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Acts of God Christ Clone Trilogy #3I do like the book and recommend it I enjoyed these books and while as I said before I wouldn t get my basic theology from this novel or any novel for that matter LOL it is a well written series of books and uite enjoyable without being objectionable hide spoiler So this icks the pants off the money institution that is the Left Behind series Although this book is in the same vein it actually uses things into today s culture to show how prophecies in the book of Revelations can occur without all t This is perhaps the most important book I ve ever read Absolutely the best written ficton of end times A must read Acts of God wraps up the story of Decker Hawthorne who with his friend Christopher Goodman the titular Christ Clone made from cells found on the Shroud of Turin has begun creating a new world for humanity an era full of wonder and possibility an era free from the tyrannical deity Yahweh This new age is not without its dissidents however and a lengthy encounter with some of them leaves Decker wondering if Yahweh truly is eviland just how far Christopher can actually be trustedThis final installment of the trilogy has a lot of strengths For one the bleak almost Lovecraftian ton It almost feel like the author lost control of the story and basically wrote an easy way out with this book I don t now what a good ending would have been but this "was definitely not it Such a great trilogy and so much better than the Left Behind series. F "definitely not it Such a great trilogy and so much better than the Left Behind series. F Christ ClonePRAISE FOR THE CHRIST CLONE TRILOGY BeauSeigneur nows how to write deploying a tough driving

in perfect cadence Booklist Starred intelligentinventivedizzyingly well described Kirkus Reviews Starred Review Undeniably riveting daringwonderfully creepyReaders will be enthralled by the author's science fortified vision of the Apocalypse Publishers Weekly PUBLICATION HISTORY ACTS OF GOD is Book Three of a revised expanded and re edited release of THE CHRIST CLONE TRILOGY originally published in 1997 by SelectiveHouse and in 2003 by Warner Books This new edition includes a Study Guide and an extensive Prophecy Cross Reference THE CHRIST CLONE TRILOGY has been translated and published in 12 languages Book One is IN HIS IMAGE Book Two is BIRTH OF AN AG. .

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Rpretations of Biblical text and the like I recommend this trilogy to anyone "Who Enjoys A Good Freaky "enjoys a good freaky of times story What a great series The best end times fiction I have ever read This is what Left Behind should have been Read these books Unabridged audioThis is the third book in the series and I recommend them highly While as I ve said before you shouldn t get your theology from these or for that matter any novel these are well done or for that matter any novel these are well done books that remain respectful of Christians and Christ and still tell a good storyI think it s possible for non Christians to read these and treat them as a simple fiction read It will depend on each reader Still these are good novels simply as novelsThere is a major spoiler below the line so if you haven t read the first two books in the trilogy you might want to stop here I d hate to ruin the books for anyoneBut 4 stars and highly recommendedSpoiler belowSpoiler BelowSpoiler Belowview spoilerWell if you ve read the first two volumes here you already now that Christopher is the Beast *Of The Bible This Volume *the Bible This volume the main characters through the last act of the end and to the redemption following While it may not fully agree with the beliefs of each Christian who reads it as indeed it couldn t possibly do or of course the non Christians it is still well told and I think not offensive I m a Christian I mean an actual believing Christian and while I don t agree with some of it s theology. E first signs of humankind's evolution emerge just as Christopher promised His fanatical opponents however charge that he is the Antichrist and that his name when written in Hebrew has the numeric value of 666 Reluctantly Christopher determines to use their own superstitions against these fanatics He reminds the world that the prophecies of Revelation were written by the Apostle John and it was John who after using his dark powers to survive for 2000 years is responsible for the near annihilation of the planet It was John whose writings in the Bible radically distort what is to come and who will emerge the victor Each person must choose All that's certain is that the world is catapulting toward a final apocalyptic conflict and humanity's salvation or damnation depend on the true nature Specifically for the Kindle edition This book thankfully lacks all the problems that the second book contained concerning the end notes and the text So if the second installment made you a little bit crazy having to switch back and forth manually you will be relieved to download this one and have it function correctlyAs "I said about the first two installments in the series This is definitely a book that makes you think "said about the first two installments in the series This is definitely a book that makes you think the f did I just read Some that makes you Think The F Did the f did just read Some the events that occur in the story are a bit bizarre and leave you trying to figure out what exactly is going on However I felt like this book was detailed and the author did a better job of describing the events and the reasons behind them Readers also finally get to see the REAL Christopher and what he is secretly doing behind locked doorsI also absolutely loved the epilogue At the end of the Left Behind series I felt like everything was so contrived and unrealistic The last installment of 12 books is my least favorite and felt like a total let down after sticking with the characters through the entire series In Acts of God however the characters ask uestions feel real emotions other than yay it s a happy ending and have real conversations I thoroughly appreciate the effort the author took to make it relate able to a regular personAdditionally I appreciate the over 300 end notes in the back of the book in which the author explains why he chose certain events to take place different inte. FORETOLD IN THE BIBLE Two nuclear wars Three asteroids Demonic madness Into this a savior will rise cloned from Christ It's not fiction It's prophecy It is the dawn of the New Age After six millennia of stagnation humanity stands on the brink of its final great evolutionary step But it is a step that has come at tremendous cost Half the world's population is dead The Pacific Ocean is barren The forests of North and South America are a charred wasteland Central America has been reduced to rubble The planet's survivors face a fundamental choice follow Christopher Goodman the Messiah of the New Age and clone of Jesus Christ or cling to the very worldview and the God who has wrought this destruction Under Christopher's leadership the world begins to experience miraculous recovery and soon th.