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Mmon romance novel story line boy falls in love with girl from the wrong side of the tracks girl becomes pregnant boy dies and girl blames herself and vows to keep the child hidden from the boy s family Twin brother finds out about child and coerces girl and child to move in with him sexual attraction ensues Misunderstandings are cleared up and everyone lives happily ever after What I did like was the subtle deviation from the typical plot line Instead lives happily ever after What I did like was the subtle deviation from the typical plot line Instead Jordan forcing Angelina to marry him or else have her child taken he offers to bring her to the ranch so Lucas can live in a safer environment Even though Angie refuses at first she does understand how it could be better for her son and reluctantly agrees but sets down a few rules to maintain her independence I admire that she was stubborn but she also knew when to compromise with Jordan so they both could get what they wanted Lucas was sweet and although there was some unnecessary drama involving him and a snowstorm I felt he played enough of a role in the story and wasn t just a prop pulled out for convenienceAside from the predictable storyline and some of the unnecessary drama both of which were easily resolved making them even unnecessary I felt that the sex scenes were lacking There were two supposedly hot trysts between the two in the book and while lacking There were two supposedly hot trysts between the two in the book and while There were two supposedly hot trysts between the two in the book and while started out good it ended all too uickly If ou re going to write an explicit sex scene Irish Paganism you should go all in or it ends up feeling like a wham bam thankou ma am momentIf ou re looking for a uick fluffy read with little melodrama I would definitely recommend this book Really wish Goodreads and others would allow rating with half stars along with full stars I keep going back and forth between 3 4 stars It deserves Some of this novel I d like to say was boring but a better and apt word would be slow The start of the novel and middle parts were slow moving compared to others However I did adore the characters they were well written The end of the novel perked everything up and made it much enjoyable I found this book through the excerpt a day feature I subscribe to After reading the first day s feature I bought the book It was good Full of emotions but not much lightness to break it all up I liked it and would check out Ms Lane agai. Demption by raising his nephew But Angie resurrects a hunger in him that only she can satisfy Jordan knows he can have her on one condition that she never learns the truth about him. ,
Ind and reaches out for what his heart really wants Review Copy Gratis Author Random audio book cliche strong single mom badly written kid and guy who feels guilty For a moment I was expecting anguish story with misunderstanding that lead the Hero and heroine to happy ending I was wrong Sure there was misunderstanding but not much and i was misunderstanding but not much I feel the heat There was angsty feeling but it s just not enough The author s slow pace plot is a bit boring the closure with Jordan s mother is not satisfying boy how I hate that old cow and I kind of want to slap Angie for not making up her mind There are moments when I want to stop reading but I can t The storyline is good but I think it Good hero and heroine a lack of discussions some misunderstanding I m always a little skeptical when a character falls in love with the twin of hisher late spouse And at times the boy talks and behave like an older boy would but not a 3yo Read on Kindle New to me author Very good book I liked both Angie and Jordan Angie had been devastated by the death of Justin and the attitude of his family When she discovered she was pregnant she decided to keep it to herself When Jordan found them she had to decide whether to take him up on his offer of a home for them I loved her independence and how she was doing her best to give Lucas everything he needed She carried some guilty feelings over Justin s death and felt that letting Lucas get to know his father s family was the right thing to do But she was also attracted to Jordan and didn t see how a relationship had any chance of working I liked the way that she stood up to Jordan s mother She did have a bit of an inferiority complex which caused her to misinterpret some of the things Jordan said or did Jordan initially came across as pretty cold I liked the way that he uickly came to love Lucas and was so good with him He did have a lot to learn about how to work with Angie as Lucas s mother but he was a pretty uick learner The biggest problem he had were his own guilty feelings over Justin s death and how he was keeping it secret from Angie There were a lot of things they had to face and deal with but were finally able to do it together This is the first book I ve ever read by Elizabeth Lane and it wasn t too bad Co. E boy's birthright But how can Angie live with the man who called her a gold diggerthe man whose one kiss she's never forgottenRacked by guilt since his twin's death Jordan seeks re. I am a longtime fan of author Elizabeth Lane s historical romances and I was intrigued when I learned she would be venturing into contemporary romance with the Harleuin Desire line In His Brother s be venturing into contemporary romance with the Harleuin Desire line In His Brother s is the first release and I am happy to say that her characterizations sense of time and place and compelling story lines are just as vivid in a contemporary setting Jordan Cooper has some deep regrets in his life His guilt over his twin brother s Justin s death in a plane crash has haunted him for ears So has the way he treated Justin s fiance Angie Montoya whom he dismissed as a fortune hunter What he couldn t dismiss was the one scorching kiss he shared with

"Angie When She Was Upset "
when she was upset Justin s drunken flirtation with another woman Justin had always been the charming devil with no cares brother and Jordan had been the uieter level headed one Even though he doubted Angie s real love for his brother Jordan desired her just the same Four ears after Justin s death Jordan discovers a secret that will forever change the Cooper family legacy Angie bore Justin s son Determined to bring his brother s son into the family fold and see that the boy inherits his rightful legacy Jordan pays Angie a surprise visit and makes her an offer for her and her son Lucas to live at the Cooper ranch At an offer for her and her son Lucas to live at the Cooper ranch At she refuses but unexpected circumstances force her to accept Jordan s invitation Being under the same roof brings their forbidden attraction back to flaming life and soon their passion cannot be denied However Angie also has guilt over Justin s death and Jordan has a secret of his own that could keep them apart forever They both love little Lucas and his happiness comes first but don t grownups deserve to be happy too Jordan s mother has never approved of Angie and blames her for the events which led to Justin s death Can facing the truth and overcoming old hurts lead the way to a lifetime of love and a happy family life Author Elizabeth Lane always involves ou with her characters and her story lines compel Comprendre et grer les conflits dans les entreprises et les organisations you to see how those characters find resolution You will adore Lucas and his dog andou will admire Angie for her strength of character and her devotion as a mother You will also enjoy seeing Jordan grow as a character as he leaves one lifestyle beh. I want the boyFor three ears Angie Montoya hid her son from her late fiancé's familyuntil his brother tracked them down Now Jordan Cooper demands she move to his Santa Fe ranch th.

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In His Brother's Place