Insurgent Encounters (EPUB)

Insurgent Encounters

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Insurgent Encounters illuminates the dynamics of "Transnational Social Movements Including Those Advocating For "social movements including those advocating for and indigenous groups environmental justice and alternative cooperative ather than exploitative forms of globalization The contributors are politically engaged scholars working within the social movements they analyze Their essays are both .
Odels of and arguments for activist ethnography They demonstrate "THAT SUCH A METHODOLOGY THE POTENTIAL TO REVEAL "such methodology has the potential to eveal issues and generate theoretical insights beyond the each of traditional social movement Research Methods Activist Ethnographers methods Activist ethnographers only produce new understandings of contemporary forms of collective action but also seek to contribute to strugg.
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Les for social change The EDITORS SUGGEST NETWORKS AND SPACES OF ENCOUNTER AS THE suggest networks and spaces of encounter as the useful conceptual Lassie Come-Home rubrics for understanding shape shifting social movements using digital and online to produce innovative forms of political organization across localegional national "And Transnational Scales A "transnational scales ethinking of the practice and purpose of ethnography. .