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S who loved what she id acting There was so much Eşti cool şi dacă vorbeşti corect detailescribed about her in this guide that it makes you appreciate her was so much Fall for You detailescribed about her in this guide that it makes you appreciate her much and then some Kudos to you Elizabeth Lizzie for being who you were and Herbie J Pilato for capturing these moments and sharing them in this memorable guide Anne Edwards Money Blues to Blue Money does an amazing job with her biography of Vivian Leigh but Pilato s play script style for his biography of Elizabeth Montgomery lacksepth The writing style lacks unity and uickly loses appeal Pilato provides too much emphasis on Robert Montgomery I thoroughly enjoyed Bewitched and admired Montgomery s performance in The Legend of Lizzie Borden Pilato oes little to enhance Montgomery s life Exceptionally interesting book I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Elizabeth Montgomery and her work This book is Terrible What a waste of money There has to be a better biography of Elizabeth Montgomery than this This is a mess. Strip and producerwriteractor Jimmy Lydon Elizabeth's co star from the Wagon Train episode The Victorio Bottecelli Story Including plot summaries airdates release ates and behind the scenes notes and anecdotes Train episode The Victorio Bottecelli Story Including plot summaries airdates release ates and behind the scenes notes and anecdotes select performances The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is the ultimate handy entertaining and informative reference to the on and off screen adventures of one of the world's most beloved stars. The Essential Elizabeth MontgomeryThis is a really beautiful book with wonderful full page photos some black and white and some color and a tremendous amount of information on this terrific actress It is exactly what it professes to be a guide to her magical performances It would make a great reference book for anyone who is interested in reading a synopsis of every film tv episode and all ramatic work in Elizabeth Montgomery s life I think what I was looking for is Alchemy Martial Supreme different than what the book really is I wanted to read a story and learn what her life was like what she was thinking and feeling and there was little of that There were a lot ofates and Nicholas Flamels First Codex data and Iid not feel the BOOK FLOWED VERY WELL AT LEAST flowed very well at least the way I was seeking I appreciate receiving the book through the Librarything Early Reviewers Program and feel it has merit if someone is oing research or simply interested in the facts I ve always been a fan of Bewitched but Of Course. Bewitched Star course. Bewitched star Montgomery was one of the most prolific and popular actresses of the twentieth century In her than five hundred appearances on television film and the stage Elizabeth Montgomery's talent charisma and personality have charmed millions for ecades This Agriculture in Qajar Iran delightful new bookelineates African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 dissects and celebrates theiversity and minutia of Montgomery's remarkable career while chronicli.

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When I was watching the show they were reruns I REMEMBER FEELING SAD IN LEARNING OF HER PASSING remember feeling sad in learning of her passing that I never get to see or meet her in person But after reading this guide of her magical performances I felt transported back in time I have much respect for Elizabeth Montgomery for not only being the famous Samantha on Bewitched but also being an advocate for people with Aids and Disabilities I was amazed at how passionate she was at standing up for people who couldn t stand on their own In this guide it gives you a glimpse of what her life was like the highs and lows of her relationships and friendships with colleagues Beautiful photos of her family and friends fill some of the pages along with photos of her on sets There is also a listing of all her performances between movies and TV shows including all the episodes of Bewitched and voice overs Elizabeth Montgomery was nothing short of being a spectacular actres. Ng just how much her real life spilled into her historic roles on stage and screen The book is based on Pilato's exclusive interviews with the actress and supplemented with commentary provided by myriad entertainment journalists and media and classic TV historians including the Oscar nominated actress Juanita Moore Montgomery's co star from historic White Lie episode of TV's 77 Sunset. ,