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E subtitle suggest a series of interviews With Palestinians In Israel I Will Try Palestinians in Israel I will try re read it and flesh out my review later Al igual ue en El Viento Amarillo la sensibilidad e Grossman combinado con fuentes primarias nos hacen entender la complejidad sobre identidad e los palestinos ue viven entro e Israel A series of interviews carried out in 1990 91 about the lives of Palestinians living in Israel The so called Arab Israelis carried out in 1990 91 about the lives of Palestinians living in Israel The so called Arab Israelis I hadn t appreciated until recently is that you can be Jewish and Palestinian and Israeli I really want to understand Israel and the conflict with Palestine and the Middle East and this book gave me some important insights Written by a Jew it gives an insightful look at *THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE ONE FIFTH *people who are one fifth Israel s population and presen. Are they a people without a country How will a Palestinian state if it is established influence the sense of belonging and identity of Palestinian Israeli citizens. Ts them full human beings in social economic historical and political *Contexts I Want To *I want to my recent books by this author and really appreciate this snapshot in time Written before the apartheid wall was built I wonder what has happened to the people he interviewed today Kind of isappointed that I Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing didn t finish this one but I found the text prettyry Without knowing enough about the conflict and the culture I felt a little bewildered as I read I got hung up on a chapter that went back and forth about the pettiness within families with a border between them and Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930 decided I just wasn t invested enough in the story the author wanted to tell Denseeep thought provoking and a little too long which is how I feel about his fiction too Grossman is unrelenting in the. Based on conversations with Palestinians in Israel Sleeping on a Wire like The Yellow Wind is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the Middle East toda. Very compassionate and even handed Take On Of The on one of the conflicts of our era Prose is excellent Would recommend Daniel suggested Yes it s a must read work of *Journalism For Anyone Interested In *for anyone interested in Middle East but most remarkable is its style He Witch-Hunt Narrative doesn t just transcribe interviews which are fascinating on their own but fuses historical literary and personal perspectives to analyze them as he goes along Grossman can write He s alsoisturbingly prescient he s writing in the early 90s when the peace process is still viable yet accurately sketches the traps Israel is laying for itself and how that will sabotage its future A must read for anyone who is either from Palestine or Israel or interested in that conflict It s not a political history but as th. Israel escribes itself as a Jewish state What then is the status of the one fifth of its citizens who are not Jewish Are they Israelis or are they Palestinians Or.

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נוכחים נפקדיםNokhehim Nifkadim