(EBOOK / PDF) Monster Hunter Legion BY Larry Correia

Monster Hunter LegionCitement and peril Epic Simply epic I m a one book at a time ind of girl Once I start a book I finish it there s no switching back and forth for me So you can imagine my distress when in the middle of reading another perfectly good book I heard from a friend that there was an eARC for sale of the newest Monster Hunter book CrapI needed to read it Had to read it Now now now But what about the other book I can t just abandon it I should probably finish it first and then move on to Monster Hunter Legion once my plate is cleanNo No Not happening I absolutely could not wait one moment I needed me some MHL like I needed air So I didn t just walk I ran to my purse to get my debit card so that I could snatch up a copy as uickly as humanly possibly and then immediately fell onto the couch and This was a fascinating book to read Correia the self styled International Lord of Hate after he got caught up in writer s politics when he refused to toe the line and defied the liberal strangle hold on sci fi and fantasy awards is one of the current ings of pulp fiction for good reasonNemesis is the fifth installment in the Monster Hunter series think Buffy the Vampire Slayer interpreted by The Expendables and it is chock full of rip roaring action Correia is a self taught author who did all the right research He read a ton of science fiction and fantasy and paid attention to what worked Then he went and did it In terms of writing craft Correia s characterization paid attention to what worked Then he went and did it In terms of writing craft Correia s characterization solid bold and memorable His dialogue drips with snark in delightfully irreverent ways PC has nothing to do with things that flow from this man s eyboardThe story revolves around a prior supporting character Agent Franks from the Monster Control Bureau Bow now we now spoiler that Franks is short for Frankenstein and he s been working for the Government on condition that the government never try to make any like himBut coincidence a corrupt bureaucrat takes an end run around the law and sets Franks up for the fall and breaks Franks contract with America and gosh stated like that "a libertarian s take on the Republican Revolution of 1996 doesn " libertarian s take on the Republican Revolution of 1996 doesn seem to be completely unintentional either A former government contractor Correia drips contempt for bureaucratic corruption in the federal government He s a devout Mormon Libertarian and Gun Nut and that s probably stated in reverse order Correia s earliest books were sometimes to technically spec heavy for non shooters to enjoy as much as his targeted fan base but this mistake is long in the past There is very little but sheer fun in this rompThis book deals largely with cosmology and Correia has never been one to beat around the bush He does an amazing job integrating Mormonism and Cthulu esue noir urban fantasy I am not a Mormon though I grew up with them only non Mormon in my Boy Scout troop so it was all right to beat me up for example and while I prefer Christianity I did not have a hard time reading this book since the differences are as clear and unapologetic as anything else Correia does Cliff s Notes version orthodox Christianity has Grace and Mormonism has Works Also I did some double checking and Correia is absolutely correct that the Tomte are extortionist thug punks This book was well written by a guy with sincere beliefs whose beliefs inform his writing very well I can and do respect that and enjoy it than people mealy mouthing aroundThat being said this is an action adventure It can never be a movie because Hollywood cannot afford the sort of property damage involved in this story but it would be delightful to see them try Correia continues to cameo in almost all of the established MHI people including a fun bit where Preternatural Tarantulas goes after Franks The story is fast paced eventful and relevant to contemporary issues in a time when a new corruption or scandal comes up every day Cultural relevance is a big part of a successful storyOf course it s a conservative libertarian non politically correct alpha male anti government escapist romp so Hollywood will never make the effortThat s fine Pick up a copy today and check out the difference with your own imagination to supply the special effects. Ee who can bag the mysterious creature firstOnly there is far to this particular case than meets the eye and as Hunters fall prey to their worst nightmares Owen Zastava Pitt and the staff of. Tart at book 1 Monster Hunter International and follow the series as i ve said before the series As I ve said before is prime 100% grade A brain candy It s an action treat for lovers of Urban Fantasy Action Horror thrillers and so many crossover genre areas that it will appeal to a great many readers and groups of readers And among these let s not leave out the gun enthusiasts among us I ve had some shots taken at me and those who enjoy these books by people who consider themselves the literati among usand those who are very involved in

anti gun matters 
gun matters ve been insulted because you see these books are obviously not up to the standards of some among usCool I admit this is wonderfully fun literary junk food It appeals to our need to escape now and then from the day to day grind It fulfills a need to vicariously fight a grand battle where good and evil face off and you are part of trying so save a world that is unable or unwilling to participate in it s own defense So enjoy I can list other series and other books I like better I can list other books that have moved me but that s not what we re doing here We re taking a vacationfor your brain And while we must inevitably come back from "a vacation it still rests us and renews us for the day to day grind we liveHighly " vacation it still rests us and renews us for the day to day grind we liveHighly high octane action fun Enjoy Here Be Dragons 4 Stars Random Ramblings Yes Dragons Not gonna lie I ve been waiting for one of these UF series to whip out one of these bad boys While it only has a minor role Larry Correia continues to masterfully introduce us to the monsters and mythical beast we all now and love and at the same time give them their own MHI spinThis installment feels as if it is a transition book in the series It is different from the others as there is le I love this series action Action ACTION escalation Escalation ESCALATIONOliver Wyman who does the audible narration for this series is phenomenal he brings the story to life Holy shit I exclaimed and that was one of the most coherent comments of the bunch Monster hunters from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas for a conference As an additional bonus there was a show of new and experimental weapons practically across the road from the hotel the hunters stayed so nobody in the right mind wanted to miss this Thus the story began without big excitement a big group of people from Monster Hunter International came to get some food in all you can eat buffet but ended up being the primary participants of the good old fashioned bar brawl The one what only ends in total wrecking of the place Once the fun as well as humorous part of the book was over the real work came A failed scientificwizarding experiment conducted by a secret government agency escaped and infiltrated the hotel with monster hunters Now poor trapped people must fight not only literally indestructible monster but the bureaucracy as well Let me give you a spoiler the latter is scarierOn the good side the interesting survivors from seemingly unrelated solitary adventures of Earl Harbinger from the previous book made a spectacular appearance here On the negative side there was not enough Agent Franks but we get to learn an awesome fact from his biography After the all out fighting I mentioned above Owen s very special humor failed him as the story took a very dark turn I folded the restraining order into a paper airplane and sailed it over to Julie without even interrupting my narrative She caught unfolded and read it while mouthing something that looked suspiciously like ducking mother truckers but I m not very good at lip reading I thought long and hard about the rating In my opinion for now the best books of the series are the first two but I feel generous enough to give this one the same rating 4 stars There are no words to describe my totally irrational fan girling for this series Every single book is fabulous Every Single One There s a teeny bit of on the page romance but it pretty much takes a back seat to the ongoing saga of the dedicated men and women who make up Monster Hunters InternationalThe world is complex the characters are compelling and their mission to save the world is start to finish hardcore action and ex. Rence a creature left over from a World War Two weapons experiment wakes up and goes on a rampage across the desert A not so friendly wager between the rival companies turns into a race to Note to self duct tape samurais and little birdies to sacrifice to rotor spirits chickens Never leave home without them They could save your little puny human life one day Then again maybe not Yeah well not sure Edgar the Disco Chicken really fits the bill here but hey whatever and stuffRTC and stuff In a century or two Book 1 Monster Hunter International Book 2 Monster Hunter Vendetta Book 3 Monster Hunter Alpha Book 35 short story A Halloween Public Service Announcement from MHI Book 45 short story Tanya Princess of the Elves Book 5 Monster Hunter Nemesis Book 6 Monster Hunter Siege to be read Book 7 Monster Hunter Guardian to be read GREAT GOOGLEY MOOGLIE HOLY SMOKE E GAD MAN BOWHICA SNAFU FUBAR and ZOWIE The fourth book in the Monster Hunter International Series by Larry Corriea is no joke It s every bit as much fun as the first 3 maybe better than the last two but it s too close to call The crew s back and yes they pissed off another supernatural monstrous and wicked evil monster being I mean c mon Pitt Haven t you met a supernatural being that you didn t piss off Here we go again and this time the Ghosts Ghouls Vampires Werewolves and other assorted nasty and naughty entities of aren t the only thing that want s a piece of Owen Pitt this time Everybody corporeal physical undead possessed living or what ever state the body you call home is you need to stand in line and take a number Pitt will deal with you as your number comes upOh Yea Earl Harbinger gets what ever s left Is there any entity between here and the 9 levels of hell that Pitt hasn t pissed off other than Julie and gang I mean It starts with a huge brawl that s fun to read and ends with monster battle uuhh in every way a guy can meanmonster battle The zingers and one liners fly the humor is up the action is hup the tension is uphell everything s up there s just one everything s up There s just one with this book It s too damned short Great fun great read highly recommended and best of allHOLLY s BACK aahhh Hoooollllyyyyy she s sohotBlink blink cough um I mean very skilled and intelligent great in a crissis where was I oh yesIf you liked the first three this book won t let you down If you ve been doing the audiobook as I have it s super high uality like all of the othersWarnings lots of violence improvised weapons blowing things up with cleaning supplies eating people cutting people up and blowing things up here Hand to hand gun hand to claw hand to tentacle hand to archic magic weapon hand to you get it right lots of violence All in good fun and the proper lightoh yea there is a good plot strong female and male characters both hot and not so hot in this book It s not just an action packed marshmallow This series has a serious plot and it s executed with classic timing The back story eeps your attention and is well woven through the combat and things of supernatural significance Great read Enjoy 475 stars on the Hugh Scale one book this good and I raise the entire series to 5 First time read in May 2015 re read 19 27 February 2017I absolutely loved it this time around and has thus bumped up my rating to reflect it from four to five stars 3 I liked it last time as well I just enjoyed it this time I think It was so much fun revisiting this World and these characters from mostly Owen s POV again I also greatly enjoy Oliver Wyman s narration of these audiobooks I highly recommend checking out really any audiobook with him he s one of my favourite narrators I am excited for the continuation of the story with the sixth book of the series although I don t actually now when that will come out I suppose I could look xD I am considering reading Monster Hunter Nemesis now actually while this is fresh in my mind HmmmThere were a couple of heartbreaking moments in the story at least they were heartbreaking to me But I am a softie and I get invested and sucked into stories xD they were heartbreaking to me But I am a softie and I get invested and sucked into stories xD I don t now that I would want to change a thing xD I do the same with movies and tv shows and it s terribly taxing xD If I were wont to use such phrases I might open this review with HOT DN this is a good book But I don t use those phrases so I ll just saynow among my favoritesGet this series Monster Hunter International might be the premier monster eradication company in the business but they’ve got competition When hunters from around the world gather in Las Vegas for a confe. ,