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Any men s coach Her impact on the institution of basketball and the development of women s basketball changed the course of history The program would not be what it is today without Pat SummittI still remember my First Vols game I was fortunate enough to attend The University of Tennessee and had several classes some "OF HER LADY VOL PLAYERS THEY TRULY ARE A "her Lady Vol players They truly are a act I also had several classes with football players and the difference between the two is like night and day That s a testament to the character and integrity Coach Summitt put into and reuired of her program She had a 100% graduation rate Education first basketball second Pat Summitt ou are deeply deeply missed I encourage anyone who is looking for a great autobiography to pick up her book to read You will join the rest of VolNation in saying Pat I got Silent Strength (Strength, your back I devoured this book I grew up in an era when women s sports was in its infancy I was a part of our high school women s basketball team my seniorear in high school it was the second NJM Forms Government 1979: The Grenada Chronicles year for our high school to have a women s basketball team I loved it I participated in intramural women s sports all through high school and loved it I got hooked on University of Tennessee s Lady Vols for the first time however in 1997 when I watched them beat everybody they encountered and go on to win a three peat championship That was I believe in 1997 1997 was aear of emotional struggle for me and God used Pat Summit to challenge me to press through and break out of the emotional struggle I was in just WATCHING her coach helped me re capture the competetive edge that I had lost in life and come back fighting She will never know how many women she influenced just watching her intensity and passion and drive to win I saw in her someone who was involved in sports was driven to win but never lost the truly feminine touch of compassion and caring and devotion to her oung players She isn t a masculine woman she is just a classy lady When I heard that she had been diagnosed with early onset dementia Alzheimer s type my heart broke and then when I saw she had written her memoirs I snatched it up immediately She REMAINS a fighter a classy fighter against an opponent that she has acknowledged she will never completely overcome but she will hold out as long as she can As an RN I work in the dementia unit of a wonderful nursing home I know where this disease takes people ultimately and my heart breaks but I know that Pat Summit will keep it at bay for as long as it s possible to keep it at bay Go Coach Summit I m cheering for ou. 's coached; 74 of her players have become coachesPat's life took a shocking turn in 2011 when she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease an irreversible brain condition that affects 5 million Americans Despite her devastating diagnosis she led the Vols to win their sixteenth SEC championship in March 2012 Pat continues to be a fighter facing this new challenge the way she's faced every other with hard work perseverance and a sense of humor.

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Me different side of Summitt fun wild caring passionate intense but she also showed her vulnerabilities and insecurities For someone so put together Summitt revealed just how much she uestioned many of her decisions and showed she didn t always have the right answer Even though the book mostly recounted her life it was easy to read She made fun of herself as well as called out her faults But some things she kept privateSummitt was a little Tennessee farm girl who turned into one of the iconic figures in sports It was great to see how Summitt handled all of the challenges thrown at her and there were many all the way through her latest with Alzheimer s disease I don t feel like I have the words to express how much Pat Summitt has meant to me in my life She and I have never interacted but her first book Reach for the Summit has been read over and over again and she s been a role model A must read on so many levels She s an awesome individual and role model for us all I learned a lot that I didn t know about what a good player she was as well as a good mother daughter friend and wife We already knew she s a great coach Sum it Up is the memoir of Tennessee Lady Vol Coach Pat Summitt who recently lost her battle with Alzheimer s I have been following the Lady Vols for over twenty 69 Sex Positions. Essential Moves to Spice Up Your Sex Life (with illustrations) years because one of the players mentioned in this memoir attended my high school before transferring Additionally I had the privilege to attend one of the Lady Vols tournament games in 1997 en route to championship number five Even though these games were in Iowa the Lady Vols amassed a large cheering section because by this time they had become nationally known which of course was a testament to their coach Fast forward another fourteenears Coach Summitt was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer s disease By this point my grandmother s cousin had succumbed to the disease and my grandmother was slowly falling prey as well in a battle that she would later lose World famous disciplinarian coaches who are four Toward the end of this moving book Summitt writes How to sum it up Perhaps with the realization that makes me happiest my Tennessee legacy is not some flat dry record on a piece of pa How do I Sum It Up to write a review for this book Incredible Amazing Inspirational You do not need to be a Tennessee "Vols fan to enjoy this book Heck ou don t even need to be a basketball fan "fan to enjoy this book Heck Gunnin' For Love you don t even need to be a basketball fan enjoy this book Pat Summitt is a one of a kind woman coach and mentor Whenou read this book it will become clear as day why she has the most wins in NCAA basketball history than. Asketball history She has coached an undefeated season co captained the first women's Olympic team was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and has been named Sports Illustrated 'Sportswoman of the Year'She owes her coaching success to her personal struggles and triumphs She learned to be tough from her strict demanding father Motherhood taught her to balance that rigidity with communication and kindness She is a role model for the many women she. ,

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Extraordinary This Virginia girl is now a Tennessee fan I ran through the emotions with this one Pat made me laugh cheer and cry She has been my companion this week and now that I ve finished the book I find myself with a heightened interest in March Madness This is so deserving than just 5 stars This memoir felt so honest I am a University of Tennessee graduate so I feel somewhat close to this extraordinary coach Through tears and laughs I loved this book from page 1 If Timoe you love the south basketball and extremely strong women with no regrets this is THE book forou I actually l If Convaincre en moins de 2 minutes you weren t a women s basketball fan beforeou will be now This is an extraordinary tale of not only the life of Coach Summitt but the history of women s basketball as well She is the reason I am a basketball coach Amazing woman Through my job I have met some amazing people Some in passing and others I got to know well Pat Summitt was someone I interviewed a couple of different times while I covered the Rutgers women s basketball team from 2005 2007In all I wrote eight articles for The Press of Atlantic City that included Pat Summitt including one in 2011 when Summitt had stopped doing post game interviews To me she always seemed larger than "life In control of it all Summitt was the face of women s college basketball The first "In control of it all Summitt was the face of women s college basketball The first last person ou thought about when it came to the topic The last article on Summitt was the toughest The all time winningest women s college basketball had publically announced she was suffering from early onset Alzheimer s disease She was in New Jersey to have her Tennessee Vols face Rutgers and C Vivian Stringer one of her best friends That night gave me goose bumps and I had to #Stifle A Few Tears The Scarlet Knights #a few tears The Scarlet Knights t shirts honoring Summitt during pre game warms ups We Back Pat The entire arena of about 6400 that night cheered even when Rutgers lost This was not just a basketball game but also a moment to reflect on Summitt s career and all those people she influenced throughout four decades as a coach Summitt Talked About That Night talked about that night her book briefly It was tough for her as she met privately with a New York Times reporter where the two talked about his father who suffers from the same disease The passage got me to pause and reflect at that night While Summitt patiently waited a half four for her team in hopes of ending an emotional night I worried about hitting my deadline that night Seems trivial nowThe book Sum It Up A Thousand and Ninety Eight Victories a Couple of Irrelevant Losses and a Life in Perspective showed. Pat Summitt the all time winningest coach in NCAA basketball history aad bestselling author of Reach for the Summitt and Raise The Roof tells for the first time her remarkable story of victory and resilience as well as facing down her greatest challenge early onset Alzheimer's diseasePat Summitt was only 21 when she became head coach of the Tennessee Vols women's basketball team For 38 ears she has broken records winning games than any NCAA team in .
Sum It Up 1098 Victories a Couple of Irrelevant Losses and a Life in Perspective