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Ostrasized him and now he s back to get revenge Or is it loveConfused or bored enough yet I wasOn her blog Meg Cabot has a tendency to kind of brag about getting her manuscripts in past deadline Meg darling you are causing your editor to flip out and putting out a bad product Pants on Fire is all the proof you need In all honesty I can t give this book than two stars since it was tooth grindingly awful about 85 percent of the way through Nevertheless the ending where the weak willed heroine FINALLY tells the town where to get off really was moving and interesting to read There are so many things that sink this book There s the inane heroine and the basic setting and premise The whole stuck up ocks run the town and beat up anyone they don t like concept has been a cliche for at least fifty years It s Life with My Idiot Family just silly especially when there is NO payoff for the plot as far as boys actually uh fighting What a gyp And why set a football story in a Hamptons like resort town like this one Why not at least set the story in West TexasThen there s the heroine Katie Ellison for most of the book is so silly dishonest and annoyingly cute that she makes Scarlett O Hara look like Melanie Wilkes Can anyone believe this girl ever opened a book in her life And HOW did she get to be tops on the honor roll And WHY would anyone fight a whole football teamust to get back with a weak willed lying girl who cheats on three different guys at onceTommy Sullivan the hero is Before You Are Licensed just as annoying but for opposite reasons He s perfect Not only physically soust reading Katie s thoughts about his hotness nearly made me throw up but mentally and morally too The whole town tried to ruin his life and he never shows a trace of bitterness resentment or self doubt A whole football team wants to beat him up and he never shows any fear or any anger either And the girl who hurt him the most and turned her back on him Well Tommy ust thinks that s so cute This guy is such a blatant fantasy it s like he s some sort of pleasure robot in someone S CLOSETIT GETS WEIRDER THIS IS closetIt gets weirder This is to be a sweet romance for girls yet the basic plot is clearly a rip off of Clint Eastwood s dark violent revenge fantasy western HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER Innocent man exposes shameful secret Whole town turns on him Years later innocent man comes back to take revengeGreat story idea Meg Only thing is Katie is no better than the nasty girl in HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER who watches Clint get whipped to death and then hooks up with his ghost as soon as he comes back to town And then she hooks up with the guys trying to kill him Katie s ust dumber and cries a lot I m surprised Tommy didn t ust sneer like a flea bitten range bum and say I kin do better than you in a four bit fancy house bum and say I kin do better than you in a four bit fancy house s big speech at the end was great But it didn t save the book Nothing could have except maybe a HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER shoot out You know Tommy paints the town red renames it Hell and shoots all the football players he doesn t hang or bullwhip to death Or at least a WEST SIDE STORY gang fight where Tommy kills two or three uahogs is shot by cops and dies in Katie s arms on the docks while the other beauty contestants all softly sing There s A Place For Us And the Gulping Gull restaurant slowly burns to the ground in the background PS As bad as all this is something else makes me angry too The football players are a bunch of losers damned beyond redemption because they cheated on their SAT s Now Katie cheats on PEOPLE not ust once but again and again and again but that s Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy just a cute habit she ll grow out of WTF WTF WTF What message is this even supposed to sendOh and there is one funny moment in the book that Meg Cabot did NOT intend At the end one of the doomedocks is reduced to dating a Goth chick who reads Japanese Manga comic books And cute little Katie sneers she s very mean spirited for a cute little innocent oh Manga is fine for him He moves his lips when he reads Great cheap shot Meg But the fear is all too real After all we can t have foreigners and freaks cutting into the American teen dollar can we You can feel the fear and Meg s desperation She s chasing the same nickel as the manga kids and losingAnd that is genuinely funny. Keinen Fall darf rauskommen was damals wirklich passiert ist Das wäre das Ende für Katie Dabei hat sich noch nie so gut gefühlt wie etzt seit Tommy wieder da ,

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Pants on FireAnother book from Meg Cabot Her writing is good but she needs
To Widen Her Range 
widen her range books are all starting to sound the same and only small twists in the plots are the differenciating point This was not in my opinion Her Best Book Even If You Hadn best book Even if you hadn read any of her others it still isn t the best read From the beginning I knew who was going to end up with who and what was going to happen reactions and such Though I was a little sad that her parents and the entire town was a little sad that her parents and the entire town so okay with this worshipping that was going on that pretty much scared me I love Meg Cabot I learned you should not lie Even if it hurts Aww I love itAnd Tommy is NOT a freak I m new to Meg Cabot and this was the first book of hers that I had read I know she s the ueen of teen lit so I was a little suprised when I read this book It wasn t what I had expectedMeg Cabot tries to write like a teen would talk saying things like not or what seems to be her favorite word macking which means kissing or making out of course And she says these words a lot After about the fifth macking I almost gave up But I stuck with it and my final verdict is so soThe main character Katie is ust not very likeable I know the point of these teen books is to have a total transformation at the end a sort of a ha moment but Katie s big speech at the end was so unrealistic and pointless And her relationship with supposed bad boy Tommy Sullivan was a bit boring Perhaps she should have centered the book on Tommy insteadI m sticking with Meg Cabot though I want to know her secret for selling so many books as I hope to write some YA fiction myself Kate Ellison is torn between two boys her official boyfriend Seth who she likes making out with but finds kinda boring otherwise and Eric who isn t her boyfriend but who she also likes making out with She doesn t normally tell lies but obviously she s gotta keep anyone from finding out about this Most of Kate s lies are concentrated about one specific event the infamous night that Tommy Sullivan is a freak was spraypainted on the wall of the school gymThen Tommy Sullivan shows up years after being run out of town oh he goes by Tom now and he s somehow become incredibly hot Now Kate is struggling with feelings for Tom while desperately hoping that he tells no one about the infamous night while still struggling to What Comes after Entanglement? juggle the other two boys AND competing in the uahog Princess pageant while hoping no one finds out that she hates uahogs the clams AND thinks the town s obsession with uahogs the football players is stupidNow all her deceptions are falling apart and OMG Tommy Sullivan I go by Tom now is getting hotter what s a girl to do Kate s solutions are funny and unpredictable and make for a fun readThe book was overall a great choice in YA chick lit I have only one uibble which is that I was surprised that the whole cheating on her boyfriend part was glossed over and treated like no big deal There was austification for it in the book but it Algorithmics for Hard Problems: Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization, Randomization, Approximation, and Heuristics just seemed sort of odd that even Tom Sullivan easilyustified it that she Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges From Language Proficiency to Academic Achievement just didn t like either of them enough and no one seemed that surprised or blamed her If it were her boyfriend who cheated on her I m sure that would have been seen as badbut since it s our heroine it s ok Other than that I enjoyed the book and I am a big big fan of Meg Cabot aka Megan Cabot Confession time I have this horrible Meg Cabot weakness The moment a book of hers comes out I rush to the store to buy it this happenedust today and also last week and dude she writes so many books I do this even though there have been some books of hers in the past that I could not finish because I disliked them so much Apparently the ones I loved work some sort of amnesia on me so that when a new Meg Cabot book comes out I go Meg Cabot I love every book of hers I must run to the store immediately If I m lucky I ll love it It s been uite a while since I really disliked somethingAnd then there are ones like this that Covert Narcissist just make me say Meh I didn t love it I m not sure Sort of a friends to second chance romance story and it made me giddy Except that Katie is kind of a cheaterust kissing but still I don t condone that But then Tommy Tom now comes back into. Nein eine Lügnerin ist Katie nicht Es ist nur manchmal so schwierig die Wahrheit zu sagen Schon klar dass es keine gute Idee ist mit dem heißen Typ aus der Theat. ,
Her life and rocks her world with a kiss to make you forget all other kisses and an ultimatum to boot and she decides to come cleanabout everything And she s told a lot of lies even if by omission Witty refreshing and fun I definitely enjoy Meg Cabot s young adult novels ust as much as her adult fun I definitely enjoy Meg Cabot s young adult novels ust as much as her adult Katie Ellison is a moron And that s the nicest thing that I can say about the so called heroine of this steaming load of crapThe story is based around the lies and life of one girl that I can find no redeeming ualities in even after her transition into truth telling after living a life weaving stories for her own nefarious purposes The entirety of the book reads like a thirteen year old girl s diary evoking the me me me mindset of a spoiled brat for whom enough is never enough Additionally Katie is surrounded by a hive of like minded vapid friends who on than one occasion ustify her bad behavior and facilitate their ownThe resolution isn t much better In true fashion of a person Who Truly Believes That The truly believes that the revolves around them Katie comes out as a liar publicly causing the ruin of a community event because she s too selfish to make peace with the people she s hurt privately thus nullifying this bullshit martyr act of hersThe love story What can I say about the love story Which love story are we talking about In addition to being a liar Katie is also a cheater She cheats on the boyfriend that she lied to get she cheats on the boyfriend that she s cheating on boyfriend number one with which makes her transformation into a seemingly monogamous being for this new old guy in her life totally unbelievable essentially ruining any possible reason for anyone wanting to read this bookIf Meg Cabot had killed off every character in this book in a massive bus accident I might have given it than one star Thanks Meg for teaching young girls that you can lie cheat and manipulate people and you can still have a perfect happy ending Listen peeps I read this in highschool and have re read it again and again and again No matter how my tastes in novels will change these novels that started my way into the world of books will always have a place on my shelves and in my heartI loved the have a place on my shelves and in my heartI loved the mystery and suspense around what happened to drive Tommy Sullivan away from town When it was finally explained you felt the whole regret and innocence to such a simple thing FOUR years later down the track Katie has made it into the popular league Having a football player as a boyfriend and lying so damn much ust to fit in She s living in her own blissful universe of being popular However this all changes when the one man who has always been on her mind comes strolling back onto the sceneMy absolute absolute favourite part was when she finally sees him again at the beach Oh man how she feels and what she did to try and calm her raging feelings EVERY time I read this part you will find me on the floor chuckling with laughter It s so unexpected you can t help itTommy Sullivan is one mysterious hunky hunky dude His rebellious stage four years ago Say goodbye to the nerdy dude and say HELLOO to the professional model that seems to have walked straight off a magazine She s so stuck on thinking he is out for revenge she doesn t know how to act around him Everything she thinks when it comes to him is revenge But baby it s so much Especially when he reveals his own little secrets Honey honey honey you gotta read it to find outYou are going to cry smile so hard sigh continuously and laugh your head off Not to mention fall in love with all characters The ending always has my heart beating so fastI LOVE IT I also love the fact that this novel can teach young adults about the conseuences of lying Katie spins so many lies and it ends up backfiring on her Another GREAT GREAT SO SO GREAT book by Meg Cabot An amazing Young Adult read So what are you waiting for No seriously Can somebody please have the courage to edit Meg Cabot Every single one of her writing uirks comes out in this story about a girl who is cheating on her hot boyfriend with another hot guy and then another hot guy comes along and oh yeah something really bad happened to him a couple of years back that completely. Ergruppe rumzumachen wo sie doch mit Seth zusammen ist Aber solange niemand davon weiß ist alles gut oder Doch dann taucht auf einmal Tom Sullivan wieder auf Auf. .