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Ing Shawn s immaturity and faults but *NOT REALLY ANY OF HIS CHARM OR CREATIVITY THERE *really any of his charm or creativity There also way too much crude humor I "M Not An Incredible Prude "not an incredible prude but a lot of times it felt like they just didn t know what to say so they threw in sexual innuendo that wasn t really that funny Just mentioning sex or something sex related does not automatically make it a jokeA lot of the guest writers also kind of felt like hey you remember this pisode You liked this Pansy Vol. 6 episode sort of throw aways maybe Mary s and Yang s werexceptions to this but all in all this was kind of a missed opportunity that really read like promotional material than anything Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods elseHonestly the websitextras I used to get on USA Network s site like the hashtag killer Elizabeth I extras and such really felt like there was thought put into them than this collection Lame I should have known better than to buy this book since it is written in the voice of the main character Shawn Spencer James Roday rather than by the actors or production staff As you might suspect there s a kind of law of diminishing comedic returns at work when people try to spoof a spoof I like the PSYCH series a lot but many of the commentaries or podcasts leave me cold for the same reason this book does it s full of convoluted in jokes that don t really reach out I consider myself a big fan of the PSYCH show but not of this book I m a Psych o Don t believe me I have a Jules and Lassie bobblehead set on myntertainment center Picture forthcoming My friend made me a crochet pineapple because she knows I m a fan of delicious flavor And let s face it Psych is one of the few shows that actually lasted seven years without a serious decline in uality Season 8 may sink it but I m choosing to be hopelessly optimistic about the show not only lasting forever but at the same high uality THAT I VE COME TO KNOW AND LOVETHAT BEING I ve come to know and loveThat being this is a book for Psych fans And not casual fans like Oh yeah I saw that show once it was pretty good No this is for the fan that has seen Education in a New Society everypisode played spot the pineapple and has heard it both ways Despite taking place during season 7 there are a lot of references to Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education events that happened inarlier seasons sprinkled throughout the book I ma. Ited to Chief Vick Lassiter Henry Buzz MacNab and ah Juliet and flashes of genius like Evel Knievel's white leather jumpsuit You'll discoverHow to set up a totally bitchin' office where Wednesday Ladies NightHow to convince your sidekick that he's really your partnerHow to pick up women at a crime sceneShawn's Stakeout Survival Guide including sensible snacksGus's Scream and Run Method for confronting criminalsUnsolved mysteries like who stole Shawn's Any Psych fan would love this book It s incredibly funny It s written by Shawn but other characters provide articles and there are footnotes through which characters comment on the what Shawn s written I found myself laughing out loud through most of the book Very fun read BEST IDEA EVER Psych is a brillant show James Roday and Dule Hill are the perfect best friends and I cannot get nough of their humor This is a must read if you njoy these actors and the USA TV Show I own ver so you know I loved this how did enjoy these actors the USA TV Show I own ver season so you know I loved this how did not know about this bookI need it It truly pains me to give this book such a low star rating I ADORE Psych as a TV show I love all the characters specially Shawn and Gus I thought this book would be a laugh out loud riot all the way throughUnfortunately it was loaded with profanity and not hardly funny at all On paper whomever wrote this book was clearly trying for the hilarious dialogue of the show but it really fell flat I only smiled or laughed a few times usually at outraged footnotes from Juliet or Gus I m glad I got it from the library because I will not be buying it sadly This book is odd First it s written by a fictional character with input from his fictional friends This is only for hard core fans of the TV show Psych To anyone lse this book will make no sense at allIt s hard to switch from TV to a book You have to imagine Shawn s voice actually narrating the book It s got his obscure 80s references and tangents and plenty of footnotes where he argues with Gus It s kind of funny but mostly goofyI can t believe Shawn disses Doctor Who At least Gus comes to its defense On one hand I m the target audience for this I m a huge fan of the show I own all the DVDs on the other I m not sure if this book knew what its target audience was xpect for maybe fans who will buy anything with Shawn and Gus s face on it just to have and if that was what they were going for this book does have some bright spots There are some places that are uite funny but in other ways its a very lazy merchandise item but little Main problems the humor can be very lazy That s kind of what I wanted not a story just some good laughs and there are some good jokes but a lot fell flat by tak. GOT A MYSTERY TO SOLVEDON'T GET STUMPED GET PSYCHEDYou've seen him solve unsolvable crimes stop unstoppable killers and consume unconsumable breakfast cereals Now Shawn Spencer the mastermind from TV's hit show Psych shows you how to become a fake psychic and a real detective using his patented methods of crime fighting awesomeness Along the way he'll help you deal with whiny sidekicks that means you Gus interfering police officers including but not lim. ,

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Y be biased but I can asily say that this is one of the most ntertaining books I ve read all year Reminiscing with Shawn about things that haven t been mentioned in the show for years delighted me It was like a pleasant trip down memory lane with a good friend who has a tendency to get veryone around him into trouble Some people might find it tedious to be stuck in Shawn s head for so long The footnotes were most Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation entertainingspecially when Shawn And Gus Used The Space Gus used the space argue with Gender Justice each other All in all a solid read for the dedicated Psych fan I didn t really like this book it kept all the ideas I like about Psych style of how they talk all the 80 s referencestc but this book just wasn t for me For a few reasonsThey dissed Doctor Who Shawn said it was the lamest show Generations and Collective Memory ever as I just can t accept thatI don t appreciate some if the language AT ALLven if they say it all the time in the show Kids are reading this Like meI actually don t get any of the 80 s references The Book Or the book or but it s okay on tv because it seems to understand during a heated argument between Lassie and ShawnGuide books aren t really my thing I like ACTUAL informative books but I don t think Psych is specially good in this areaMany trick uestions during the chapter uizzes that relate to nothingAnd finally there was NO real information WHATSOEVER that wasn t already common knowledge It s uiet vident in the show but I would From Notes to Narrative expect something different in a book that is actually labeled Guide to Crime Fighting Sure it isn t a real informational book but there could have been something different since people ARE paying 16 for this thing It was okay though for just a couple reasonsIt s Psych my favorite show I have to like the book by default not really but I freak out atven the slightest mention of it And secondly I liked the parts where Juliet was writing ir having her little doodles in there How I felt after reading Psych s Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally UnualifiedIf you re a fan of Psych then reading this is a MUST Because just like the show the book is hilarious silly fun and just AWESOME I loved the banter between Shawn Gus in the footnotes those two manage to crack me up Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America every time. No Caps in third gradeThe ideal sleuth car Magnum PI's Ferrari or Knight Rider's KITTWho should play Shawn in the movie of his life Christian Bale or Don CheadleNew names for detectives such as Rico Solvé and Sherlock Homeboy and way cool stuffPacked with insane pop uizzes unbelievable case studies unflattering photos and off the chart charts this all in one guide will have you solving crimes and catching crooks like a proven if you don't have a clue. ,

Psychs Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unualified
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