(EBOOK DOWNLOAD) [The Healing Season] AUTHOR Ruth Axtell Morren

The Healing Season


Very well done I just Know I M Going To I m going to the fourth book too and then I m going to be so disappointed that they are over Great readfrustrating endingI really had trouble putting this book down I was so frustrated *With His Weakness And Her Manipulation I *his weakness and her manipulation I to slap them both but that s part of what made the characters real and in need of the Lord I m only giving it 4 stars because the novel seemed to just end The heroin seriously needed to correct a massive offense against the hero It was addressed but it could have and should have been an emotional scene of building p the respect and security the heroin had earlier obligated Morren handled a very similar situation in the previous book of this series so well that I was anticipating the scene And thennothing but please forgive me I m seriously frustrated This poor man is still going to struggle with a major insecurity in my mindoh wellit s just a book didn t finish didn t know where it was going got boring Just like Eleanor can mimic a lady when she really isn t one this book mimics Regency Romance without really being one either The tone is just slightly off throughout And the whole tumor incident oh pleeeease Should have left that part completely out Eleanor is an actress who really has talent When she meets handsome doctor Ian she is immediately attracted to him However as she gets to know him she realizes she is not the right mate for him But as they get to know each other and find out about their pasts it becomes apparent that Ian is warring about his stringent Christian belief that only a virgin bride will do for him I was immediately drawn to this book because of its connection to the theatre world which I love The spunky Regency heroine Eleanor Neville was hysterical as she mimicked cockney acce. Nting stage actress Eleanor Neville Ian's good works and strong faith set him apart from other men Eleanor knew But despite his fascination with her glittering world Elea. ,
Although I normally cringe retreat at romance fluff books this A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uniue very interesting one captured me due to its well written and realistic story wide assortment of characters and the London setting of the early 1800s and its lovely strong Christiannderpinnings I surprised myself and really enjoyed this book It s not just boy meets girl it s way beyond and has some 1898 unexpected twists and turns Fantastic A wonderful book It talks about an actress and a surgeon who is a believer Their ways are different yet they fall in love The doctor struggles to avoid be with her despite the fact t Well once again after reading some of the negative reviews on this book I began reading with a wary heart And once again I was pleasantly surprised Unlike some I liked andnderstood both the hero and the heroine The hero is a devout Christian who has saved himself for his future bride and can t fathom the idea that she will be less than pure The heroine comes idea that she will be less than pure The heroine comes an abusive background who has never known a man worth trusting ntil she meets the hero It s a long road for both of them He loves her but feels he shouldn t She loves him but feels she s not worthyI found the medical history very interesting and *it made me appreciate so very much how far we ve come I was definitely educated *made me appreciate so very much how far we ve come I was definitely educated this areaI did feel that the heroine s conversion was a bit ick in the end which is highly Lay My Burden Down unlike RAM first two books in this series I felt that she should have gone through a longer period of learning about Jesus before she would want to asked Him into her life I also felt that the hero should have asked the heroine s forgiveness for his harsh words toward her There was something else that happened that I almost wish hadn t but this isn t a fluff book It deals with some harsh realities and it was. Though he'd found his life's calling ministering to London'snderclass Dr Ian Russell hadn't yet found his life's mate Then the former army surgeon encountered the encha. Nts and put on various personas *BUT I UICKLY LEARNED THAT SHE *I Vérité (Love at Center Court, uickly learned that she had much depth and old wounds which she attempted to hideAlmost asickly I fell in love with the hero Ian Russell a mild mannered surgeon with a heart of gold His world of herbs autopsies and amputations proved as fascinating as that of the London stageThese two worlds collide when the good surgeon is called pon to help Eleanor s fellow actress *after a botched abortion Eleanor works bravely at his side to *a botched abortion Eleanor works bravely at his side to her friend From that time on the two can t seem to avoid one another and are pulled together by many twists and turns within the story This causes great angst for both of them Ian has long awaited his pure Rebecca type wife to be brought to him by God and he cannot fathom his attraction to this loose and godless woman Eleanor has no need of love She s had enough of that in her past with poor results She also has no need of Ian s holier than thou attitude What she does have need of is security an ideal London address and a chance to perform in one of the premier theatres none of which Ian offersThe Healing Season is about than a doctor s profession it is about the Great Physician who is able to heal physically spiritually and emotionally Only through God s supernatural grace and intervention is this book able to come to its happily ever after ending This is my kind of romance that illustrates true love is a gift from God and not merely a fleeting emotion While reading this book I was struck anew with the reality that sometimes God calls His most faithful and sincere sons to minister healing hope and love to His most broken and deserving daughtersReview by Dina L A nice Christian readA book worth reading Good lessons and a nice story line as well It was nice to not be embarassed by the text. Nor feared her notorious past would end their future together before it had even begun Could true love and faith overcome all obstacles and make their lonely hearts as on.