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Oh Jennifer LynchIt bears repeating Oh Jennifer Lynch The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is at turns wonderful and hilarious As a Laura Palmer is at turns wonderful and hilarious As a Twin Peaks nerd of course I love it The book tells us what the series could only ever imply that Laura was not just a rape survivor er former survivor but a girl who had been consistenly abused since childhoodObviously if you haven t seen Twin Peaks don t read onThis is an utterly bizarre book as befits the life of a girl from this peculiar town At times we get insight into the heartbreaking downward spiral of Laura Palmer and the terror of her existence not to mention the most wonderful moments which are those peaks into the mundanity that comes from being an old hand at this lifestyle Sometimes she just genuinely is bored with these men and these drugs and reverts to a robotic childlike stateThe other side of this book is one of purple prose and needlessly erotic encounters between Laura and seemingly every member of the town coughBlackiecough The book also does nothing to dispel the series biggest uestion how in the name of BOB did Laura manage to become homecoming ueen tutor residents in English serve meals to the elderly mentor a mentally handicapped man and attend eight hours of school a day even as she juggled two serious boyfriends a half dozen extra men run cocaine and still have time to jet off to far flung parts of the state for threesomes with Teresa BanksI love this book both because and in spite of the flaws in Lynch s writing style After all David Lynch is nothing if not a melodramatist he just submerges this below layers of unsettling suburban paranoia and tracking shots of phone cords But would I recommend this to anyone who doesn t now the series and like it Absolutely not been meaning to read this for about twenty years and found it sitting by the register at my favorite used bookstore for 2 bucks the other day seemed like a sign it s actually a pretty good read totally convincing as a young girl s diary pretty disturbing at times with a lot of really memorable scenes and definitely took me right back to twin peaks and all the time i spent watching and thinking about the show as it went on however it seemed to unravel a bit got to a point where it definitely seemed they were just throwing in references to other people in town like they were checking names off a list gotta h My life is whatever the other person in the room wants it to be Laura Palmer I would recommend this book to Fans of Twin Peaks And Or People Interested In Troubled Teenage Girls The and or people interested in troubled teenage girls the and horrorThe Beginning Dear Diary My name is Laura Palmer and as of just three short minutes ago I officially turned twelve years oldI finished the Twin Peaks series a few weeks ago and loved every single episode Imagine how intrigued I was to learn that there was a Laura Palmer diary written or seen by Jennifer Lynch daughter of David LynchReading Laura Palmer s secret diary as you might remember she BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. kept two diaries in the series was uite an experience So heart breaking and disturbing Iept thinking. In a town like Twin Peaks no one is innocentLaura Palmer – the sweet faced beauty of Twin Peaks – hid her darkest deeds and twist. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

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Rk It lacks the world building that the show renders effortlessly And it lacks the complexity and the macabre threads that tie that show together In a nutshell what it lacks is David LynchI love what it tries to do To give a voice to a character whose voice we never really got to hear on the show I loved Laura Palmer I loved the complexity of her life the layers and layers of mystery and glamour and foolery that came out as the investigation into Her Death Unraveled Laura death unraveled Laura secret diary was a clutch on the show and I dunno reading it just inda took all that complexity and and I dunno reading it just inda took all that complexity and and stigma away It didn t make me sympathize with Laura It made me dislike LauraSometimes what makes something wonderful and brilliant is the not Mr. Jelly's Business knowing the sense of mystery and drama and intrigue of notnowing totally what s going on And that is why the show worked so well This book just revealed too much of Laura and I hated her voice She was whiny and prete Not recommended for the under 10 crowd Ahem mother Yes I watched Twin Peaks as a child I also bought the book and had the t shirt And I m pretty sure I was the only fifth grader wearing a You are a stranger here but once shirt displaying the infamous Welcome to Twin Peaks population 51201 sign Was Lynch avant garde in those lonely pre teen years I would say so It s funny that not even any of the teachers confronted me about it either But that probably says about our pool of public school teachers Did it prime me for a few years of reading trashy but with some educational merit trade paperbacks by Dean Koontz or the Clan of the Cave Bear series until Auel s endless descriptivism bored my ten year old brain enough to put childish things away Perhaps But on the other hand without Twin Peaks my delicate childhood mind wouldn t have been forever addled by the artistry of one David Lynch whose dark comedy helped shape my psyche So my friend Rusty insisted that I read this after I watched Twin Peaks and admitted to him my temporary obsession with it Rusty s the biggest Twin Peaks fan I now so I thought he d surely have a suggestion for a book or series I could love as much as Twin Peaks I had no idea that this book existed so I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle on his suggestion and put off watching the preuel movie to the series because he swore that I had to read this firstI d Obviously not for Twin Peaks non fans Ms Lynch isn t the most lucid writer no shit she s a Lynch but WHOOOO CARES The teenie bop pathos weirdo sex and hints of a complicated spirituality are a bit trashy and all magic And while the mystery of woman child Laura Palmer was a focal point of the show having Laura speak on Laura
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satisfying I loved loved that Lynch gave us Laura s realization that the people in her life project their shit onto her and that she both gets off on this fact and hates it far self awareness than most tragic teen darlings seem allowed I wish that this book was a bit developed maybe featuring a bit Audrey Horne whom I helplessly love but I now I m going to read this multiple time. Nt clues to the identity of her iller And for the inhabitants of Twin Peaks it begins a mystery that will reach out to obsess them ,
That poor girl wishing I could somehow h ONLY TWO MORE HOURS GUYSTWELVE HOURS UNTIL NEW TWIN PEAKSES Just finished somehow h ONLY TWO MORE HOURS GUYSTWELVE HOURS UNTIL NEW TWIN PEAKSES Just finished audio version Utterly amazingSo when Sheryl Lee was going to be at the Twin Peaks festival I bought another copy of this book to have her sign She wasn t there but after watching Fire walk with me again on Sunday in the cinema I decided to read the novel again I started yesterday afternoon took a break for a play and then finished it last night I think it s still one of the saddest books of an abused child growing up Laura spends so much of her time thinking that she s bad and deserves what happens Haven t read this in ages but gets 3 stars as a reminder of my first discovery of David Lynch and his television masterpiece circa 7th grade the thrill of watching it for the first time on video cassettes checked out from the local library episode by episode happily surrendering afternoons and weekends to the magic menace and sublime mystery of Twin Peaks I would not finish both seasons until years later but the memory of that initial viewing has the potential to imprison me in nostalgia like an insect in amber My younger brother remembers watching along with me while sick on the couch his feverish mind haunted by visions of BOB but Twin Peaks has never ceased haunting me either like Cooper in the lodge I will never finish exploring never escape its mysterious depths Read a book that was turned into a TV show or really based on a TV show in this case Tomato TomahtoPRE REVIEWSo I went to work today after the crappiest crappiest day yesterday and one of the waitresses runs up to me with this book and this book and told me she got drunk a few weeks ago and drunkenly ordered them for me because she new I wanted them so bad There are still good people on this planet And it totally made my night I cried Seriously This gift made me cry At work People actually mistook me for a girl A girl with a heart Then I told somebody to go fuck off And I was back And the universe was right again We promise that something is forever when it is really only as long as it takes for us to tire of it I m really upset that I can t give this book than 3 stars Because I just can t Can t do it As much as I adore or used to adore Laura Palmer This book just doesn t do anything for my love of this show and this world And I needed to let this book sit and stew in my head before rating or reviewing it because I don t want this book to ruin the show s magic particularly since it s coming back next year HAPPY DANCEFor most of you who now me back next year HAPPY DANCEFor most of you who now me at the least have read my profile or you The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River know looked at my avatar on here you willnow that I absolutely adore EVERYTHING associated with the sheer brilliance that is Twin Peaks It is my favorite show ever and nothing else has even remotely come close to it not even my beloved Walking Dead Sorry Reedusnothing personal The characters of Twin Peaks are as real to me as people who actually exist My alias is Audrey Horne for crying out loud Seriously Siri THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy knows me as AudreyBut this bookit justdoesn two. Ed dreams in a secret diary rom the time she was twelve years olduntil the day she was murderedThis is that diary It contains importa.