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Eezer and the ring inscription was for Ida she is immediately arrested and charged with murderHer ife is upside down and even the people she once is immediately arrested and charged with murderHer ife is upside down and even the people she once friends avoided her No matter the amount of turmoil she suffered she still managed to feed her pets turmoil she suffered she still managed to feed her pets character by far is the most amazing fictional character I Math Basics 6 love the balance of mystery romance faith forgiveness and personal growth in this story This story is a thrill a minute and just when you think you know what is going on there is another revelation I was given this book to review from the authorpublisher through Reading Alley and in exchange I give my unbiased opinion Sharon Buchbinder s new novel Some Other Child is a moving story ofove in the face of painful family secrets The main character is a witty and ovable nurse in Balti I enjoyed following her unexpected conflicts and as the story progressed She investigates a public health mystery related to both her work ife and her own family Buchbinder s storytelling is fast paced and addicting She selects carefully researched details to create a realistic world The theme of forgiveness as a necessary part of family The First Ghost life is compelling Highly recommended 45 stars When I picked up Some Other Child I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is actually a preuel to Sharon Buchbinder s erotic suspense Desire and DeceptionI read theatter recently and the combination of mystery thriller and highly erotic romance was well deserving of its RT Book Reviews nomination for Best Erotic Fiction Book of 2011While Some Other Child does not have the eroticromantic element I usually enjoy in my reading the mystery suspense and humor in this story is top notch and Ms Buchbinder tackles the difficult subject of child abuse and its aftermath with compassionWhether you have already met Sarah Wright Rosen in Desire and Deception or whether you are meeting her for the first time in Some Other Child before she and Dan Rosen get together her story and that of her mother and aunt will grip and hold you from start to finish Great change of genreThis one was an intense roller coaster that had me guessing until the end Engaging the whole way through Loved it and highly recommend This is another gripping suspense from Ms Buchbinder It s short on romance which is what I m always ooking for in a read but the author who I have it on good authority is a romantic at heart didn t abandon it altogether Despite the heroine walking away from a promising relationship in the first few pages to answer a family obligation true ove prevails in the endIn this preuel to Desire and Deception the author explores dark subjects that most writers avoid and she does it with sensitivity and tact From dysfunctional family dynamics to child and elder abuse they re all there in a complicated mix that keeps the heroine and the reader twisted up in knots until the very en. To help her and it Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential looksike things might come together until Sarah is arrested for her aunt’s murder As the evidence stacks up against her Sarah must find the real culprits and unravel decades old family secrets along the Thirty year old Sarah Wright ives in Chicago Illinois with her fiance Dan Rosen Sarah is in a doctoral program and everything in Her Life Is Going Well life is going well she receives a phone call from her mother Ethel Ethel is in her seventies and is an alcoholic who has just had a car accident and has broken both her egs Although Sarah has a brother and a sister they both refuse to do anything to help their mother who th I purchased this book from Sharon at the SW Florida Reader s festival in Ft Myers Once I started reading it I was pleasantly surprised with how she was able to pull the reader in and my need to know what happened next Sharon introduces several plot points that has the reader wondering and she successfully ties up all the character s issues in the end S Book Review Club other child is a fascinating mystery novel that touches on an uncomfortable family topic abuseSarah is oyal at heart If she feels obligated to do something she does it This is shown early on throughout the story It s an admirable trait I must admit I DO NOT have Although I disagree with a ot of her decisions and priorities she is a very realistic character I know many can relate to Family situations can be tough and it s nice to read a story that s not afraid to touch on this subject Understanding this the author has weaved an engaging work of fiction that remains sensitive to these real dark issues uite a few families faceThe mystery in this novel is explored mostly through a Smokin' Hot little back and forth action about a stranger that curiously ties back to Sarah s ownifeBut enough of the dark depressing aspects of this story There s a ittle humor and romance thrown into the mix as well Although the romance is ight in this novel it is my understanding that the seuel Desire And Deception is packed full of that erotic goodness that keeps Lasombra love crazy readersike myself glued to the pages I ook forward to reading the romance side of this two part er now that I Ve Finished With The Dark Juicy SecretsThe Curiosity Readers ve finished with the dark juicy secretsThe curiosity readers at the start of this novel is what keeps you glued to the pageseven without the heavy romance This is a fast read that holds your interest and eaves you wanting that hot and heavy second round Book Some Other ChildAuthor Sharon BuchbinderGenre Mystery Thriller Family Saga Romantic SuspenseLength Approximately 296 PagesI have to say that I read for enjoyment I come from a family that is loaded with alcoholics and drug addicts I try not to read reviews or even book blurbs prior to with alcoholics and drug addicts I try not to read reviews or even book blurbs prior to a book I plan on reviewing because I want the author to build the story for me with their words and emotions Generally speaking the only thing I know about a book I m set to review before I read it is the genre When I do come across a book that deals with these subjects I usually just stop reading it and move on It is just too painful f SOME OTHER CHILD by. Between taking care of her injured alcoholic mother and work Sarah Wright a pediatric nurse researcher hasn’t a minute to herself much Wanton Nights less time for romance But unbeknownst to Sarah twoittle old While My Soldier Serves ladies her aunt and her ex fi. Sharon Buchbinder has aittle Bit Of Everything That Makes of everything that makes book a fast read It s got family drama ong hidden secrets ifelong friends and ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe longost The Fiend Next Door love Sharon s ability to weave a cast of compelling characters with an intense gripping plot makes this book one to remember Youl augh at Winston the dog s antics CRY WITH THE REVELATION OF LONG BURIED SECRETS AND with the revelation of ong buried secrets and at the the message that பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் love can help you make it through anything Highly recommend Over the year I haveearned never to ask What else can go wrong There is ALWAYS something far worse that can happen This book took me completely by surprise with the twists and turns that make you wonder every step I couldn t imagine having an alcoholic mother who is The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 laying in a coma fighting for herifeSarah Wright is a hard working nurse who is dedicated to the pediatric field She gave up her boyfriend to move home to care for her mother who was in a car wreck and broke both A Meditation on Murder legs Sure she has siblings but they refuse to help Her mother Ethyl is 79yrs old and sent her kids toive with her mother as if she didn t care for any of themAunt Ida is 75yrs old who ives next door Not related by blood but Ida and Ethyl have a bond since childhood Ida stands beside Sarah as her mother is oaded into an ambulance They both stay at her side until the doctor tells them to go home and rest Ida then Travis lets slip a few family secrets but refuses to say She uickly packs up her car She is heading to her second home in Florida and makes Sarah promise to use her new cell phone to contact her anytimeSarah tries to create a new normal of work and visiting her mother until she is in an accident on her own When she wakes up on the concrete with a very sore body she struggles to remember if the dog or a strange white mini van cause the accident Doubts are suashed when the cop notices a headlight shape of dirt on her jacketSarah is now injured her mother is in a coma and now her aunt is nowhere to be found Calling the police only aggravates her with theack of interest they have The doctor s grave news from the test results cause Sarah to search for a nursing home for her motherWhile on a tour of a nice nursing home she runs into the good Samaritan who called for help when she fell Sarah is surprised to earn that the good Samaritan sister is in this home and her roommate passed away eaving the blind Elizabeth alone A simple reuest of pairing her and her mother together was approved Sarah went to introduce herself Elizabeth alone A simple reuest of pairing her and her mother together was approved Sarah went to introduce herself the woman and was shocked when she seen a picture of her aunt Ida on her nightstand How does she know Ida Ida s only child passed away in childbirth so it must be IdaIda is still missing and the cops still refuse to help until Sarah comes home to find her mom s house ransacked The cops then take action in investigating the crime When a pinkie finger with a wedding band is found in Sarah s fr. Ancé’s mother are conspiring to reunite Sarah with Dan Rosen a brilliant and demanding surgeon When her aunt goes missing Sarah is convinced it’s a kidnapping but the police refuse to investigate Dan flies to Sarah’s side.

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