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Public Relations kEarned so much about the 19th century famine in Ireland that I didn tnow before crop failure alone didn t cause the rampant starvationIt s an incredible book I highly recommend it In alternating chapters we follow Ginny Doyle in Ireland in 1846 7 during the famine and Majella her great great great granddaughter in current day NYC as each STRUGGLES TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO BE A GOOD to figure out how to be a good what you should be willing to sacrifice and what you should not Ginny her husband and three children are trying to survive the potato blight while continuing to produce grains on their plot of land to pay the rent to their absentee British landlord "Those Who Couldn T Pay "who couldn t pay evicted and their

homes burnt down 
burnt down were left to starve and if any neighbors tried to help them they suffered the same fate Evicted and burnt out With a population of about 8 million at the time Ireland lost one million people who died in the famine and another million who emigratedMajella has recently given birth to her first child and is upset to find she is not a natural at the whole mothering thing She has always been the best at everything so assumed this would be true for parenting as well Instead she feels isolated and insecure She overhears her husband tell his brother that everything is pretty much the same except now there s a baby No lost sleep no C section incision no loss of identity One moving scenario is when Majella goes to a mommies group The mothers here have very clear rules of what constitutes a good mother and that definitely does not include bottle feeding4 stars for the interesting setting A fast read A bit of a downer as most famines are Ireland the potato famine Ginny will have to go to extraordinary lengths to protect and save her children Current day Magilla has just given birth and though she loves her baby daughter she is a bit depressed and feels that she is not the mother she should be Two story lines seems to be the trend now in fiction and in this case I have to say it worked very well Both these women were very likable characters I found myself rooting for them both wanting good things to happen for them This is also a loving testament to motherhood and the bonds between a mother and their children as well as the difficulties that can lie between them I really enjoyed this book it was very well put together the characters well drawn and the historical aspects of it heartbreaking The will some people have for survival never ceases to amaze me Endearing interesting and heartbreaking ARC from publishe. What happened during those harrowing years and why does Ginny call herself a iller Is Majella genetically fated to be a bad mother despite the fierce tenderness she feels for her baby Determined to uncover the truth of her heritage and her own identity Majella sets out to explore Ginny’s past and discovers surprising truths about her family and ultimately hersel.

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Then just postpartum depression She is having dreams about her new born daughter being dead She worries as mental illness does run in her family heritage She especially worries when she find a diary in the attic from one of her relatives Ginny Ginny lives in Ireland A time when the famine was really bad for families It was fight or perish Ginny was willing to do anything to survive How far would she goMy favorite part of this book was Ginny s story If this book had been just about Ginny and her children then this would have been a perfect book and I would have given it 5 stars However I still enjoyed this book Why I liked Ginny s story so much better was because of her strong determination and love for her children Also she had a great story to tell I was enriched in history Also I admit that I have always been fascinated with stories of Ireland I hope to go there someday for a visit The reason that I was turned off by Majella s story in the present tense was because I felt that Majella was really mean spirited towards her husband and whiny These attributes of Majella uickly turned me off towards her I even found myself skipping chapters that involved her just so that I could get back to Ginny s story The Crooked Branch is a worth while read Every family tree has at least one crooked branch This novel shows the different faces of motherhood in one family Majella is an overwhelmed new mother dealing with the loss of her identity upset hormones and lack of sleep She finds the diary of her Irish ancestor Ginny Doyle who was desperately trying to feed her family during Ireland s Great Hunger in 1847 Ginny had to make some difficult decisions before immigrating from County Mayo to New York City Majella is trying to understand what happened back in Ireland wondering if her ancestor was a murderer or a saintly motherThe author portrayed both Majella s and Ginny s stories in a murderer or a saintly motherThe author portrayed both Majella s and Ginny s stories in empathetic manner This would be a good book discussion book for a group of mothers and includes a readers guide in the backI recently visited Ireland s Great Hunger Museum a little gem in Hamden CT so Ginny s story during the potato famine was especially meaningful to s story during the potato famine was especially meaningful to This book is a page turner I haven t stayed up past 3 am reading "for uite a while but the emotional depth of the characters particularly the two mothers was absolutely gripping The "uite a while but the emotional depth of the characters particularly the two mothers was absolutely gripping The writing research by Cummins brings such realism to the story that I almost felt I could talk to the women as if I were in the room with them I Fter the birth of her daughter Emma the usually resilient Majella finds herself feeling isolated and exhausted Then at her childhood home in ueens Majella discovers the diary of her maternal ancestor Ginny and is shocked to read a story of murder in her family history With the famine upon her Ginny Doyle fled from Ireland to America but not all of her family made it. Excellent read Cummins has a way of dropping words like treasured jewels onto the page The story itself was intriguing and unusual My first read of hers but definitely not my last I really enjoyed reading this book I first learned about it by attending a reading by the author at the 2013 Gaithersburg Book Festival I was attracted to the reading because the topic for the session was Dual Story Lines used in literature In my own writing I ve been playing around with such a structure to incorporate pertinent pieces of backstory and I wanted to listen to other authors describe their experiences with using it In listening to Jeanine Cummins describe her book and her process I hit the jackpot She is an engaging and witty speaker whose reading compelled me to go buy her book I m so glad I did She developed characters that I fell in love with and told a fictional story about the Irish potato famine that had me spell bound never wanting to put the book down Ms Cummins writing is clear and easy smattered with humor reminiscent of the author s personal style exhibited during her reading I highly suggest this book for anyone
looking for a 
for a summer read I will be taking the opportunity to turn to another of Ms Cummins books to see if the magic continues After the birth of her daughter Emma first time mother Majella finds herself feeling extremely strange almost like she has someh In present day New York Majella is having a rough time adjusting to life "with her newborn baby believing she is truly going crazy With no help from her erratic absent mother she imagines "her newborn baby believing she is truly going crazy With no help from her erratic absent mother she imagines Thoughts Of Mayhem Hears Strange of mayhem hears strange and worries about her even crazier neighbor with baby twinsAnd when she stumbles across an old clothbound diary in the attic written by an ancestor Ginny Doyle she discovers an 1848 Ireland with heartbreaking tales of famine and loss plus a shocking murder causing even greater fears that she inherited a psychotic geneWhile both stories held my interest and came together nicely in the end it was Ginny Doyle s heroic struggles of survival that made this novel a 4 Star read for me This book took place in Ireland during the famine and in NY during present day It explored motherhood and surviving hard times The Ireland story really grabbed me Ginny s struggles and story of survival was so well done Majella in NY go on my nerves I found her whiny and wanted her to get over herself I do recommend this to others it certainly won t disappoint Majella has just become a new mother She is going through. From the national bestselling and highly acclaimed author of The Outside Boy comes the deeply moving story of two mothers witty self deprecating Majella who is shocked by her entry into motherhood in modern day New York and her ancestor tough and terrified Ginny Doyle whose battles are fundamental she must eep her young family alive during Ireland’s Great FamineA. The Crooked Branch