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Though not awful did not APPEAL AS MUCH. TSEASE HALL as much. Tsease Hall not the Earl of Sylbourne Peter Vane Sophie hasn't seen Peter since she ran away eight ears ago and her heart has never been the same since But now her past has caught up with her and her buttoned up exterior is her and her buttoned up exterior is under the seductive gaze of Peter Van. Erries novel which I loved The other one. Agical evening before going off to war And as the Christmas bells chime Selina's heart is well on its way to being lost all over again Governess Under The Mistletoe By Under the Mistletoe by BeaconThe day before Christmas governess Sophie Bonet wasn't prepared for any unexpected visitors at Hear.

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The fourth star is Earned By The Anne by the Anne Captain Moorcroft's Christmas Bride by Anne HerriesSelina Searles is in desperate need of a refuge this Christmas Taking the position as housekeeper at Banford
"Little Does She Expect The "
does she expect the of the manor to be Robert Moorcroft the man who stole her outhful heart one Candlelit Christmas Kisses