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Lanation of the geo political world of the time and "How It Affected Vlad There Are Plenty Of Blank Pages "it affected Vlad There are plenty of blank pages it comes down to Vlad s life and the author attempts to fill in those blanks The author does an excellent ob at pointing out what is factual and what is legend In some cases he even wonders into intelligent speculations in a brief and respectful mannerI personally enjoyed how Mr Jens ends the book it made me feel #like it all had been a very pleasant and friendly conversation I feel that a couple maps of the region would # it all had been a very pleasant and friendly conversation I feel that a couple maps of the region would made it easier for unfamiliar readers like myself to absorb the context I personally would have loved to see a couple of ilustrations of Vlad Dracula or castles in the book This is a history book that was interesting to read Now normally I wouldn t say Ottoman Byzantium and Wallachian history was a fun read but these chapters were easy with everything explained nicely It is also fascinating how much legend has taken over what we think we know about Vlad Dracula Sir Jens Sir seems to be his first name In the Shadow of Empires is an amateur history book about Vlad Dracula as opposed to a sensational book about the fictional Dracula It shows its amateur status in some uneven editing and problems keeping tense and subject verb agreement under controlOnce past that it is a well written introduction to a part of history that ust isn t well enough known and is crowded with all sorts of modern myths stemming from a century old bestselling novel It is a very nice step by step walkthrough of eastern European politics in the 15th. Paling was particularly popular He had learned that trick from the Ottomans He enraged Fatih Sultan Mehmet "BY A SERIES OF RAIDS INTO "a series of raids into held Bulgaria in the winter of 1461 and in 1462 Mehmet came for him Following a series of guerrilla skirmishes Vlad finally withdrew to his bolthole castle in Poenari which was eventually bombarded by Ottoman cannons and Vlad had to flee to Transylvania Having had enough of him causing trouble with the sultan the Hungarian king Matthias put him in house arrest for the next 14 years partly in Budapest only to support his last reign in Wallachia in 1476 when Mathias needed a strong arm facing the sultan He was killed in battle in January 1477 and his head was sent to the sultan as proof that his long. ,

Century He first points out that Vlad Dracula of the dragon was from Wallachia not Transylvania proceeds into Wallachia s troubled politics from being a buffer state his father Vlad Dracul the dragon and then his ever shifting fortunes from Ottoman guest to Voivode roughly prince to prisoner of Hungary to backed by Hungary to his death in a skirmish in 1476Along the way there s a number of interesting observations the last of which being that the four principle movers of the book Vlad Dracula Ottoman Sultan Mehmed King Mathias of Hungary and Stefan of Wallachia are all men who d be unhesitatingly convicted by a war crimes tribunal today But all four are heroes in the eyes of the people well their descendants they ruled overIn all it s a very readable amateur book with some good history in it Something I d like to see of Excellent Sweet and ShortAn awesome short story of the real Dracula and what you can expect on a trip to Transylvania Having done the trip myself I can tell from experience I enjoyed the book inmensively Very BalancedI found this book to be a very balanced history of a leader that is in modern days "Thought Of As A Monster "of as a monster writer did an excellent ob of framing Vlad s actions in the context of the era when Vlad ruled Definitely not an academic book this is aimed at a casual audience As such the language can be rather simplistic at times and there are than a dozen spelling errors to be found throughout At any rate for those interested in the historical Vlad Dracula as well as the historical events surrounding him it s worth a rea. Time adversary had died Despite this historic summary most People Think That Vlad think that Vlad was from Transylvania that his castle stands in the Borgo Pass and that he is a vampire The book In the Shadow of Empires is a narrative of the historic Vlad Dracula the events he shaped and the events that shaped him It follows Vlad Dracula from cradle to grave and specifically avoids discussing vampires apart from where it is absolutely necessary to link the historic person to nineteenth century fiction writing Written by an international traveler who spent 9 years living in Transylvania and couldn't understand why there was no Dracula the book is factual but written in light and accessible language aimed at a general rather than academic audien. In the Shadow of EmpiresAn easy to read telling of "an interesting time in history It was nice getting to read about the actual Vlad Dracula "interesting time in history It was nice getting to read about the actual Vlad Dracula than #The Legend He Has Become This Was # legend he has become This was good introduction to the historical figure of Vlad Dracula or Vlad Tepes The Impaler The author gives a fairly detailed account of his life and times as well as a crash course on the geo politics at that time in Wallachia now part of Romania He differentiates between fact and fiction and in the case where accounts and details are provided by legend only he lets the reader decide what to believe a noticeable book that gives clarity to the legend of Vlad Dracula who otherwise would be remembered only for his inspiring Bram Stokers novel the history of the region and geopolitics is an easy read for anyone who has watched a game of thrones and reads the relations between the varying factions between those who sought power within the Balkan regions From his being a hostage with his brother under the ottoman sultan Mehmed to his final days fighting both Hungarian and Turkish empires I really enjoyed this book very well written and eually as well researched You re told the facts and where these are uestionable they re given to you clearly stated as being sourced from legend This is a book i ll return to again and again and I especially loved the end tips for the tourist visiting Romania brilliant touch I was curious to learn about Vlad and this book didn t disappoint I certainly enjoyed it and it is easy to read The book does exactly what the title indicates It provides the reader a basic exp. Vlad Dracula three times ruler of Wallachia never once ruler of Transylvania indeed he left Transylvania at around the age of 7 when his father took the throne in Wallachia and moved his family from Sighisoara to Tirgoviste and no he didn't have a castle in Transylvania either Neither the one in Bran nor any other Vlad was given as a hostage to the Ottomans in ca 1442 and held there until his father's murder in 1448 He then briefly ruled with Ottoman backing Sent packing he roamed around until he managed to get the throne back in 1456 He ruled for 6 years in what by many is still seen as a golden period where crime and anti social behaviour was as good as eradicated through harsh and very public punishment of those that broke the law im.