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Ead and although original and in its use of "language and style it s a book that ultimately I unsatisfying There are no chapters or paragraphs few breaks "and style it s a book that ultimately I found unsatisfying There are no chapters or paragraphs few breaks the headlong rush of the narrative and with some odd punctuation Most confusing of all is the lack of chronology and rapid shifts What a slog of a read Very short book that rove me crazy with run on sentences sudden shifts with no paragraph breaks and an only moderately interesting story I stuck with it based on the interesting premise Uniue writing style but a bit of a bore as stories go The story in The Voyage eddies and swirls and moves in and out of focus and backwards and forwards in the characters lives and the places they find themselves in just as the sea on which the ship that so much of the story takes place Frank Delage the central character whose thoughts readers share in The Voyage is the inventor of a new piano and the novel traces his return journey from his efforts to sell it in Europe He s not a very good businessman and even less successful in marketing and he has made only one rather ubious good businessman and even less successful in marketing and he has made only one rather ubious Vienna is too conservative to be interested in a new Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse design and only a fool he is told would have tried to market his bold newesign there in a place so mired in musical history He has however after a long time alone captured the heart of Elisabeth the How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture daughter of a prominent Viennese patron of the arts so perhaps it has not been an entirely wasted tripHowever it would be a mistake to approach this book as a conventional novel about theisappointments of a middle aged man When I posted a Sensational Snippet from The Voyage last week I commented on how the rhythm of at least one sentence seemed like a waltz and others in the long An Alien Heat discursive paragraphs are like the rhythm of waves lapping against the sides of the ship or rolling across the vast ocean To read the rest of my review please visi. With heraughter Elisabeth a inner with an avant garde composerNow travelling home on a container ship with Elisabeth Frank Delage can begin to tell the real story The Voyage is a masterly novel by a great writer atthe peak of his powe.

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The VoyageVersion of is this now or is this a memory and what s the ifference really and Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance does it fairly well For the record now is on a boat from Vienna to Australia The memories are of Vienna It s pretty easy to get once that s clear The story is similarly simple a man goes to Vienna music capitol of the Western world to sell his newly invented piano He pretty much fails to sell it butoes succeed in picking up the aughter of a Viennese socialite music aficionado The book becomes "worthwhile once it read as the sum of its influences to wit "once it s read as the sum of its influences to wit Bernhard and other cranky Austrians writing about how shit Austria is Henry James New World naif is taken in byclashes with old world sophisticates Virginia Woolf see above re now standard modernist form Bail seems to be wrestling with his own ebts to the European modernist and whatever you call Bernhard s time period writers which can easily be read as a case study in the broader uestion of Australia s relationship to its European heritage The answer in good Jamesian style is ambivalence Bail uses many obviously Bernhardian tics long paragraphs complex syntax Vienna music slightly cracked protagonist but at the same time asserts himself Our heroic piano inventor goes to Europe sells one piano to an avant garde composer who writes a piece that reuires the Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) destruction of said piano then comes back to Australia where he finds himself inevitably changed but not changed into a Viennese Just changed I have no idea how anyone would read this who hasn t read at the very least Bernhard s Loser and James s The American It might make no sense at all For fans of those books though this is a nice addition to the corpus Murray Bail is one of Australia s most acclaimed writers but he s not an immediately accessible novelist His style is often challenging and reuires patience and concentration His latest book The Voyage is certainly aemanding N its improvement on the old pianos of EuropeHow could he not know his piano is all wrong for Vienna Perhaps he should have tried BerlinBut a chance meeting with Amalia von Schalla brings new possibilities for Delage a soirée a meeting.