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L'ispettore Alì al Trinity College oWhat a fun read I am honestly sad this SERIES IS OVER AND TRULY WISH THEY WOULD CONFINEver and truly wish would confine Larkville saga somehow I do however look forward to reading the ther stories by the talented romance authors that presented fun and exciting books loved this bookit was so refreshing to read a book where there wasn t any sex scenes in it highly recommend it Miniseries The Larkville LegacyCategory Home and Family #Very good book and excellent conclusion to the series Matt has #good book and excellent conclusion to the series Matt has arrived to take custody f baby Bella his ex wife s daughter He had remained friends with his ex after their divorce but never expected to be raising her daughter after her death He has kept such a tight lid Fol on his emotions for many years that he has no idea if he is capablef giving Bella what she needs but he is determined to try He talks Claire into helping him learn how to care for Bella I really liked both Claire and Matt Claire became a social worker to help children get the lives and families they needed Her mother had died when she was young and her father had been a workaholic who never paid any attention to her She was determined to help Matt The True Tale of Castaway Daniel Foss open up and connect with Bella so that she would have a happier life than Claire had had She was concerned at first but soon saw glimpsesf a caring man beneath the Iceman reputation She kept telling herself to protect herself from falling for him but it became harder ea. Help Nanny NeededSuccessful CEO Matt Patterson isn't called the Ice Man for nothing he's built up his multibillion dollar company through cool decision making and a ruthless reputation.

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At maybe having new half siblings wasn t a bad thing I loved the way things worked Myths and Legends of Russia out at the family reunion even though he was an idiot with Claire The conclusion was fantastic and the perfect wrap up to the series It took me back to a lovely book titled two timing love A bit repetitive but i think it came naturally to the characters and hence never seemed exaggeratedand it had its momentsBelongingness is the highlight and I was able to feel what it conveyedNice cute read Miniseries The Larkville LegacyCategory Home and Family Reviewed at HarleuinJunkiecomBillionaire s Baby SOS by Susan Meier is the final book in the The Larkville Legacy series and Susan did a great job tying all the loose ends together and wrapping up this series beautifully Matt Patterson is man who thrivesn his Iceman emotionless image His whole childhood was built ¿Quién yo? on lies and his hurts run deep He le I received this book for free in a bagf conference swagMeh The titular billionaire Matt Patterson is the biggest blah ever No personality Nothing interesting about him but money He gets a little soft ver an infant he apparently inherits from his dead ex wife And That S All It that s all it to win ver Claire Kincaid The week they spend playing house is totally unbelievableOne cool thing Il terrore viene per posta of note my version s cover doesn t look like thene pictured and has the price listed in rupees A 35 stars lovely and entertaining rea. Er Claire Kincaid agrees to play temporary mom Happy families might never have been in Matt's plans but Claire and little Bella are pening his eyes to a life that money could never bu. ,
The Billionaire's Baby SOS
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