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After seeing the movie with Gary cooper and Ingrid Bergman on AMC I knew I wanted to ead this book cooper and Ingrid Bergman on AMC I knew I wanted to ead this book am a great Edna Ferber fan so I was pretty sure that I would like it It has a different feel than Cimmaron or Giant but it is a well written novel I don t think the blurb on the Goodreads site is uite accurate as Clint is only anxious to make enough money to have fun and afford to move on Getting back at the people who cheated his father is another driving force for him Clio wants to be rich but also safely in a marriage as her mother was not The but also safely in a marriage as her mother was not The between the two is the driving force in this novel Don t be put off by the beginning of the book going into Clio s family background It explains a lot and the action picks up from there Some of this novel is not entirely politically correct as far as African Americans and dwarves are concerned From her later novels we know that Ms Ferber was sympathetic to minorities and she shows some of that here This was written in 1941 so one might give her some slack but this is my greatest problem with this novel I am ereading this for the umpteenth time having begun when I was in high school and periodically evisiting it sinceI found myself craving something with ich descriptions exotic locations complex characters and interesting plots And my eye fell upon this on the bookshelfSo here I go again beginning in New Orleans with Clio Dulaine and her strange household Having lived just outside of Saratoga Springs for many years I Tigers in Normandy really enjoyed this book Filled with familiar places and stories in many ways this felt like a visit home The story was enjoyable but a bit predictable The author made it clear from the start that Clio would marry Clint so it s not a spoiler to tell you that she did This was a lovely light summeread for someone interested a historical Presidential Secrecy and the Law romance novel or Saratoga Springs I ve said it before and I ll say it again Edna Ferber is a hidden literary gem If you were born in the 70 s or after you d probably never heard of her growing up I happened upon her by chance My mother and I were flipping through TV channels and she stopped on a scene from Giant I m of aeader than a watcher so I went to the library got the book and have been eating up Ferber s words ever sinceWhy is this author not talked got the book and have been eating up Ferber s words ever sinceWhy is this author not talked This woman not only knows how to tell a great moving story and construct a beautiful sentence she also creates these characters that are just so fun and eal I absolutely adored Clio Dulaine from the beginning It was impossible not to love her or any of Ferber s heroinesFerber s female characters uietly exude strength independence and tenacity They go against the convention of their day and Ferber s but not in a way that s at all obnoxious You are always ooting for them I also enjoy the men in her stories They Hume on Religion re likeable but definitely must delicately walk around their female counterparts even when they are booming and brashThis is the fourth novel I veead by this author and I would highly Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845 recommend any of them So Big was my favorite though I actually came across a first edition of this novel in a thrift store and had notead Edna Ferber so From Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Edna Ferber called the “the greatest American woman novelist of her day” New York Times comes a mesmerizing and timeless saga of love greed and powerSaratoga Trunk unfolds the story of Clio Dulaine an. Hought it was a good Opportunity To Do So The to do so The was a pleasant City Schools: Lessons from New York read set primarily in both New Orleans and Saratoga New York It was interesting toead about the upper class lifestyle around the end of the 19th century I can The Widow's Lawman readily see where the book lends itself to the visual enjoyment of the movies with the historic settings the uniue characters and the picturesue fashions of the day Add elements of horseacing good food and the intrigues of The Story Within railroads in that era and the word that comes to mind isollicking a word out of character for the novel but illustrative of the enjoyment I had from eading it While I am generally the biggest booster of Ferber s short stories you can find a post on this on my blog Pams Pictoramacom or at I just loved this novel and was sad to see it end It is fairly short as novels go and I would have been happy to stretch it out The characters are deeply etched in memory as is the time and place although again I find her character development better in her short stories than her novels but I say settle in for a great ide on this one As always a truly great female character defines the story Edna never lets me down in that egard Enjoy Set In Late 1800 in late 1800 Saratoga Trunk is one of Edna Ferber s later novels that was turned into a movie starring Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman Basically a story of Clio Dulaine who was a disadvantaged by birth illegitimate girl who was of course beautiful but obsessed her whole life with the trappings of society and getting it over on those legitimate girls I stayed with it and the story
fun to listen to as narrator flipped effortlessly between French Creole patois haitian slave dialect southern urban accents of the time and even a voice for Cupidon her little person who sounded a lot like Herve Villechaize from Fantasy Island days A nice old fashioned Southern story complete with pralines One thing I love about Ferber s writing among many others is her power of description Whether is it a oom a person a prairie a process food or painstaking detail of an outfit she is as proficient as an artist with a paintbrush and her style is clear and Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris realistic Yummy and mouthwatering for those who love words phrases and pictures that spring from page to brain in a matter of letters she is sooooo goodIf you haven t Ferbered yet Iecommend it My favorite Ferber tho is So Big but exploring further afield when it comes to favorite authors is almost always worth a The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education reader s time Old fashioned easyeading fun Delicious descriptions of eating in New Orleans and the The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry robber baron era in the Northern US It s funny now to think of Saratoga NY as the home to money scandal and fashion but before there was air conditioning things worked a lot differently A basicomance with a weird bit of historio political moralizing tacked on at both ends Oh and a shoot out cowboys and a train wreck Might have been 4 stars but some of the scenes were weirdly talking with the heroine just going on giving speeches that didn t seem to show anything besides that she was a headstrong character Explained away by the epilogue it was originally meant to be a stage playThis was made into. Ambitious Creole beauty who than meets her match in Clint Maroon a handsome Texan with a head for business and an eye for beautiful young women Together they do battle with Southern gentry and Eastern society but in their obsession to acuire A movie and what I want to know is did the heroine s in Black Face At The face at the ball the season did they The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism really do that onscreenThe author photo on the back cover is almost worth the book alone Solid 4 stars out of 5 for me For the benefit of all myeading friends you may interpret this as a 3I know that sounds strange but I loved this bookand I don t think everyone wouldHere s the thing and I had heard this before I Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution read it and didn t want to believe it It IS dated It does not stand with her other great books in the same way Edna Ferber is never profound like sayEdith Wharton What she IS is a uintessential American writer that chooses a big canvas and setting to display her themes Her works have a strong sociological basis She never wrote a line except to please herself and that is how true artists approach their subjects And in this book the strengths are the unfailing sense of drama the beliefs the people she uses to tell her story and the meticulous background details It s all very entertainingOkayso the dated issues1 One of the main thrusts of this book is how the industrial barons of the 1880s plundered the country and basically stole it from its citizens That part holds true What doesn t hold true is that the main characters assert at the end of the novel that this time has passed and that we now live in a true democracy where this kind of oligarchy cannot happen All we have to do is look at Washington DC to see that this not the case Her optimism feels out of step witheality in this sense2 There is a very offensive scene at the very end where a character dons blackface at an ultra chic ballroom scene It s supposed to be offensive to all the ball goers and it isbut for us today it is offensive in a different way I generally overlook this type of thing in novels and pay attention to the time it was written Does it make it A Kangaroo's Life right No it doesn tand it will definitely bother manyeaders today But here is my opinion on this type of thing You Georg Buchner: Contemporary Perspectives really can t hold peopleesponsible for knowledge they don t have That is like saying Well for heavens sake why didn t all those geniuses of the Renaissance invent electricity so we could all use it They didn t have the knowledge It is my firm belief that you have to ead in context my firm belief that you have to ead in context the time it was written Hello The Holy Bible Neverthelessthis scene whatever you think about it DOES date the bookI loved so many things about this though I literally felt transported to another time and at the moment I need a little escapism There is a lot of humor here The characters are all wonderfully flawed and wonderfully admirable The plot moves along uickly with no dissertations I took a long time The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life reading this one Not because I was bored or found it lacking in any way uite the opposite I wanted it to last a long timeNow I m going toead the only one of hers that I haven t Cimarron I could barely finish this I ve loved other Ferber books Giant and So Big but this was so much weaker The dialogue is beyond epetitive and the story is eally slow I did enjoy the atmosphere she evokes in her descriptions of New Orleans and Saratoga but not enough to tolerate the characters. Ll they've ever wanted they fail to ealize they already have all they'll ever need each otherAn unforgettable tale of ambition class differences and love Saratoga Trunk was the basis for the classic film starring Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergma. .