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N our decisions which he terms the Pleist In short I will never look at my backyard ite the same wayAs a matter of fact the same goes for inside the house where we now have a pet kitchen spiderThis book should be shared with young children as they may also grow to appreciate the world going on around them I wish this entire book had been written like the last couple of chapters were The really beautiful prose and philosophy was concentrated at the very end of the book The first and last ch. The External World” The external world” Weekly This book provides #an entry in to the great epic of evolution in a #entry in to the great epic of evolution in a that makes it both accessible and inspiring This is no small accomplishment and we are all indebted to Maximilian Werner Mary Evelyn Tucker co author Journey of the UniverseJoin this sensitive and perceptive naturalist as he explores his yard and nearby caves and mountains carefully observing the activities of myriad life forms and then reflecting insightfully on the evo. ,

I liked it but it was very sappy Maybe #PEOPLE NEED THAT WITH BOOKS ABOUT EVOLUTION THE ARACHNOPHILE #need THAT WITH BOOKS ABOUT EVOLUTION THE ARACHNOPHILE MY FAVORITE with books about evolution The Arachnophile my favorite The genre of memoir is admittedly one with which I have spent little time however it s difficult to imagine another genre in which authors can put themselves so directly on the line especially in terms of relating candidly to the npleasantries of life At the outset Werner approaches his narrative from the perspective that there is a sort of primal subconcious influence How did you choose your home What side of the bed do you sleep on Could you be like a spider In this memoir infused exploration of evolutionary theory Maximilian Werner shows how our Pleistocene instincts inform our everyday decisions and behaviors in a fresh and friendly modern day Walden“Werner’s prose is compelling his natural history is thoroughly engaging and his line of curious inuiry is an admirable attempt to better nderstand humanity and its changing relationship with.
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Apters don t even seem to have come from the same pen Maybe that s the point maybe the author was kind of working his theory or what he wanted to say out as he went to be honest he almost lost with the first chapter If even half of the book was like the final pages me with the first chapter If even half of the book was like the final pages would be an easy five stars Worth a read if you have time to spare and an interest in the premise but in my opinion not worth making special room on your list for nless you skip straight to the last twenty or thirty page. Lutionary story we share with them Learn from him how to feel completely at home in the world Loyal Rue author of Religion is Not about God How Spiritual Traditions Nurture Our Biological Nature and What to Expect When #they failwerner's book thought provoking and emotionally satisfying #FailWerner's book thought provoking and emotionally satisfying s on a journey a journey that Leaders Eat Last ultimatelyrges each one of La muralla verde us to getp go outside and hunt around the edges of our homes for the mysteries that await Sylvia Torti author of The Scorpion's Tai.