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I love this series OK I hope I m not going to be shot down for honesty in this one because it s been "gnawing at me and i cannot tell a "at me and I cannot tell a am extremely I am not one to normally sit down and read a gigantic horror book because I simply do not like the crazy images I conjure for myself in my head However give me a giant book of mini horror stories and I m good to go I find anthologies like this one to be lots of fun and I am really glad I was given the opportunity to participate in this blog tourThis anthology is a two volume set and each and every story is worth your time They are all chilling and creepy and many have a crazy twist of fate to them This anthology is great because you can sit down and enjoy a bunch of scary stories back to back or you can pick the book up read one story and then come back later to read some So there is no way I can write about each and every story so I picked out some of my favorites that I wanted to share with you guysFirst we have What Goes Around by Carmen Jenner she is awesome by the way and one of my favorite blogger buddies This was the first story I read in the anthology and even after all of the other stories I could not forget it Probably because it had zombies and we all now that I am weirdly obsessed with zombies Her zombies were vividly described and those descriptions made me cringe because they were so perfectly gross I also loved the title and if you read the story you will see that it is an apt title for the twist that occursNext I want to mention Of Events At Lowkirk Cemetery by Michael Cail I loved the time period this story was set in gaslight automatically makes anything creepier This story I loved the time period this story was set in gaslight automatically makes anything creepier This story like a story within a story We come into it after the events have occurred and watch the main character describe the events to the police I thought this was a very interesting way to get the story across I also enjoyed the mention of strigoi because Vampire Academy freak that I am it excited meAnother favorite of mine was Little Darlings by Ginger Nielsen This one truly creeped me out and I absolutely loved the twist at the end There were lots of dolls in this one and dolls freak me out so this was a great scary story for me The story did not go the way I expected at all and I loved it for that I love when a story surprises me I also love that the little girl is not so innocentI also really enjoyed The Lost Souls by Laura Huntley This one was incredibly sad but still had a creepy feel This one really made my heart hurt Despite its. FEAR A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror brings together for the first time tales of murder monsters and madness by sixty of the world’s best indie horror authors Discover what lurks in the water at the end of the. Fear Volume 2

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Ngle out these stories in particularThe Sad Story of the Death of a King Jane Wright One of those stories so well written its invisible by that I mean you no longer recognize that you re reading and just become one with the story Great characterization and excellent imagery that dragged me back to my old days Trick or TreatingIt Sticks with You Kim Krodel Brilliant storytelling and very much fear inspiring I consider a story particularly special if it gives me goose bumps this one gave me a serious case of goose bumpsThe Lost Souls Laura Huntley This Story Huntley This story very moving and actually made me cry although it was disturbing than frightening The tale was well told The author manages to generate sympathy for even those who were doing something heinous and I Really Connected With The Main Character really connected with the main character the limited format of a short storyScarecrow Liam Hogan An excellent example of a story purely based on fear It s a simple premise but very well executed It gave me a satisfying conclusion for the protagonist but still leaves you wondering what became of the poor farmerThe Living Eucharist A Taylor Douglas Wow I really enjoyed this one The characters were lifelike the events of the tale just strange enough to be interesting without being overdone and the narrative flowed smoothly The ending was particularly chillingThe Honeymoon s Over EE King A clever little story with just the right amount of detail and an interesting twistI m sure there will be to come from Crooked Cat and these talented writers I give this one four out of five stars A very good collection of horror short stories Very few clunkers in the mix Not real over the top gore like Ghost Stories Creepy a bit scary Fairly well written Mostly British authors so the stories are mainly set in Merrie Olde England and Scotland which is good There are some really great settings for ghost stories in the UK I Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor kind of liked the Tomato Seed story Heh Weird The book was fairly well editedproofread something that s been bugging me lately and I don tnow why Can t complain this time anyway And yes I now British spelling and grammar not American it makes a difference Most of the authors are rather young and unknown but most have been published in magazines and other collections Seems to be alot of promising talent in the Horror Genre That s a Good Thing Indeed Just finish reading FEAR A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror Charity Anthology Volume II wow it was awesome A most enjoyable read and all for a good cause fantastic. Es will go directly to the international charities Barnardo’s and Médecins Sans Frontières FEAR with forewords by international bestselling authors Peter James and Sherri Browning Erwin is now available in two volume. Short length I really felt for the character and made a connection with her This is one of those stories that is not happy but it is goodLast but not least I want to mention Life and Death In A Cemetery by Denise Moncrief I loved that this story jumped right into the action It picks up after a woman has been idnapped and she is digging her own grave This leaves the reader to imagine how she got there and exactly what happened I loved that the woman had fight in her and refused to back down The ending to this one is an awesome twist and I WAS VERY HAPPY WITH THE TURN OF EVENTS I very happy with the turn of events I lucky enough to have the chance to interview Denise so be sure to check that out after the reviewI wish I could mention all of the stories but then we would be here for days These stories may have been the ones to stand out to me but there may be others that stand out to you Every single story is truly great and worth the read Horror fans this one is for youI received a copy of this book as part of the blog tour in exchange for a fair and honest review I liked this second anthology of horror and terror from Crooked Cat There s something for all horror fans here The only downside are the numerous typos Well worth a read though As a charity anthology for only a handful of pennies it would be churlish and uncharitable to pick at the loose threads in this e book which could perhaps have benefited by a little editing That aside 30 stories means even if you don t like them all there s something for everyone Here s my favourite three The Pond Donna CuttressLovely idea of the threat in the back garden and definitely uniue my favourite three The Pond Donna CuttressLovely idea of the threat in the back garden and definitely uniue the terminator esue relentlessness of the foeIt Sticks With You Kim KrodelThis one delivers a real sense of horror It might be a little long to get going and I m still unsure what the narrator s intentions are when he makes his escape but its a hell of a rideThe Lost Souls Laura HuntleyLike Synesthesia in Vol I Lost Souls is a With this charity anthology Crooked Cat offers a second great selection of fear inspiring stories all proceeds going to a couple of very good causes While every story had entertainment value I found a greater range of uality in this volume than in the first Some of the stories were exceptional but others had clear language issues that might be distracting to the discerning reader and there were grammatical punctuation and wording issues missed during copy editing in this volume I would still recommend it if you enjoy a good horror anthology and I would si. Garden learn of the unforgiving loyalty of a loving toy and meet a writer just itching to finish his latest horror story Every author in the Anthology has generously contributed their work for free All royalties from sal. ,

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