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That were happening in the 1860s 70s Jack the Ripper made a name for himself in the slums of London the Civil War raged the first transatlantic telegraph cable was completed and makes an appearance in the book "Victor Hugo Writes Les Mis And The "Hugo writes Les Mis and the West was being settled Read People were busy with life and the idea of journeying across the world in a megalith submarine in an era where submarines were still a new concept was genuinely a figment of the imagination Those concepts had simply not existed before which is wild to think about and also why I like
so much but that s another review Verne not only created his world but then brilliantly crafted it into a figurative work of science If you want to read about how he calculated the thickness of the sub s glass domes based on the pressure of each cubic foot of sea the weight distribution of the material and the curvature of the concave shape hit me pBonus You know that scene with the giant suid that has become the iconic mascot of the book The one that s meant to be harrowing and treacherous and novel The one where you should be sitting on the edge of your seat hurriedly scanning the page Try listening to that scene where every place the words Monster or Creature or Suid or Beast or Nightmare was replaced with the British pronunciation of Poulp Because it is And when you say it with a British accent there isn t any L Try remaining gripped when it s a giant poop slinging people around and trying to devour the ship That s poop 22x Saved room for critiue Verne Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux - Third Edition: Explore the methods and tools of ethical hacking with Kali Linux uses Rapidity with far too much freuency and with as much time as he spends describing crustacea he honors a sailor being thrown about in the tentacles of a giant suid possibly plunging to his death with the mere description of annhappy man I about Jules Verne s audiobooks a similar way I feel about Chronicles of Narnia audiobooks They each are very different and not comparable but they both do provide comfort and happiness simply by being on in the background Featured in my Top 5 Jules Verne Novels down the best adventure story of the 19th Century better than The House on the Borderland Better Than Gordon Pym better than Gordon Pym than Conan Doyle s stuff HG Wells doesn t count as 19th C come on There s a reason Jules Verne is considered one of the greats This collection of his stories proves why I originally purchased this so I could re read 20000 leagues Crystal Reports .NET Programming under the sea which I had not read since I was a child andite frankly I think I remember finding it really boring when I was a kidHowever being able to read it now knowing what I know I found it incredibly captivating especially when I put it into the context of it s time I believe originally that the novel came out in a series of blocks in magazines The detail Verne put into his story must have absolutely blown the minds of his readers at the time and I can certainly see why For many people this would be like having a full blown science fair come to their home monthly giving them information and an education they would probably not have access to otherwise and of course all wrapped p in an amazing storyThe only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was actually for the same reason I think it s so great While putting it in it s context there is something to be said for writing styles that do not translate perfectly to modern timesOf course this is simply my opinion If you are going through a I should probably read the classics phase like I am this has to be on your list 20000 Leagues Under the Sea and other Classic Novels BOOK REVIEWI have to admit that I thought this book was a non fiction book but when I searched it p on Wikipedia I found out that it was a science fiction book written in 1870 I initially thought it would be those classic books that are boring but it turned out to be pretty good I thought it was non fiction because they kept on listing facts and information and because the storyline seems believable and realisticI like how the author developed each character because I could distinctly identify character traits and characteristics from these characters and I could nderstand their thinking and actions because of the characteristics I could tell that Ned Land was hot tempered and. Ges extraordinaries This book collects six of Verne's best known novels that extrapolate developing technology and scientific inuisitiveness into rousing adventuresFi. ,
Three Stockholm Syndrome afflicted kidnapping victims come to their senses and plot to escape the clutches of a murderous nderwater terrorist While searching for the tremendous black whale that is sinking ships the main character and his faithful servant are swept overboard and picked A Want of Kindness up by Captain Nemo of the Nautilus The two men along with the ship s harpooner find themselves trapped in the Nautilusnable to leave because Nemo has forsaken all mankind To keep himself and his extraordinary ship a secret no one once aboard can ever leave This is the story of adventures all around the globe and nder the sea This was a great book I happened to have read both Moby Dick and this book in the same year The forward was written by Ray Bradbury where he contrasted Nemo s "Love Of The Sea And Ahab S "of the sea and ahab s it was a great forward and s It was a great forward and worth the listen Very interesting Audio read by James Frain I read the free eBook version from wwwgutenbergorgThough famous than the other two novels in this series In Search of the Castaways 20000 Leagues and The Mysterious Island I didn t enjoy it as much as In Search of the Castaways There were too many long detailed and rather dry descriptions of obscure ndersea flora and fauna and specific locations latitude and longitudespeeddepth to suit me Some facts were incorrect because they were not known at the time the book was written such as the description of them finding open water at the South Pole The book is rather long with long slow sections separating the interesting events Combined with the relatively difficult old vocabulary I think modern middle grade readers will struggle to maintain interest long The I read of Jules Verne the I enjoy his writing There are few reasons for that 1 Each book mentally transports me to Disney World waiting in line for the Journey to the Center of the Earth or 20000 Leagues Under the Sea rides Disney brilliantly creates the world around you so you forget you re waiting in line for 2 hours for a 4 minute ride As you stand in line there s no end of things to discover as you re immersed in an animatronic science experiment Beakers are boiling log books lay open specimens are propped p on the counter
instruments of great discovery are everywhere This strange amusement in observation is how Verne needs to be enjoyed Don t expect a classic story arc just be happy with the journey 2 Verne does an exceptional job at bypassing the novel and creating something that ite literally could be a professorial documentation That s most certainly the charm of it all and that type of charm has to be appreciated before Jules Verne can be truly enojyed Ahem an example The division containing the zoophytes presented the most curious specimens of the two groups of polypi and echinodermes In the first group the tubipores were gorgones arranged like a fan soft sponges of Syria ises of the Moluccas pennatules and admirable virgularia of the Norwegian seas variegated nbellulairae alcyonariae a whole series of madrepores which my master Milne Edwards has so cleverly classified among which I remarked some wonderful flabellinae oculinae of the Island of Bourbon the Neptune s car of the Antilles superb varietys of corals in short every species of those curious polypi of which entire islands are formed which will one day become continents Of the echinodermes remarkable for their coating of spines asteri sea stars pantacrinae comatules asterophons echini holuthuri etc represented individually a complete collection of this group A somewhat nervous conchyliologist would certainly have fainted before other numerous cases in which were classified the specimens of mulloscs It was a collection of inestimable value which time fails me to describe minutely Couldn t have said that better myself sir And yes every word that you think would be spell checked was indeed nderlined in redThe reader who enjoys Jules Verne would laugh at that nending string ofpractically non sensical science and those who do not enjoy his writing would roll their eyes That s just fine he s not for everyone But I get a kick out of it 3 The imagination of this man You have to consider the fact that Verne s writings were from the 1870s For reference things. Writing in France in the nineteenth century Jules Verne captured his era's fascination with adventure and exploration in a series of novels he referred to as his Voya.
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He had a fond taste of hunting down marine animals I could tell that Professor Aronnax was a very eager and smart learner who has very sensible and wanted to learn as much as possible onboard the Nautilus I inferred that Conseil Aronnax s manservant was loyal and logical and has a good memory I could tell that Captain Nemo was calm and collected when needed most and was mysterious in his ways He also had some sort of hatred towards the land and he was very caring especially towards his men who worked for himI didn t like how towards the land and he was very caring especially towards his men who worked for himI didn t like how and off topic the ending was and I think it added a bit too much fiction compared to the rest of the book i guessed that rest of the book I guessed that captain would say that they could leave and both sides would be a little sad because of the departure but the ending just added too many new elements in a matter of a few pages I found it very confusing to read along I think the author could have sed detail or explained in detail what was happening to help readers figure out what is going on It also completely changed Captain Nemo s character trait "And He Turned Into A "he turned into a who has no control and is violent something we rarely saw throughout the bookI also didn t like how the author added random strings of facts I would be reading about something and then the author would list a page or a paragraph of facts about the different types of fish or something else while still maintaining the fiction part of the book That is another factor for why I thought it was a non fiction book and a factor for why I thought that some parts of the story were boringI did like the plot and the storyline and how the book Cross My Heart and Hope to Die unfolded except for the ending The author wrote this book so articulately that it made me feel like I was there experiencing it all If I look back and reflect I realized a major chunk of the book was describing different oceans seas fish maneuvers of the Nautilus and I realized how the author made things interesting so people would enjoy reading on20000 Leagues Under The Sea embarks on a journey of the life you don t want to miss out on I would recommend it to people who like non fiction or people who enjoy an adventurous story Published in 1870 by French author Jules Verne 20000 Leagues Under the Sea starts out with a hooking tale about a mysterious sea monster roaming throughout the seas and crashing into ships As the storynfolds three men are confined into a submarine with apparently no other option of escape Here character arcs are massively developed due to the minimal amount of characters There is a connection I can infer from this book to one of the other classics I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird Jules Verne is Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia unlike Harper Lee in the way of her writing style Jules only introduces few characters and makes them the main drivers of the story Her style helps her change herniue perspectives and focus on them Yet as To Kill A Mockingbird A Cidade e as Serras unravels Harperickly introduces well over 5 characters in the first chapter It was slightly overwh I was really looking forward to taking a deep dive into the work of Jules Verne but I don t think I ll touch another book of his because this was such a chore to read Once the main cast joins p with Nemo the book ditches the idea of having an over arching plot for just going on crazy trips around the ocean And you This book is justifiably a classic For science fiction written in 1870 it retains a remarkable freshness and Verne created a very compelling character in Captain Nemo Verne was well acuainted with the science of his day and it shows in his work it s a lot stronger on science than most modern science fiction is Some of the concepts of course are a bit less amazing than they were when the book was written since things like submarines and electric power are now realities There is also description than most modern readers are sed to seeing Jules Verne lived a long time before Jacues Cousteau and there were no video documentaries of the Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi Vol 1 undersea world then To some extent Verne seems to have been trying to provide the next best thing a detailed verbal description of it based on the best knowledge then available These features do slow down the action a little but the slower pace is worth it Relax and enjoy the voyag. Ve weeks in a balloon Journey to the center of the earth From the earth to the moon Round the moon Twenty thousand leaguesnder the sea Around the world in eighty da.