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Agic and the public was umping on board no hesitation that in the alternate universe knowledge about magic was the norm and everyone was in the know but that really isn t the case magic is as new to Wit and Whisty as it is to everyone else but everyone else reaction wasn t what I was expecting No one was uestioning it acting skeptical and there were a lot of knowledgeable people in this world which made me think background information on both the new government and the world of Witch and Wizard would have left me feeling less confusedIt would have also helped if the entire first novel hadn t been packed into
this one volume 
one volume so much had happened that THERE WAS BARELY ANY TIME TO was barely any time to a break and digest all that was going on There was barely any character development for anyone and so currently I don t really care what happens to anyone at this point Hopefully this will change in volume two I first read this book when I was still in middle school then I couldn t find the second and third volume until now so I read it again back in time it was mostly the graphics and magic that interested me but now I m seeing things a bit than that like when at the end of the book it talks about standing up against things or the way philosophy is banned I might even start to read the actual book The art was nice The story was American Africans in Ghana Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture just ridiculous and not great to me I m not even sure why I won t be continuing this series Perhaps the novel version is better I don t know This Was AMAZINGI love Svetlana Chmakova s artwork And combined with this story it was definitely a winGreat characters Great plot I don t think I ve ever liked a Distopia story so much A excellent manga that i enjoyed reading A must for manga lovers everywhere I wasn t interested in witches and magic and those stuff until I read this manga sO fUn anD GreAt A pretty good Manga about a brother and sister finding out they are a witch and wizard and being imprisoned for it The story follows theirourney trying to overcome the powers of evil and find their parents. N und ihre Eltern wiederfinden die den Häschern bereits entkommen konnten Doch ein Ausbruch aus den grausamen Kerkern der Organisation in denen Folter und unmenschliche Experimente die ungen Insassen erwarten scheint nahezu unmöglich. ,
This graphic novel adaptation of the book is rather good I really enjoyed reading it as I have not yet read the original books by Mr Paterson and I am really wondering if they are as good as these books are The story here has some wondering if they are as good as these books are The story here has some good points and should not be taken as mere fantasies as the personal tourture of those different than the comman is what many wars have been fought over in the past and present This book ust takes it to the point of what you expect if the world would be like with a lot of people following a horrible personNow lets talk about the art work for a moment First let me say that for a black and white novel I am rather pleased It s not the best art in the world but I am not going to say anything bad about it because I feel like it s going to be better than what I could expect from most of the people I could have gotten to draw the book It s great to see a story like this one being drawn but I really want to see than what is here I ust feel like there s to the story than what I am seeing and I am not sure what it isIlu eh Beautiful artinteresting story Maybe repetitive a bit but still enjoyable
3 stars lots 
stars Lots fast moving randomness It felt odd with things left unexplained and odd setups and setbacks I like the brother and sister angle but I didn t feel like I was engaged in the story but watching and trying t Considering the things I have heard about James Patterson books I have never been interested enough to read any novel by him Not even the original novel from which this manga is adapted from but from the moment I found out on Svetlana Chmakova s livejournal that she would be doing the artwork for the adaptation I was on boardFirst of all to get my fangirling out of the way I will comment on the artwork I loved it points to cover Svetlana does a great ob of portraying different emotions through facial expressions and displaying action seuences without smothering the page in too much detail And her character designs within a story are always uniue enough that you won t mix anyone. Mitten in der Nacht werden die Geschwister Wisteria und Whit Allgood brutal aus dem Schlaf gerissen und eingekerkert Die neue Regierungsorganisation »Neue Ordnung« wirft ihnen unglaubliche Dinge vor Die beiden Kinder sollen magische

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Witch Wizard The Manga Vol 1Up or mistake a guy for a girl I m talking about you Japanese creators However if you compared a few characters in this book to characters in her other series you might be like me and go hey looks like from but that has been my experience with other mangakas as well so I wasn t bothered by this ust making an observationThe story it has a lot of potential and I am still interested to find out what happens in volume two but honestly volume one was sort of a mess Despite actually being around sixty six pages longer than The Standard Manga Volume Witch standard manga volume Witch The Manga vol 1 #Felt Both Rushed In Story #both rushed in story and lacking in background information The story starts off at some point in the future where the main characters along with their parents are on a platform in the middle of a packed stadium about to be executed after this we ump to the past to find out how they all came to be in that situation In the middle of the night while everyone is asleep both Wit and Whisty are taken from their home under the charge of being a witch and wizard and they are each allowed to take with them one item their mother hands Whisty a drumstick while their dad gives Wit a blank book Now from this moment it s obvious to the reader that the parents know than they are letting on and that Wit and Whisty know absolutely nothing about being special They aren t the only ones however to be charged for their crimes because when they get carted off to prison which is an abandoned mental ward they are surrounded by hundreds of other children their ageWitch and Wizard was an action centric story lead by two fairly interesting young characters both Wit and Whisty despite being forcibly removed from their homes by two fairly interesting young characters both Wit and Whisty despite being forcibly removed from their homes in a rundown building forced to undergo testing and over the top punishments under the supervision of cruel child hating warden take all their hardships in stride They rarely fail to crack a oke and never break out into hysterics which would have been my reaction I had first assumed since the new Government regime was so openly anti Räfte besitzen ein Vergehen dass die brutalen Büttel der »Neuen Ordnung« unbarmherzig mit dem Tode bestrafen Mit ihren neu entdeckten magischen Fähigkeiten müssen Wisty und ihr älterer Bruder von nun an für ihre Freiheit kämpfe. ,