer s daughter disintegrates into increasingly delusions The other #Tale The Comically Anti #the comically anti The Carriage though it is set in a little town where the cavalry is stationed and features a local landowner and former cavalryman is filled with same concerns for social status as The St Petersburg Tales The translation here is a 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts good one and flows easily I didn t find the afterward by Priscilla Meyer all that helpful But at least it is mercifully brief When you look back to the Golden Era of Russian Literature Nikolai Gogol is like the odd man out You have the romanticism of Pushkin the philosophical depth found in Dostoyevsky complex examinations of Russian society in Tolstoy the realist style of Turgenev and then you have the satirical and farcical works of Gogol It s funny because Gogol s stories fit ever so comfortably amongst the twentieth century Russian literature where satirical stories were rampant due to Soviet censors It s ever so comfortable because you don t need to consciously place your mind in nineteenth century Russia to read Gogol Somehow he places it for you without any extended visual seuences needed You are just there in amongst the surrealism the farce the political satire the absurdism the uirkiness the sadness the self awareness Gogol effortlessly transports you on a literary odyssey like no other literature from that era It s all these ualities that keeps Gogol s stories so fresh timeless and hilarious It s understandable that without Gogol we would have no Dostoyevsky Kafka Bulgakov Platonov and so many other different writers Soviet writers of the early twentieth century especially during Stalin s regime can only thank Gogol for writing socially and politically charged satires and managing toet away with them Let s not forget that there were strict censors even during the nineteenth century especially during Gogol s lifetime I confess I felt deeply troubled when I considered how unusually delicate and insubstantial the moon is The moon as everyone knows is usually made in Hamburg and they make a complete hash of it I m surprised that the English don t do something about it The moon is manufactured by a lame cooper and it s obvious the idiot has no idea what it should be made of The materials he. وجه مشخصه‌ی داستان‌های گوگول سادگی قصه‌نویسی، ویژگی قومی، امانت محض نسبت به زندگی، و بکر بودن و سرزندگی خنده‌آور آن‌هاست که همیشه تحت‌تأثیر احساس عمیق غم و دلتنگی قرار می‌گیرد همه‌ی این ویژگی‌ها یک منبع دارند گوگول شاعر است، شاعر زندگی حقیقیاولین تأثیری که هر یک از قصه‌های گوگول بر خواننده می‌گذارد ای?. Записки сумасшедшегоIs talent and his heart is not in the right place The story has an enigmatic ending that leaves a disuieting feel as if those eyes are still searching for their next unsuspecting soul to destroyThe Diary of A Madman And Other Stories Is Captivating Madman and Other Stories is captivating on account of its strangeness The novella Evenings in Little Russia and two stories An Evening in May A Mid Simmer Evening are bizarre tales about how thwarted courting couples enlist the help of the supernatural to be together After a while I learn that mystic powers can be invested in a red svitka a coat that old women are often witches in disguise and that a lovelorn person should never sell his or her soul to the devil Read The Diary of a Madman and Other Stories for a taste of Gogol s fantastical writing Five fantastic hilarious short stories The absurdity is sublime Diary of a madman where a low level public official Moonrise (Snowfall, goes mad Stalking his bosses daughter and then believing he is the king of Spain even when being beaten in an insane asylum The Nose is hilarious What happens if you wake up without a nose Then the journey toet it back The Overcoat is exuisite with once again the main character a poor clerk who finds his overcoat threadbare and u This book forever changed my view of little dogs The diary of a madmanIt s a 45One of the finest short stories i have ever read I loved it 3 The Diary of a MadmanLike the title suggests it s the diary of a man who steadily succumbs to madness schizophrenia Anyone of any age time status can find themselves relating to the hero and that s what makes it a bit frightening A uniue combination with its humorous style This is the second Gogol that I read and it s so so so much fun to live in his worldIf The Overcoat had the poise and permanence of a man who understands the tribulations of his fellow human being in this one Gogol sits in the mind of a madman to make us understand the thinking process of the person behind the facade The story is the journey of a man from the normal state of search of his place in this world to the extreme of delusion and confusion leading to madnessThe craving to be wanted and respected is in every human being Even if you are a masochistic self depriving anorexic freak you still look for the acceptance from others which is indispensable for our survival At every point you can see the ladder leading to worsening of the man s mental state and you will feel for him I for one wanted to stop his madness and was looking for the end of his respite If he can just understand how the world worksIf he can be a little happy for himself If he will just content himself with the mediocrity that he has been bestowed with Damn all the fictitious world that we want to live in Here is the reality we face everyday of our life I may have turned into a pessimistic non content paranormal idiot to think about the doom of everything #but that s what I think Gogol wanted to covey here and I truly sympathize with him There #that s what I think Gogol wanted to covey here and I truly sympathize with him There many facets of this story and while I am writing this I am encountering a new thought a new perspective in every line I am typing here Let s stop here and here is my final thought on this one Maybe just maybe some of us are just meant to o for madness rather than be settled with mediocrity I mean that s what "is taught to us that s what the "taught to us That s what the expects from us To strive for that madness the elusive kingdom the impossible halcyon that we have to keep on looking for May be it s just the cycle of life Each eneration will keep on working and improving itself till the time will come when a madmen will rise and then the cycle will repeat itself It s Hello, Snow! great to know Nabokov at least appreciated one other Russian writer And I m sure he himself would have been proud of writing these stories Full of dark humor turmoil tragedy and farce this strange and lively collection contains some of the finest short stories from any Russian writer Sometimes nodding towards Bulgakov sometimes towards Kafka Gogol stands out as one of thereats and was way ahead of his time The other stories were A Little Dinner Before the Play good but The Diary of a Madman was the best It s uite simply nuts but alsoenius in the way it carries a deeper message on isolation and bureaucracy Great to read again and again. ? گوگول کمدی‌های سرگرم‌کننده‌ای هستند که با هیچ‌وپوچ شروع می‌شوند، با هیچ‌وپوچ ادامه می‌یابند، و به اشک ختم می‌شوند، و در پایان، زندگی نام می‌گیرند قصه‌هایش همگی همین‌طورند اولش سرگرم‌کننده، سپس غم زندگی خود ما هم چنین است اولش سرگرم کننده، و بعد غم چقدر شعر، چقدر فلسفه، و چقدر حقیقت در این‌جا نهفته اس.

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Uses are tarred rope and linseed oil #That S Why There Such A #s why there s such a stink all over the earth which makes us stop our noses up it also explains why the moon is such a delicate sphere and why people can t live there only noses For this reason we can t see our own noses any as they re all on the moon Gogol Diary of a Madman Diary of a Madman The Nose and The Overcoat are probably his very best short stories and all stylistically very different from one another Utilising the diary format the protagonist Poprishchin in Diary of a Madman challenges Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies governmental bureaucracy and upper society in a hilarious and somewhat sad satire of a delusional man simply wanting to be noticed in the world echoing the world we live in today Some of literature s funniest lines can be found in Diary of a Madman The Nose is a complete farce an almost proto Kafkaesue and self aware journey of a man whose nose has mysteriously fallen off his face and his travels around St Petersburg to find it The Overcoat completely changes tone into aloomy atmospheric tale of perception and troubled consciences all revolving around an overcoat Still Gogol retains his trademark absurdism and structured prose in an all round fantastic collection of his short stories Gogol is simply one of Russia s Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch greatest writers Mental illness is no laughing matter but Gogol s use of humor is intentional in this well known short story and it s hard ot to chuckle at his story about the dog s conversation For a serious depiction of someones decent in to mental illness I recommend The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Diary of a Madman and Other Stories is my first foray into the writing of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol an early 19th century Russian writer of Ukrainian origin This collection contains six short stories and a novella The stories are not all eually robust but a couple are excellent Dominant themes revolve around men seeking escape from their poverty or hankering after marriage to maidens beyond their reach or a future to which they aspire and almost always their regretful recourse to other worldly powers The world Gogol crafted is suffused with the magical as well as therotesue The best way to enjoy his stories is to suspend judgment and allow oneself to be immersed in the surreal interactions of man nature and supernatural forcesBelow are two stories that stood out for meThe Diary of a MadmanThis story is one of Gogol s best known works The protagonist is Mr Ivanovotch a disgruntled pen mender who has lost his mind We hear his thoughts that are initially benign and almost comic surrounding dissatisfaction with his colleagues and infatuation with his director s daughter Gogol skillfully showed how Ivanovitch s mind unravels He hears dogs speak He becomes increasingly detached from reality One day Ivanovitch makes a startling discovery The year 2000 April 43rd Today is a day of splendid triumph Spain has a king he has been found and I am he I discovered it today all of a sudden it came upon me like a flash of lightning His fragmented mind is reflected in how the calendar is no longer recognizable eg Marchember 86 Sad taleThe Mysterious PortraitThis is the story I thought most remarkable in this slim volume It is a mesmerizing story about the fate that befalls an artist on account of a strange portrait that he acuired from the last twenty kopeks in his purse Part I describes the portrait s lifelike unnerving and piercing eyes on the face of an Asiatic old man in flowing robes This portrait drastically changes not only the fortune of a penurious artist but also his artistic soul This tale explores the travails of the artist as he seeks to balance faithfulness to his vocation the veracity of his talent that hard work and devotion coaxes into refinement against the economic realities of survival and the temptation to sacrifice art to popular opinion and consumerism Part II picks up the back story to the mysterious portrait and its Hidden Power The Telling Of This Tale power The telling of this tale but cause us to think about the role of art and its incredible power for Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood good and evil The artist can be a conveyor of all that is beautiful and divine but he can also become an instrument of harm if he betrays ? است که با خود بگوید «چقدر همه‌ی این‌ها ساده، عادی، طبیعی، و حقیقی است، و درعین‌حال چقدر بکر و تازه» این سادگی قصه‌نویسی، این صراحت لهجه، این پرهیز از نمایش‌پردازی، این پیش‌پاافتادگی و معمولی بودن اتفاقات قصه‌ها، علائم حقیقی و قطعی خلاقیت هستند این شعری حقیقی است، شعر زندگی خود ماستتقریباً همه‌ی قصه‌ها?.