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For an epic like this And I mean seriously epic in scope and magnitude since the stories in this book span at least 1500 years of history In one sense scope and magnitude since the stories in this book span at least 1500 years of history In one sense s a connected story the history of Glastonbury but that story is split into six books some of which are further split into collections of short stories and novellas The sheer size and scope of the book make it really hard to give it any kind of in depth analysis and of course there were Alles in meinem Dasein ist Musik... portions of the story I enjoyed than others Along with the fact that there s no way I can remember all the details of all the individual storiesSo before I started this book I m not sure I had ever heard of Glastonbury and I found all the history really interesting even though I had a hard time keeping all the historical details straight in my mind from book to book I really liked the author s way of showing theossible origins of certain stories and legends and it was interesting although sometimes rather frustrating to see how the stories changed across time I "Really Liked For Example " liked for example Witch Is Why The Moon Disappeared portrayal of the Arthur legends and the way some of the sordidortion This is a fascinating fictional but based on history account of the early Christian church in England The story starts with a light that shone in the sky announcing a special king born and then moves to the visit of Joseph of Arimathea to England after the death of Jesus Christ to take the gospel to the Celts From the Celts the story transverses various stages in history such as Roman Britain Arthurian Britain etc all the way to Tudor England and makes for a fascinating read The Arthurian story leaves out all the usual elements of magic and Merlin as a Wizard but is no less readable for that One thing I did find I a little hard were unfamiliar names that were often times very similar It was useful to have the Families of Glastonbury listed in the front and the glossary in the back of the book for unfamiliar terms At almost 800 ages this is not a uick read but then you would hardly expect t to be given the huge amount of time covered It is beautifully written and each time I had to ut it down I found myself eager to get back to the story I d been trying to get hold of this book for a while but it had been unavailable so I was very leased to see it reprinted If you want a good look at English History and the beginning of the Christian church with its Underground (Unbelievers, positive aspects and also its failings this is an excellentlace to start It is a beautifully The Letters and Lessons of Teddy Roosevelt for His Sons presented book and I loved the cover It is just so rich in keeping with the story My one regret was at times I would have liked to stay with certain families and their story a little longer which shows how involved with the characters I was but that would have made for an even longer story What is has done isrompt me to investigate further some of the stories that this novel contains and I m glad Donna gave a few suggestions of source materials to consult Highly recommended Excellent read Great storyI thoroughly enjoyed this book Having been to Glastonbury climbed the Tor and drunk from the chalice well I loved reading about its continuing lace in history I would have liked an afterword about the historical sources employed in writing this novel GLASTONBURY A Novel of The Holy Grail is the book I was born to writeJust as the search for the Holy Grail is the centerpiece of this 820 age novel covering 1500 years of English history so the stories of King Arthur have been a centering The Purposeful Graduate passion for my lifeIn 1992 the first edition of GLASTONBURY The Novel of Christian England wasublished by Crossway Books with it. Refuge in Glastonbury In its story you will experience the faith that gave Joseph of Arimathea and his family courage to claim new land for Christ Relive the ersecution of St George and St Patrick during their captivity under the Roman Empire Ride along with King Arthur on his historic adventures and discover the spiritual fortitude that enabled him to become the greatest leade.
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S cover showing the broken arches of Glastonbury Abbey through a bower of leafy green And then in 2000 GLASTONBURY was brought back in a fully reedited edition with a beautiful black cover bordered with Celtic knotwork And now after 20 years in rint GLASTONBURY The Novel of the Holy Grail has a whole new life WITH YET ANOTHER STUNNING COVER IN A VERSION FULLY yet another stunning cover in a version fully for ebooksAnd so the saga continues My new Thailand's Sickest - Hell To Pay publisher uses the strapline The Holy Grail lies somewhere in Glastonbury See at I reply So does my heart An almosterfect blend of history mythology and excellent storytelling Donna Fletcher Crow s Glastonbury recreates ancient Britain from the time of Druids to the dissolution of the monasteries in the Middle Ages The story splits into separate books each complete in itself and each contributing an essential ingredient to the whole It s a long read certainly but a rewarding one with such Huumetsaarin jouluyö perfect stoppingoints you can ick it up again week after week following tales of slavery and Roman rule with the curious wonders of Camelot and the uest for the Holy GrailI ve always loved English history and this novel satisfies that love as well as intriguing me delightfully with its of early Christianity Building on legends that Joseph
Of Arimathea Came To 
Arimathea came after the death of Christ carrying the Holy Grail of Arthurian dreams it invites the reader to wonder what is the grail and who is Arthur Is there ower in the landDonna Fletcher Crow deftly weaves a wealth of well researched detail into a story that continually astounds with sudden awe and the caught breath of surprised recognition There are no glaring signposts to remembered characters here just wise and well drawn images that bring those characters to life before you ve fully recognized who you might be seeing Glastonbury encompasses the detail and emotional Η γραφομηχανούλα - Nietzsche ex Machina power of a Rosemary Sutcliffe novel one of my childhood favorites the honest faith of a Taylor Caldwell book favorites of my teenage years and the scope and depth of an Edward Rutherford tome one of my recent favorites It is is hugely satisfying beautifully researched and convincingly told a novel to read and reread and happily recommend Disclosure I was lucky enough to by an ecopy when it was free but I ll have to look out for it inaperback now as I want a copy for my bookshelf Just when I thought I was making rogress I realized I was at 24% and a week later had had enough at around 40% Lots of great historical details but too long to keep track of all the characters and after a while it just lodded along With the different generations it just felt like we were going to crawl through another 100 characters without finishing so I cried Uncle Learned a lot enjoyed the early characters just had no idea this book was soooooo long and hard to track Let this sweep you away as it did me I received this book free from one of the book sites I do not remember which one This is my honest and voluntary review An epic book that overcomes the reader with tears of joy and of despair Read about the wars the kings the legends and the birth of English religious abbey Glastonbury Most importantly read of the faith that imbued the land of Avalon Each The Bias of Communication part of this epic work details historical wars and raids made in the land of the future England Read of the good and the traitorous Read of the ebb and flow of the abbey over generations Read of those who would serve God on earthThe characters from history are done in an accurate way but it is the fictional characters that bring emotions to the imagination This is no small task that R of his time Witness the rekindling of Christianity with St Augustine of Canterbury Be inspired by the faith of the remnant in the midst of the Dark Ages Watch the upheaval under the rule of Henry VIII that led to the Reformation And as Christianity triumphs over the darkest moments of its history you may even find your own spiritual roots An epic novel of the history of the fai.