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D Marshall Lee that I m sure the fandom just pounced pon particularly a bit twenty odd pages into FC which I may have suealed atVol 1 is of an epic scale adventure story while FC is about the characters it starts off with Flame Prince getting into a whole lot of trouble and Fionna having to rescue him then having to go get Gumball out of trouble and then LSP On the whole I think I preferred the Fionna and Cake book but only by a very little sliceAlso both are good looking books Allegri s comic retains the Adventure Time style that we ve all grown to know and love but her panels are less busy than Vol 1 s and her lines often have a lovely charcoal y feel Vol 1 is true to the show and is action packed with lots of nice background detail to keep your eyeballs engaged plus some light green hidden comments from the authorMarceline breaking the fourth wall at the bottom of many of the pagesAnd both come with a large collection of beautiful cover art at the back It s tremendous seriously maybe a arter of each book is cover art I don t think I m exaggeratingAll in all these books have lodged themselves firmly in my heart guts and you should read them bothCheck out my book review blog at wwwthelittlecrocodilecom Super cute I think there s a few shows my book review blog at wwwthelittlecrocodilecom "Super cute I think there s a few shows should have been watching as a kid because it " cute I think there s a few shows should have been watching as a kid because it everything I desired I m talking about magical girl cartoons like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura As a little girl I remember liking fantasy but wanting something that reflected me I wanted to see bows and lace What can I say I ve always been a girly girlHowever the show I really would have obsessed over and kinda do being 23 now is Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake While I love the original show it s the genderbended episodes that
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out for me This is not only an extension of one of my favorite cartoons but also an ode to handlettering strong women without ruining it by literally calling them strong every time great side characters and a fluffy summerread vibe This isn t just for little girls yearning for magical females they can better relate to but for men and women who like another take on a heroine s story The villain may not be the strongest and the story is a little over the place but it wraps you around its fingers like a pretty bow It may not be practical and perfect but it sure is pretty to look at I wasn t sure if I liked this enough to re read it since I have another Adventure Time comic and I don t feel like picking that one p again However I suddenly felt the need to re read this after two years so I just had to add it to my collection It s a real treat with all the pastel colors and beautiful handlettering I hope Natasha Allegri and her Bee and Puppycat series go very far because she s talented. Tarts her on a est she’ll never forget Don’t miss out on this sure to be INSANELY popular new ADVENTURE TIME mini seri. .

I really wanted to like this It is enjoyable and interesting but I found the lettering overwrought and distracting and that s a huge negative for me I also felt a bit like they kept insinuating possible relationships for Fionna to purposefully shut them down as romantic potentials I like that she is feisty independent and and much like Finn in stubborn stupidity at times But I wish they would have just let her continue running around adventuring instead trying to define her by her non interest in relationships with these people I get their point But it s almost as bad as making her super romantic about everyoneAnd I guess my expectation for how much Kate Leth and Noelle Stevenson might contribute was also a bit Of A Letdown Their Parts Amount To a letdown Their parts amount to shorts at the end Not a huge fan of Fionna and Cake but Flame Prince makes p for it Illustrations are amazing and it s a keeper due to it being Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español uite rare to find Adorable and funny Win What can I say It was Adventure Time gender bent and awesome I liked the story I liked the weridness I liked the art I liked the lettering Oh man I just loved this to pieces Take the best kids show on TV gender swap the entire cast and not just physically but make them characters in their own right and make a comic book series out of it Yes Can we do that please Oh you already did Can it be helmed by a team of female writers and artists You did that too GIMMEWhen the Iceeen captures a pack of adorable fire lions and endangers a fire elemental Cake and Fionna come to the rescue With a little help from Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee as well as some interference from Lumpy Space Prince the two best pals help revive the weakened elemental trick the Ice The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins ueen and learn a valuable lesson about not exposing your hair to open flamesOh my glob you guys this is totally algebraic Fionna and Cake takes all the best elements of Adventure Time and gives them a good shakep I especially love the fairy tale elements as well as the little personality tweaks that make the swapped characters stand out from their originals the Ice Twisted (LOST, ueen is way badass than the Ice King ever was For all those people who bitch and moan about changing the genderracesexuality of characters in beloved stories let this series stand as an example of how AWESOME it is to shake thingsp and put a new spin on those tales Guess what It adds without taking anything away NET GAIN Having gone through my Adventure Time phase in early 2013 I had forgotten how amazing the series is Fortunately these two comics which I had somehow not read through in the last year despite owning them I know What was I thinking brought the colourful magical euphoria that is the AT experience flooding back into my life within moments Why did I eve. Join Cake the Cat and Fionna the Human in this totally algebraic new adventure written and drawn by Fionna Cake creator and.

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Adventure Time With Fionna and CakeR stop watching this show I m so far behindThe two comics I have to thank for the revival of my obsessive love of the series are Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake I think this is a Volume 1 as well but lets ignore that and we shan t get confused written and illustrated by the glorious Natasha Allegri and Adventure Time Volume 1 by Ryan North and a whole load of other people Both Are Excellent Albeit are excellent albeit marginally different waysFirstly I would like to emphasise that if you somehow haven t encountered Adventure Time before do not begin with the comics I m sure they would still be fun to the newcomer but the show just establishes the movement of the characters so well The grotesuely morphing facial expressions Jake s or Cake s tidal arm waving and shape shifting just the entire physics of the Land of Ooo Also the show is just greatVol 1 opens with the show s opening high five seuence and proceeds to a resurgence of The Lich who once again wants to destroy everything It then proceeds through ite a few pages of BMO being adorable and carries on in trademark Adventure Time fashion pulling off jokes and characteristic movement seamlesslyadvenFionna and Cake opens with Cake s story about how volcanoes were created Immediately there is the notable change of tone that s present between all Finn and Jake and Fionna and Cake Immediately there is the notable change of tone that s present between all Finn and Jake and Fionna and Cake that I ve seen so far on screen or off There s less immediately wacky humour and silliness and drama and romance Don t get me wrong it did make me laugh and was very fun and silly but it was also just different And I know I know regular Adventure Time also has a lot of romance y things in it and Finn blushing and Jake going on dates with Lady Rainicorn but I don t know it just feels different somehow like every character is always a love interest who is trying to play p to her It s a little exhausting and makes you or at least me feel like getting with Fionna is everybody s end goal which isn t something that you get with Finn whose main role is best bud and adventurer Fionna is adventurer and primary love interestAlso like I said I have missed out on a lot of backstory over the past year the last episode I saw I think was partly set in the world without magic and so I don t know what Ice Pirate Barbarian ueen s past is like I can only assume that it is very different from Ice King s Ice King is a silly mostly harmless friendly guy with crazy wizard eyes and endearing princess kidnapping tendencies Iceeen is a lonely villain who is actually A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing uite malicious Like most bad guy lady characters in most things that existBut anyway both comics stay true to the characters they portray based on the show The writing is engaging and fun and there are a couple of adorable moments between Bubblegum and MarcelineGumball an. ADVENTURE TIME storyboard artist Natasha Allegri When Fionna rescues a feral flame boy from a pack of wild fire lions it