[DOWNLOAD] (Women Of The Kakawin World Marriage And Sexuality In The Indic Courts Of Java And Bali)

Nd years these royal courts *WERE MAJOR PATRONS OF THE ARTS *major patrons of the arts court sponsored epic works that have survived provide an ongoing literary testimony to the cultural and social concerns of court society from its ealiest recorded history until its demise at the end of the nineteenth century This study examines the idealized images of women and *Sexuality That Have Pervaded Javanese And Balinese *that have pervaded Javanese and Balinese and provides insights into a number of cultural practices such as sati or bela self immolation of widows. Till being produced in Bali today kakawin remain *of interest and relevance to balinese cultural and *interest and relevance to Balinese cultural and identities This book draws on the epic kakawin poetry tradition to examine the institutions of courtship and marriage in the Indic courts Its primary purpose is explore the experiences of women belonging to the kakawin world although the texts by nature reveal about the concerning women sexuality and gender than of the historical experiences of individual women For over a thousa. .

In this fascinating study the "Lives And S Of Women "and s of women one of the least understood *BUT MOST DENSELY POPULATED AREAS OF *most densely populated areas of world are unveiled through the eyes of generations of court poets For than a millennium the poets of the Indic courts of Java and Bali composed Epic Kakawin Poems In kakawin poems in they recreated the court environment where they and their royal patrons lived Major themes in this poetry form include war love and marriage It is a rich source for the cultural and social history of Indonesia ,

Women Of The Kakawin World Marriage And Sexuality In The Indic Courts Of Java And Bali