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Her 3rd published book but the first one she wrote and ou can tell The other two were well written and this was not Don t waste our time Terrible It was rushed simple and the interactions were forced The author kept adding additional problemsthe characters overreacted and acted unlike their personalities consistently I m very disappointed because her other two books were fantastic I really disliked this book 25 stars Just a little too much drama for me The Weight of Small Things by Sherri Wood Emmons tells the story of Corrie Phillips Corrie lives a enviable life with her handsome wealthy husband "mark the only thing she s missing of "The only thing she s missing of is the baby When news of Corrie s ten ear reunion arrives so does the arrival of her college ex boyfriend Haunted by the memories of her past she agrees to meet her ex boyfriend for better or worseI enjoyed this book for the most part A couple of the characters are uirky and fun Actually most of them complete each other For a book that s mainly about the choices we make large or small I felt that a few of them made bad decisions I expected them to make better choices but I understand that in order for the characters to progress and evolve these bad decisions needed to be made Emmons does a great job at character development I felt that I knew each character and they were all believeable Even when I was annoyed by them I still cared about how things would turn out This is a story about love and how fragile it *can be It s also about the weight of the decisions we do *be It s also about the weight of the decisions we do don t make and how those decisions affect our lives If I had to say anything negative about this book it s that I found our protagonist a little ironicIn conclusion I felt that this novel is worth a read for all those women s literature lovers It s a story about love fidelity choices and forgiveness It s a uick smooth read that is engaging and interesting I loved this bo. From the acclaimed author of Prayers and Lies and The Sometimes Daughter comes an emotional compelling and ultimately uplifting novel that explores the fragility and resilience of love and the decisions large and small that determine not just who we are but who we want to beCorrie Phillips has an enviable life even if it’s not uite the one she wanted Sh. ,

The Weight of Small Things
Older and Wiser

Ok It s a slice of life style story looking at Bryn and Corrie as their worlds totally change in their early 30 s There are a few things that happen that seem a bit crazy but it s all realistic and plausible There was sadness and hope and a whole range of emotions in between I highly recommend any book I ve written by this author and this one is no exception It s not as heartbreaking as her other books but it s just as real and "Hearttouching I Just Really "I just really did not enjoy this book Painfully cliche and with NO likeable characters Will not be reading again I cliche and with NO likeable characters Will not be reading again I t recommend this book Almost all of the characters are flat especially the men That makes it really hard to understand the women s choices I don t mind flat characters in chick lit or horror books but I do in serious novels that are trying to examine the human experienceThe title doesn t make sense It s not a small choice to choose to cheat on Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou your husband or to leaveour spouse or to file for divorce etc These are big choices that may be poorly made in a moment of rage or sorrow sure but they are not small choicesThe plot was really predictable except for some random and convenient crap the author throws in toward the end so she can tie up all the loose ends in a neat but unbelievable wayI feel like the author s target audience was folks in their 30s or 40s who have experienced a mid life crisis and she s expecting them to fill in all the gaps in her writing with their own experiences and knowledge I only gave it two stars because I was vaguely curious enough to finish the novel mainly to "see if anything else was revealed about these peopleIf ou place this "if anything else was revealed about these peopleIf ou place this side by side with any of Wally Lamb s books ou can see a significant difference in the character development Lamb s characters feel like real people Many of his books are also depressing but they feel worthwhile This was just depressing There was no. E enjoys working at her university alumni magazine her house is beautiful and her husband Mark is attentive handsome and wealthy But after ears of frustration and failed attempts Corrie is desperate for a child and haunted by the choices in her past A decade ago just after college Corrie’s boyfriend Daniel left town intent on saving the world even if ,


Takeaway I don t have too much to say about this "one Not my kind of book The plot lines were Depressing And Ridiculous Hard To and ridiculous Hard to the main character seriously with "Not my kind of book The plot lines were depressing and ridiculous Hard to take the main character seriously with name Coriander Bliss I am supposed to believe her mother was prone to whimsy but mostly she is described as an abusive drunk What s worse than the character s name Her deadbeat ex fiance calling her Corrie Andy Maybe it s me but that made me cringe every time I read it Not sure who this book is for There is a lot of kissing on the forehead though everyone in the book it seems is pregnant Everything is neatly tied up in the end if Tales from a Pilots Logbook you like that sort of thing and I might have been happy if I cared about any of the characters but honestly I was just glad to finish it Made it to page 76 but cannot stomach any of this book I hate the characters and the plot is going in a direction I don t care to follow My To Read list is too long to waste time on a book I am not enjoying This was almost a did not finish book but thankou pandemic and uarantine I have a limited supply of reading material at handI ADORE Emmons writing or accurately I absolutely loved the first three books of hers I read and couldn t wait to get to this one It was not the same style at all If ou like the standard chick lit I hate that term then this would be fine But it was not on the same emotional level as her other three books Not at all I finished this in one day not because it was so riveting but because I wanted it to end And it pretty much ended up exactly as I expectedWhen I read her book club suggested uestions at the end I found the answer as to why it s so not the same style and depth of her other work although this was published as her third book she says it was actually the first book she ever wrote ears earlier You can tell A lot of maturity came to her writing later and this would not have kept me coming back for any of her work. T meant breaking Corrie’s heart Now he’s returned and despite her misgivings Corrie feels drawn to him again But the emotions that overwhelm her may put her marriage and her secure stable life at risk Faced with an unexpected choice Corrie must unravel illusion from reality at last and weigh what she most needs against what her heart has always wanted. ,