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Very sweet storyVery nice love *Story The Hero Wasn T *The hero wasn t the top cruel but he wasn t a wimp either They had a one night stand and a ear later he finds a baby boy in his office saying he s the Father He actually accepted it uicker than most HP heroes do but he still wanted the paternity test Very low angst and just a nice sweet read It was different also in the fact he asked her to just live with him not to marry him It was different also in the fact he asked her to just live with him not to marry him ear later in the epilogue he finally asks her That was really different Just a good love story Miniseries Billionaires and BabiesCategory Passion Did not like this one Heroine left baby all alone for hero who knows when someone would have discovered the baby Makes no sense that was her only option left to just leave her I like Harleuin romances for a uick escape and when I don t want something too heavy or angsty This book however is one of the better ones I have read Secrets Lies Lullabies is truly a sweet and lovely love story One of my favorite books I could read it weekly Today I read this for the tenth time I absolutely adore this bookOur hero Alexander Bajoran is CEO of a jewelry empire jewelry royalty if ou will His family has been in the business for generations Alex goes out of town to a meeting and forgets somet Read on Kindle My favorite theme Secret baby Or in this case not so secret since the baby was left for the father to find Rich guy meets poor girl down on her luck while she s changing his sheets This is porn fantasy meets romantic tripe territory all right Excuse me I meant romantic Taylor was once part of a wealthy family that designed jewelry partnership with the Bajorans Due to some skullduggery or misunderstanding the Taylors were forced out of business while the Bajorans continued to thrive Enter a bitter conniving cousin who s determined to get back on top and we ve got revenge thrown into the mix to spice up the plotJessica is immediately hit hard by the testosterone laden hottie that is Alexander Bajoran and he s intrigued by the multiple earrings and blue streak she sports in her hair She s hotel staff and knows better than to get mixed up with the clientele But when has common sense or the need for self preservation ever stopped romantic ninnies like her So after a very brief acuaintance they tumble into bed the night with nary a condom in sightand ou know what happens nextOne night stands combined with criminal acts run rife through romances and this proves no exception Jessica wakes up the next day steals a valuable item from his briefcase and vanishes The pregnancy that follows leaving her in a financial bi. No problem's too big for CEO Alexander Bajoranuntil a baby is left in his boardroom with a note stating he's the daddy The mother must be Jessica Taylor an unforgettable though regrettable. Secrets Lies LullabiesNd is also tiresomely predictableRecriminations an illegitimate baby reparations and reconciliations follow Honestly I wonder what Alexander sees in Jessica Practically every single thought he has when he looks at her is how sexy she is and how he wants to strip off her clothes and ravish her In spite of coming to know her as being somewhat intelligent and clothes and ravish her In spite of Coming To Know Her As Being Somewhat Intelligent And About to know her as being somewhat intelligent and about design his thoughts about her rarely progress beyond the carnal The same could be said about her but her feelings are also wound up with guilt and shame over her felonious behaviorThis is et another tiresome romantic entry about a couple who are or less interchangeable with every other Prince Charming meets his Cinderella pairing Read it or stick our head into a pumpkin What s the difference I made a big mistake while reading this I allowed reality to rear it s ugly head and that never works when reading this kind of romanceOn the surface we have the born with a diamond studded silver spoon heroine working as a lowly minimum wage cleaner meet the hunky still upper class hero as she cleans his room Uh oh he is the spawn of the devil as his family cheated hers out a jewelry making empire Her family is now simply middle class Her evil spiteful and cousin talks her into a little revenge espionage which fits in with the sizzling ONS the two haveIt s now a ear later and the heroine has dropped their plot moppet off because she can no longer support the baby The abandonment doesn t last as she rushes in when she sees her baby cry while the H tries to calm him downHere is where reality foiled me The heroine s family were great jewelers and she was skilled enough to create some amazing jewels that were sold for thousands possibly hundreds of thousands and now she s working as a humble low minimum wage cleaner She couldn t get a job as a jewelry designer somewhere elseSec Very good book I really liked both Alex and Jessica Jessica and Alex had had a one night stand and she never expected to see him again She had been incredibly attracted to him from the beginning but she recognized him as the man whose company had ruined her family Her cousin had convinced her to see if she could find anything with which to get revenge and she had Before she could return it he had left and she hid it away When she discovered she was pregnant she left her job at the hotel and tried to find work elsewhere By the time the baby was three months old she was desperate and left the baby at his office She couldn t just walk away and showed up that night Alex wasn t going to just let her walk away so he convinced. One night stand Why would she do such a thingWhen Jessica returns desperate and remorseful there's no way Alex will let her walk away with his son And after discovering that she's connect.

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Her to stay I loved *Jessica S Attitude She Didn *s attitude She didn really mind the loss of her former socialite lifestyle and had been happy with her hotel life She knew she shouldn t get involved with Alex but the attraction was too strong to resist When she showed up a Comment Wang-F fut sauv year later I loved the way she owned up to what she did but also stood up to him over the things she hadn t done I liked the fact that she didn t try to keep the baby away from Alex once he knew I also loved the way she surprised him at the fundraiser and how it worked for them Alex was also a really great hero I liked the fact that even after the one night stand he tried to find her so they could be together He was furious over what he saw as her deception and the way she didn t tell him about the baby But he did listen to what she told him about her family and investigated I loved the way he took to Henry almost right away and how good he was with him I really love seeing these tough guys turn to goo over a baby It took him a little while to realize what he felt for Jessica was love but when he did it was fantastic I loved seeing what he did about the mess with her family and the epilogue was great I do wish I knew what happened with her cousin The title should have been Baby in the Boardroom hee heeOn getting pushed by her cousin sister to exact any kind of revenge possible Jessica Madison Taylor finds herself spending a night with Bajoran Designs Alexander Bajoran without revealing her entire name the same one who supposedly destroyed their business of Taylor Fine Jewels That night she not only left with a confidential file but also a nine month long secret Oneear later hiding from her family and Alex not telling either about the baby due to their hostility and with no money she has no option but to turn to Alex thereby leaving her baby son Henry in Alex s boardroomAlex unlike other heroes behaving ruthlessly on discovering themselves to be a father was so kind caring and understanding The author has done a damn good job with the humour an instanceIf he said he wanted her to assassinate the president or be his sex slave for a month she d know he was a crazy Person And Wasn T As Interested In Compensation As Simply and wasn t as interested in compensation as simply and abusing her But if he just wanted her to eat a little crow she would do her best to sprinkle it with seasoning and choke it downIn all of the HP I have read till now this was the most believable as after one ear of living together they decided to take the next step and not rushed into things It was cute not a lot of melodrama Not the usual uality from this author This one was okay but not outstandin. Ed to his jewelry empire's biggest rival the mogul wonders if the pregnancy really was an accident What will he gamble to keep his heirand the woman who still has a stranglehold on his hea. ,