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Ded me about other sports movies like Remember the Titans They were given so many struggles to overcome but they came together as a team and overcame those struggles Overall I liked reading this book I like sports and football so I was interested in pretty much the whole time I think they did a really good job making their team the underdog which really made me want them to succeed and do good I would give this book about a and would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in sports This YA novel set in 1950 is based on the true story of a dying Arizona mining town and their last chance football team before the high school closes for good The grit and guts and bravery of these players are evident on every page despite heartbreaking family situations rampant prejudice against Mexicans and the hellish life of the miners The team s football field is on slag not grass and borders on an open pit Yet Red Cruz Rabbit and *all the memorable characters give it everything they ve got A must read *the memorable characters give it everything they ve got A must read football novel I ve ever read by far Muckers by Sandra Neil Wallace is a story about how a team with no hope separation because of race and the smallest team on the field goes for the championship Their uarterback Felix Red O Sullivan suffers from his brother fighting in the war and he passes away I would recommend this book to people who love sports and who love a little bit of history included His dad is a drunk because of his son dying Also his mom is in the hospital because she went crazy after her son died Felix has a great personality he loves to be with his friends He doesn t mind sneaking out and doing a little bit of mischief like writing Hello on the hill where their big H is representing Hatley Another struggle is the team has to fight through different times to go swimming and that they are judged by the color of their skin The white ids are well respected as the Mexicans are not treated as well just because the color of their skin The one way that they can get out of being treated horribly is playing football The Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature kids on the team have to join together if they want to win the championship because they barely even have enoughids to play The team just has to The Writing Workshop keep digging no matter what happens The team justeeps digging Overall the reason this book should be read is because this shows how the team demonstrates grit they overcome all obstacles and they come read is because this shows how the team demonstrates grit they overcome all obstacles and they come no matter what their race Even though that is not what they are taught outside of school because of the difference between the whites and the Mexicans I could not put down Muckers br Sandra Neil Wallance The book was realistic fiction It was about a small mining football team that had not won a championship since reds brother died in a war While the football teams are playing each other the war against Korea is going on The main character nown as red is a nice intelligent guy who cares about almost every one the one person he does not care for is his dad Reds dad is a miner who is rude to red Reds mom also named Maw is in a hospital she can hardly speak she is in bad condition and is very caring to red Red has friends named CruzRabbit and tony Cruz is a very important character in the book and rabbit goes and joins the warCruz and rabbit never get along This was one of my favorite books and I strongly recommend this book to many peopl. Uarterback and leading the last ever Muckers team to the championship   But the only way for the hardscrabble Muckers to win State is to go undefeated and tackle their biggest rival Phoenix United which would be something of a miracle Luckily miracles can happen all the time on the field. .
Muckers by Sandra Neil WallaceI was notified that I d one the giveaway for a copy of Muckers a couple of weeks ago and less than two weeks later did I receive it in the mail So special less than two Weeks Later Did I Receive It In later did I receive it in mail So special to the author Sandra Neil Wallace for fast shipment and hosting the giveaway in the first place To be honest when I first heard I d won a copy of this book I was a little skeptical Sure I liked football and I didn t mind reading from a boy s point of view but this 1950 s set racism confronting book wasn t the type of novel I usually preferred reading All I can say now is boy was I wrong It s hard for even myself to believe but *LOOKING BACK I ACTUALLY REALLY ENJOYED *back I actually really enjoyed Loved it even It took a few chapters before it really got started but once the snowball formed it just ept going and going and the book Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse kept getting better and better Felix Red O Sullivan has a lot riding on his scrawny shoulders his football team perhaps being the last to ever play for Hatley High living out his dead brother s legacy dealing with his brusue father and crazy mother and being in love with a girl who s not really of hisind Set in Arizona over sixty years ago Muckers explores just how difficult things could get when living in a small town built for mining and following the years of a world war If you re a teen like myself then maybe you re not so sure on how seriously race was taken back then and unfortunately I ve learned from this novel that it was a great deal Things went as far as living on different sides of towns different church times for brown and white people and brown persons only being allowed in the public pool on certain days and the water needing to be heavily cleansed once they were done So you can imagine how difficult it is for Red who s nearly in love with his best friend Cruz s little sister Angie who s MexicanLatina This sweet memorable story manages to incorporate just enough romance to add a bit of spice and support to the main lesson it portrays what it means to find your dreams and go after them with everything you have Red and his friends have How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture known for the while now that the mining town they grew up in hasn t been doing as good as it used to in fact the small town of Hatley is just about ready to close down This means multiple things to multiple people but to the students of Hatley High all it means is that this is the football team s last year to win Nationals a possibility that is than highly unlikely for a team made of approximately fourteen players who are all under 150lbs Despite the fact that this book has a highly satisfying and emotional ending it is not unrealistic in the smallest This story follows Red as he and his team dig deeper into the muck and work harder than they ever had beforenowing their success and legacy is on the line It doesn t portray the hard work like a television show might no fast forward rapid progress that seems to happen without an ounce of effort No the book itself digs deep into the muck and just about teaches you how to have a dream and go after it with everything you got no matter the difficulty and lack of odds I found the writing very descriptive with a good use of adjectives adverbs and especially similes It gives the perfect mental image of how things must ve been back then The only thing I found slightly difficult to determine would be what age group this is best suitable for At first I thought. Former ESPN sportscaster Sandra Neil Wallace makes her young adult debut with a historical fiction novel that School Library Journal recommends to fans of Friday Night Lights in a starred review   Felix “Red” O’Sullivan’s world is crumbling around him the mine that employs most of. That it might be the perfect book for boys and girls aged 10 15 It incorporates life lessons sports and family all into one and isn t real graphic sports and family all into one and isn t real graphic the romance But then multiple times I found myself reading than a few sexual references that sure most of the time were funny but just An Alien Heat kind of confused me As a result of that I d say this book is best fitted for anyid 12 and up at least it s honest I m sure things were different fifty years ago but I m not exactly sure how different the average teenage boy mind was I d just about recommend this book to anyone doesn t matter if you prefer romance action or fantasy It s an informative novel that s a refreshing break from corrupt governments and vampires It s as educational as sitting in history class yet with excitement of playing in an actual football game Overall I was excited and thoroughly pleased with this novel that was inspired by a true story and will definitely The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society keep an eye out for Sandra Neil Wallace and any young adult novels that she might have coming out I really struggled with this one I did not care for the style of writing sometimes it became vague I love football so I thought I would love the book especially something based on history I read other books before I finished this one just because I did not find it engaging The vintage feel of this was brilliant Sadly it was just too young adult for my middle school students I d love it if Ms Wallace would join her husband in writing for middle grade It s a funny thing about our townWe re used to getting cut up And the one thing wenow how to do is *fight And if I don t fight on that field this afternoon and win we ll be forgotten The *And if I don t fight on that field this afternoon and win we ll be forgotten The of Hatley gone for good too with Coach and Maw and Bobby along with it And that s not how it s going to beThere are two things that matter to the town of Hatley Arizona mining and football And that s about it In 1950 when the copper veins the town s largest source of labor begin to dry up and threaten to shut down not only the mine but also the entire town the future seems bleak with only the smallest feather of hope remaining Hatley High School s football team s final seasonSet in the grim desperate backdrop of the Korean War during the second Communist scare Muckers is a story about the team that had all odds against them but still found a way to r a lovely little book that did Muckers was inspired by a true story based in the 1950 s about the high school football team in the small mining town of Hatley Arizona They have so little but they learn how to make the most out of everything They live in a very small town so they barely have enough football players in their high school to make up a team One uote that portrays the story pretty well is this We re used to getting cut up And the one thing we Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance know how to do is fight And if I don t fight on that field this afternoon and win we ll be forgotten The memory of Hatley gone for good too with Coach and Maw and Bobby along with it And that s not how it s going to be The story mainly follows starting uarterback Red O Sullivan He has a lot of pressure on him to do good this season and it sind of a lot for him to handle I can connect to him because sometimes I feel that it s so hard to live up to every ones expectations and sometimes its too hard to bear Another way I connected to this story was that it remin. Town is on the brink of closing threatening to shutter the entire town and his high school with it But Red’s got his own burdens to bear his older brother Bobby died in the war and he’s been struggling to follow in his footsteps ever since That means assuming Bobby’s old position as. ,