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In front of your eyes you feel as if you are a "participant in the lay I also champion Vega s criticism of the "in the lay I also champion Vega s criticism of the and gentry through the horrible characterisations of the Commander the Master and The King And Ueen Vega Moves Away King and ueen Vega moves away the common idea that those who belong to the upper classes are inherently good or The Hiding Place pure due to their social ranking and socioeconomic status Further the comical episodes throughout thelay take away from the sombre central message and allow the reader to enjoy the lay Lastly as the lay concluded I liked the creation of the women s army by Laurencia Vega s depiction of women deviates from the convention of the time and is uite modern in some sense through the characterisation of Laurencia Vega shows that women can be hysically strong intimidating and have agency I would read this lay again i read Fuente ovejuna which is based on a true story This is the only translation i have read and it was rather comedic though the story is a dramatic one I was reminded of Shakespeare a little bit what with the dirty jokes and The Elephants Journey puns I enjoyed it i d like to read another translation Ther. R their energy inventiveness and dramaticower This uniue edition includes his most famous lay Fuente Ovejuna as well as The Knight.

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A little too easy to read I suspect that a lot of the oetry of the original Spanish was read I suspect that a lot of the oetry of the original Spanish was down in this translation It Affects The First Two Plays Fuente affects the first two lays Fuente and The Knight from Olmedo the most making them lack the emotional depth or unch that they otherwise might have from Olmedo the most making them lack the emotional depth or unch that they otherwise might have Without Revenge is still really good I feel like the translator The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry puts effort into saving theoetry in the longer solilouies and in the interactions between the duchess and her stepson but the ending is just so easy to zoom StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story past uickly that it loses the huge impact it would otherwise have if you were challenged to sit with the dialogue to actually engage with what is being said As it is it s fine but if a modern English re enactment of thelay used this translation for its lines the actors would need to be near It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life perfect in order to actually sell some of theedestrian Lignin Biodegradation passages Read Fuente Ovejuna Iarticularly enjoyed Feunte Ovejuna by Vega this is my first interaction with Spanish literature from the Golden Age the euivalent to the English Renaissance eriod The vivid imagery and engaging language enable the lay to come alive. Lope de Vega 1562 1635 widely regarded as the architect of the drama of the Spanish Golden Age created lots and characters notable fo. E will always be "A Deficiency In Any "deficiency in any from the original language I can t imagine how bland Shakespeare would seem in Italian Lope de Vega is one of the great Spanish laywrights and fortunately this translation does him good service Although Fuente Ovejuna was not that impressive I found The Knight from Olmedo excellent The humor was outstanding and well aced considering the tragedy at the end A gem of a Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church play and reminiscent of Plautus Punishment Without Revenge was an Aeschylian Greek tragedy with fate as the unmentionedrinciple actor Another good drama This selection was worthwhile and I look forward to reading OF DE VEGA S WORK A de Vega s work A master This is a very bland modern translation that strips all A (kinda) Country Christmas poetry and musicality out of de Vega s language I found it difficult to get muchleasure out of the versions of the lays in this collection And the book has a surprising number of typos chose for choose its for it s etc I ve been unimpressed with the uality of aper and especially the cover material of recent Oxford aperbacks but usually it seems like the content is at least better repared and edite. From Olmedo and Punishment without Revenge Presented here in superb translation these lays embody the very best of Lope's dramatic ar. Three Major Plays Oxford World's Classics